How to customize ship in Starfield

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customized ship in starfieldBethesda

Starfield players have loads of ship customization options, able to modify it in unique ways to make it look how they want. So let’s give a brief run-down of the systems in place.

Space exploration is a central part of anyone’s Starfield journey. There are a massive number of planets to explore, and creatures to kill, and you’ll need to collect resources to help build your own house.

To accomplish though, you’ll need to ensure you have a strong, sturdy ship that also looks good. Thankfully, the good folks over at Bethesda allow players to tweak their ship and customize it. With Starfield nearly here, it’s time to take you on a voyage of ship customization discovery in the game.

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flying ship in starfieldBethesda

How to customize ship in Starfield

Through gameplay videos, it’s been confirmed that players can customize their ship in Starfield by speaking to a ship technician.

The technician will let players buy ship parts, sell them, and allow you to freely customize your flying home. There is a lot you can do to your ship in Starfield.

If you’re unsure where to locate them, they will simply be available to talk to at every spaceport you come across. In addition to planets, Bethesda has doubled down on the fact that travelers can also visit many moons as well as space stations.

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spaceship flying through space in starfieldBethesda

Starfield ship customize guide

Bethesda is giving players the freedom to manipulate their ship how they want. This means you’ll be able to choose how it looks, hand-pick crew members, swap outdated parts for more efficient upgrades, and more.

Starfield has a ton of different manufacturers that supply different parts. Players can choose the color of these parts, and select where they want them to go, and it gives the user a complete sense of freedom.

Your ship also has a variety of stats that will likely make more sense closer to the game’s release as we learn more. You can see the whole list in its entirety here:

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  • BAL
  • Cargo
  • Crew
  • Hull
  • Jump Range (Light Years)
  • LAS
  • Mass
  • Mobility
  • MSL
  • Shield
  • Top Speed

Again, as we move past Starfield’s full release, it’s likely Bethesda will pull the curtain back even further. In the meantime, check out the other guides we’ve put together for you so far:

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