Is Blade worth pulling in Honkai Star Rail?

Rishov Mukherjee
Is Blade worth pulling

Blade is a brand new 5-star Wind character in Honkai Star Rail hailing from the Path of Destruction. He is a really hyped unit, though fans are confused about whether he is worth pulling or not in this game.

Blade is one of the most anticipated units in Honkai Star Rail. Players have been waiting for Blade even before the release of the game as he has been around for some time through leaks and beta showcases.

Nevertheless, it’s now time for Blade to finally make an official appearance. However, since Kafka will release in the second half of version 1.2, players are having double thoughts on whether Blade is worth the pull.

This article will hopefully clear some of your doubts regarding the value of Blade in Honkai Star Rail.

A screenshot of Blade in Honkai Star Rail
Blade will be a top-tier DPS in Honkai Star Rail

Is Blade worth pulling in Honkai Star Rail?

Blade is primarily the Hu Tao of Honkai Star Rail. The lesser his health is, the more damage he will deal. His talent is also quite special where the more damage he takes, the more stacks he will gain.

Once he reaches maximum stacks, he will deal an AoE damage while also regaining a certain amount of health. Therefore, unless he gets one shot by some enemy, he will continue the cycle of dealing damage by losing health and then healing again.

However, keeping a character in low health is never safe. Eventually, Blade will need healing from someone ensuring he isn’t the primary focus and taken down in a fight. This is where Luocha comes into play.

While Natasha and Bailu can work, Luocha is the one who will synergize with Blade the most. Whenever Blade goes below critical health, Luocha’s passive will proc, thereby healing the former.

A screenshot of Blade from Honkai Star Rail
Blade will benefit a lot from Yukong and Bronya in this game

Once Luocha does this twice, he will activate the healing field. Within this field, Blade can heal back up whenever he hits an enemy. Therefore, Blade will not suffer from the threat of getting one shot by an enemy.

The only downside to pulling for Blade is that the game lacks an HP buffer. Since Blade’s damage scales off his HP, his full damage potential will not be unlocked as of yet.

Nevertheless, there is nothing to worry about as Blade will deal a lot of damage even without an HP buffer. The likes of Bronya and Yukong can help Blade deal a lot of damage regardless which means he is definitely a safe pull.

Apart from that, if you are looking for a DPS to run in your second team then Blade is a must-have character for you.

This concludes our guide on whether Blade is worth pulling in Honkai Star Rail. If you found it informative, please look into some of our other character guides at Dexerto.

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