Starfield fans baffled as player marries two companions simultaneously

Jake Nichols
Andreja starfield

One Starfield player has left the community baffled after revealing that they’re married to both Sarah and Andreja in Bethesda’s game.

Since the game’s release, Starfield players have been discovering all kinds of features, quirks, and hilarious bugs in the game. Now, a Reddit user’s post has revealed yet another unexpected and puzzling scenario in which a player has managed to marry two characters simultaneously after passing a persuasion check.

The player shared their experience of how they came to be married to both Sarah and Andreja at the same time, stating, “Cheated on Andreja with Sarah and was told to talk to Andreja. She was pissed but I passed a persuasion check that was basically like “don’t be mad babe,” and I fully expected to get dumped but it seems all it took was an easy persuasion check and now I have two wives…”

The successful persuasion effort left not just the player stunned but also the Starfield community, as many players are now just learning that it’s possible to romance two characters simultaneously.

One player responded with disbelief, “Wait, how? Andreja told me she does not want to share when I tried to romance her while with Sarah.” Another user clarified the situation, saying, “Apparently Sarah will still take you if you’re with Andreja first, but not the other way around.”

Starfield allows players to develop deeper relationships with companions, unlocking companion quests and even leading to marriage, a commitment that typically involves finding someone to officiate and optionally inviting guests.

The option to flirt with other companions doesn’t disappear even after marriage, meaning that it’s certainly possible to at least work on relationships with other companions even when committed to another.

And if you’re wondering who wakes up with the player’s character after sleeping, it’s a mixed bag of opinions there. Some players have reported that the one you take as your active companion is the one you sleep with, and others say that it’s just whoever is closest at the time.