All Starfield Companions: Skills & background explained

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Companions in Starfield

Starfield companions will keep you company and help you out in a fight, regardless of whether you’re an explorer or a bounty hunter. Here’s every companion in the game, plus their skills and background.

While Starfield may not be a multiplayer game, it does enable players to be accompanied by Companions. These computer-controlled units all have their own unique backstories, and some have a lot of interaction in the game’s main story.

As you can imagine, having an extra pair of hands on deck is incredibly useful, especially when you’re exploring a particularly hostile planet. So, whether you want to know how many Companions there are in Starfield or simply wish to check their skills and background, our guide has everything you need to know.

All Companions in Starfield

Starfield pilot on a planet
There’s certainly plenty of choice when it comes to picking Starfield Companions and Crewmates.

As of writing, there are a total of 26 companions that can be recruited, so we’ve listed all their names, skills, and backgrounds in the table below.

Companion nameSkillsBackground How to recruit
AndrejaStealth (4 stars)/ Particle Beams (3 stars)/ Energy Weapon Systems (2 stars) / Theft (1 star)An independent and mysterious member of Constellation.Andreja becomes available as a companion during the Into the Unknown main story mission.
Adoring Fan (Crewmate)Weight Lifting (2 stars)/ Concealment (1 star)/ Scavenging (1 star)
An NPC who is inspired by the Adoring Fan from Elders Scroll IV: Oblivion.The adoring fan can only be recruited if you have the Hero Worshipped trait. The adoring fan will introduce themselves the first time you arrive on New Atlantis.
BarrettStarship Engineering (4 stars)/ Particle Weapon Beam system (3 stars)/ Robotics (2 stars)/ Gastronomy (1 star)
An experienced Constellation member.Barrett becomes available as a companion during the Back to Vectera main story mission.
Gideon Aker (Crewmate)Ballistic Weapon Systems (2 stars)
Missile Weapons Systems (2 stars)
A crewmate found at the Viewpoint in New Atlantis.You can hire Gideon Aker by visiting The Viewport in New Atlantis, which is part of the Alpha Centauri star system. He has a fee of 16,500 Credits.
Heller (Crewmate)Outpost Engineering (3 stars)He’s an Argos Extractors employee that you can hire during your journey.You can recruit Heller by returning to Vectera after triggering The Empty Nest main story mission
Lin (Crewmate)Demolitions (1 star)
Outpost Management (3 stars)
Supervisor at Argos’ dig site.Lin can also be recruited during the Back to Vectera main story mission.
Marika Boros (Crewmate)Shotgun Certification (1 star)
Ballistics (2 stars)
Particle Beam Weapon Systems (1 star)
A crewmate found at the Viewpoint in New Atlantis.You can talk to Marika Boros in The Viewport in New Atlantis to recruit her.
Mickey Caviar (Crewmate)Gastronomy (1 star)
Wellness (2 stars)
Incapacitation (1 star)
A crewmate found at the Astral Lounge in Neon.You can recruit Mickey Caviar by talking to him in the Astral Lounge in Neon.
Omari Hassan (Crewmate)Shield Systems (3 stars) Starship Engineering (1 star)A crewmate found at the Hitching Post in Akila City.You can recruit Omari Hassan at The Hitching Post in Akila.
Rosie Tannehill (Crewmate)Medicine (1 star)
Wellness (3 stars)
A crewmate found at the Hitching Post in Akila City.You can recruit Rosie by talking to her at The Hitching Post in Akila.
Sarah MorganAstrodynamics (4 stars)
Lasers (3 stars)
Leadership (2 stars)
Botany (1 star)
She is the acting chair of Constellation who was formerly a soldier and adventurer.Sarah Morgan is one of the Constellation companions who can be recruited for free upon completing the main story mission The Old Neighbourhood.
Sam CoePiloting (4 stars)
Rifle Certification (3 stars)
Payloads (2 stars)
Geology (1 star)
Most likely a descendant of the Freestar family who owns the Coe Plaza in Akila City.Sam Coe can be recruited for free by completing the main story mission The Empty Nest.
Simeon Bankowski (Crewmate)Sharpshooting (1 star)
Sniper Certification (2 stars)
Marksmanship (1 star)
A crewmate found at the Viewpoint in New Atlantis.You can hire Simeon by talking to him at The Viewport in New Atlantis, which is part of the Alpha Centauri star system.
VASCO (Crewmate)Aneutronic Fusion (1 star)
Shield Systems
(2 stars) Shield Systems (1 star)
An expeditionary robot character that excels in traveling through rough terrain while carrying massive pieces of equipment.VASCO can be recruited for free by completing the main story mission One Small Step.
Rafael AguerroOutpost Engineering (1 star)
Starship Engineering (2 stars)
Outpost Management (1 star)
Rafael is found in a late-game story mission.To recruit Rafael you will need to complete the mission Entangled after which you can find him at the Viewport in New Atlantis.
Mathis CastilloWeight Lifting (1 star)
Ballistics (1 star)
Incapacitation (2 stars)
Mathis is a rookie member attempting to join the Crimson Fleet at the same time as the Spacefarer.To recruit Mathis, complete the Legacy’s End side quest and choose to side with the Crimson Fleet. You can then recruit him by speaking with him on The Key.
Autumn MacMillanPistol Certification (2 stars)
Botany (1 star)
Sharpshooting (1 star)
Autumn can be recruited after completing the Freestar Rangers questlineComplete the Hammer Falls side quest. After which, you can recruit her by talking to her back at the Red Mile.
Major Hadrian SanonEnergy Weapon Dissipation (1 star)
Pain Tolerance
(2 stars) Xenosociology (1 star)
Hadrian is a clone of François “Vae Victis” Sanon, and a former member of the Red Devils.Complete the A Legacy Forged side quest and talk to Hadrian at TMO Headquarters on Mars, on the SOL star system to recruit her.
Amelia EarheartPiloting (2 stars)
Rifle Certification (2 stars)
Amelia is a clone of the actual historical figure from Earth, and is part of a colony of clones of other historically renowned people.Complete the Operation Starseed side quest to be able to recruit Amelia.
Moara OteroEM Weapon Systems
(2 stars)
Marksmanship (2 stars)
Moara Otero is part of the UC Vanguard for the United Colonies.Complete The Old Neighbourhood mission and talk to Moara at the Broken Spear in Cedonia to recruit her.
Jessamine GriffinTheft (1 star)
Ballistic Weapon Systems (3 stars)
Concealment (1 star)
Jessamine grew up orphan in Gagarin and together with her fellow orphans, she formed a gang.You can hire Jessamine by talking to her at Last Nova on The Key which is in the Kyx star system.
Andromeda KeplerOutpost Engineering (2 stars)
Piloting (1 star)
Aneutronic Fusion (1 star)
Andromeda Kepler is an aspiring writer, born with wanderlust.You can recruit Kepler by talking to her at the Broken Spear in Cedonia.
EzekielScavenging (1 star)
Scavenging (2 stars)
Shield Systems (1 star)
Ezekiel has an infectious love for travel and can only be recruited by convincing him that you love travel.You can recruit Ezekiel by talking to him at Aggie’s Bar in Akila City, which is part of the Cheyenne star system.
Lyle BrewerBallistic Weapon Systems (2 stars)
Missile Weapon Systems (2 stars)
Lyle is a survivalist who is looking to join a crew.Lyle can also be recruited at Aggie’s Bar in Akila City. However, he will charge 15,000 Credits.
Dani Garcia
Chemistry (1 star)
Robotics (2 stars)
Energy Weapon Systems (1 star)
Dani is a researcher looking for work on Neon.You can recruit Dani by talking to him at Euphorika in Neon, which is part of the Volii star system.
Sophia GraceStealth (3 stars)
Lasers (1 star)
Sophia grew up in the slums of Neon and is a part of the Disciples faction.You can recruit Sophia by talking to her at Madame Sauvage’s Place in Neon, which is part of the Volii star system.

Starfield Companion system explained

starfield Sarah Morgan
Sarah is the first human companion players meet in Starfield.

Starfield has several named characters who can join you as a Companion or Crewmember. However, only four of them have the most detailed storylines and have story interaction:

  • Sarah Morgan
  • Sam Coe
  • Barrett
  • Andreja

Additionally, the developers also revealed that you can romance Companions but not Crewmembers, so you may want to think carefully before you go wooing your AI allies.

That’s all there is to know about all Starfield companions. You can check out 10 best Starfield mods to download if you like messing around with the game. You can also take a look at the different Starfield console commands to activate different modes in the game.

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