Starfield companions can’t stop talking about their exes and players are over it

Ethan Dean
Starfield Romance optionsBethesda Game Studios

Starfield is making it hard to love some of its potential romantic partners. Dwelling on their exes is really turning some players off.

Starfield has a plethora of ways to build relationships with your Constellation companions. By far the most fun is the potential to romance some of your fellow explorers.

If you’re lucky, Starfield will even let you engage in polygamy. Granted, marrying two companions looks like a bug so it’s probably best not to try too hard there.

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While each of your fellow Constellation members has a number of reasons to love them, a couple have a big reason not to according to some Starfield players. u/enzo_copyright brought their concerns to the game’s Subreddit and just can’t shake two of Starfield’s romantic options being hung up on their exes.

The culprits appear to be the rugged ranger Sam Coe and the intrepid interstellar expert Barrett. Both of the characters have some dialogue talking about previous partners that rubbed u/enzo_copyright the wrong way.

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“Sam out of NOWHERE started talking about his ex and how he feels about her. After that he became less attractive,” they explained. “Then I went to talk to Barret and the same thing happened. My brother in Christ just shave your head and go to the gym like a normal person.”

Other players seem a little weirded out by these hang-ups as well. “I mean, Barrett’s husband is dead, right? I’ll give grace on that. But yeah Sam’s Lillian chat is a bit extra,” one user elaborated.

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Other players are a little more forgiving of the Galaxy’s favorite cowboy. “Sam’s arc isn’t as much Lillian as an ex, it’s Lillian as a co-parent and that is a different thing,” another player explained.

Starfield Sam CoeBethesda
“Alexa, play Cry Me a River.” – Sam Coe probably.

Even if you are a little put off by Sam and Barrett’s apparent fixations on previous lovers, there’s always Sarah Morgan. She seems to be the favourite anyway based on the sheer volume of posts from players infatuated with her.

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Romance options are just some of the handy guides we have for Starfield. If you want to be the most prolific player in the galaxy, we’ve got you covered.

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