Starfield reportedly coming to PS5 as Xbox strategy shifts in 2024

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Starfield PS5

Inside sources from Xbox are suggesting that Starfield is coming to PlayStation 5 in an unprecedented strategic overhaul from Microsoft.

In recent weeks, rumors have been swirling that certain Xbox first-party exclusives are scheduled to release on rival platforms like the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. The two primary subjects of these rumors are Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves.

While these particular exclusives potentially arriving on third-party platforms would be a major blow to Xbox die-hards, the prevailing sentiment was that major exclusives should remain Xbox-only. Specifically, Bethesda’s massive space-faring RPG Starfield which was the developer’s biggest launch of all time.

At the time these rumors were circulating, the idea that Starfield would lose its exclusivity seemed preposterous but that may have changed. An exclusive report from trusted publication XboxEra alleges that insiders at Xbox have confirmed that Starfield will be released on PlayStation 5.

Xbox insiders detail Starfield’s PS5 release

XboxEra’s reporting details that inside sources, choosing to remain anonymous, have given the outlet a list of Xbox exclusives set to launch on other platforms. At the very top of that list is Starfield which will apparently launch on the PlayStation 5 following the release of its first major DLC.

“According to sources, we understand that currently Microsoft are planning a launch for Starfield on PlayStation 5 post the release of the already announced “Shattered Space” expansion for Xbox and PC,” XboxEra’s Jon Clarke revealed. “We’ve also been informed that Microsoft have made additional investment into PlayStation 5 dev kits to support ongoing development efforts – adding further fuel to the fire.”

The release of multiple Xbox exclusives on competing platforms constitutes a dramatic shift in Microsoft’s previous strategy. According to XboxEra’s report, there has been “fierce internal debate” on whether it’s the right move.

Despite this debate, it appears that arguments for recovering potentially lost revenue by expanding the availability of exclusives have prevailed. Whether the possible breakdown of exclusivity barriers will be reciprocated by Sony remains unknown.

starfield cult
The release of Starfield on PS5 could see a major shift in the console gaming landscape.

Starfield’s Shattered Space expansion is scheduled to launch sometime in 2024 though the exact window is currently unannounced. This means we could see Starfield on PlayStation 5 before the year is out.

The potential launch of an exclusive of Starfield’s caliber on the PlayStation 5 is an exciting prospect for most gamers. Could we see icons like Master Chief or Marcus Fenix cross-over?

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