All Starfield console commands: God mode cheats, free cam mode, more

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Starfield PC players can utilize console commands to adjust their RPG experience. Whether you want to spawn in new weapons, turn on infinite health, or simply cause chaos; here are all the Starfield console commands.

If you’re familiar at all with Bethesda games on PC, you know they give players a great deal of freedom. Whether it’s through mod support, allowing the community to generate new content on the fly, or through console commands directly in the game, there’s plenty you can do to shake things up.

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No different from usual, console commands are indeed available here in Starfield as well. Well over a dozen inputs are accessible to completely change the game in an instant. While some can help you out of a tight spot, others will all but flip the experience on its head.

So be warned, if you’d rather have a more conventional playthrough, save these console commands until you’re well and truly satisfied. But if you’re eager to jump in and break it all apart, here’s the full list of Starfield console commands.

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How to use console commands in Starfield

To enable console commands in Starfield, you first have to press the tilde (~) key. At the touch of the button, Starfield will halt the action and open its console command display.

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From there, it’s just a matter of entering your desired code and pressing the enter key to trigger the effect.

Full list of Starfield console commands

Console Command CodeEffect
killWith the console open, click an NPC to target them, then type kill to kill them. Important characters may only be incapacitated.
killallKills every enemy and NPC in the area around you, including space battles.
player.additem 0000000f [#]Adds credits to your inventory. Replace [#] with desired amount.
player.additem 0000000a [#]Adds a digipick to inventory. Replace [#] with desired amount.
player.additem [Item ID] [#]Adds a specified item to your inventory.
player.setav speedmult [#]Set player speed multiplier. Set this number to anything more than 100 to speed up movement.
player.setav health [#]Sets your max health level.
player.setav carryweight [#]Sets your maximum carry weight to desired amount.
player.setlevel [#]Raise or lower your player level as you see fit.
psbAdds every Starfield power.
resurrectResurrect targeted corpse (in the case of generic NPCs, another generic NPC).
sexchangeChange your character’s gender and returns character to a default look.
taiToggles AI on and off: NPCs will stop where they are and won’t do anything at all.
tcaiToggles NPC combat AI, making all NPCs passive.
tclToggles collision, letting you walk through walls and into the air.
tfcEnable free cam.
tgmEnables god mode, making you invulnerable and giving you infinite stamina and carry weight.
tmHides all UI. Type it again to un-hide UI.
tmm 1Adds map markers for all locations on a planet’s surface. Note: This appears to be permanent, and typing tmm 0 does not remove those icons.

So that’s all there is to know about Starfield’s console commands at the time of writing. There’s always a chance more unique inputs are discovered down the line, so rest assured we’ll keep you up to speed right here with all the latest.

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