Are there any redeemable codes in Honkai Star Rail?

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Wondering whether there are any Honkai Star Rail codes to redeem, or if the feature is currently present in the game? Well, our handy codes page has everything you need to know for February 2023.

While Honkai Star Rail is currently giving away free Twitch drops, many players will be eager to find out whether there are any redeemable codes. After all, just like the items found in Genshin Impact codes, Honkai Star Rail features numerous in-game items that can help you on your journey across the stars.

Free items would help with rolling on the current banner, which can be used to unlock the game’s 5-star characters, like Himeko.

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So, if you’re lucky enough to get a spot in the Honkai Star Rail closed beta, or just wish to know if there even are any codes you can redeem in February 2023, our hub has every you need to know.

Are there any Honkai Star Rail codes?

Honkai Star Rail pathsHoYoverse
Honkai Star Rail codes could give players in-game items.

No, there are no codes available in Honkai Star Rail. In fact, the game doesn’t have a dedicated redeem codes option. This is likely down to the game currently being in closed beta, which means there is little reason for it to release redemption codes.

After all, progress from the beta doesn’t transfer over to the full release of the game. Of course, we’ll be sure to update this section if additional details on Honkai Star Rail codes are released.

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Will there be Honkai Star Rail codes in the future?

HoYoverse has yet to reveal whether Honkai Star Rail codes will be featured in the game, but that doesn’t mean this functionality won’t be added in the future. It’s important to note that the developer’s other popular gacha game, Genshin Impact, does feature a redeemable codes page.

While this isn’t concrete evidence, it would be fair to assume that Honkai Star Rail will also follow a similar pattern here. Be sure to check back here regularly as we’ll be adding codes as and when they become available.

In the meantime, head over to our Honkai Star Rail page and check out some of our guides below to get a head start on your intergalactic adventure.

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