Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 map changes and new locations

Josh Taylor
Fortnite map changes in Chapter 5 Season 3.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 added new POI locations for its Wrecked theme and Epic has made several map changes following several mid-season updates.

A huge sandstorm has surged over the Fortnite island and has spawned four new POI locations for players to explore in Season 3. This has created a new desert biome in the south of the island, dubbed the Wasteland, which is home to the Wasteland Warriors crew, who specialize in Nitro-fueled vehicles.

Here’s everything you need to know about the four new POIs and all the changes to the Fortnite map for the post-apocalyptic Wrecked season.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 new map

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 map locations.
There are four new POI locations on the Chapter 5 Season 3 map.

The new wasteland sand biome has taken over the southern side of the Chapter 5 island to bring even more desert lands to the map.

Nitrodrome, Redline Rig, Brutal Beachhead, and Sandy Steppes are the four newly introduced POIs added for Chapter 5 Season 3. These are all strongholds for the Wastelands Warriors crew and are where you will find various members of the team as NPCs to interact with.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 new POIs

Here’s all the new Chapter 5 Season 3 POI locations:

  • Nitrodrome
  • Redline Rig
  • Brutal Beachhead
  • Sandy Steppes


Fortnite Nitrodcome POI location in Chapter 5 Season 3.
Head to the Nitrodome with your car to fly over ramps and put on a show.

The Nitrodrome is the most central of the POI locations added this season, which serves as its own chaotic arena in the heart of the wasteland. It is home to the Ringmaster Scarr NPC, who is the master of ceremonies at the car circus spectacle: the Nitrodrome.

You can eliminate the boss to gain access to her Medallion which gives infinite ammo and a small damage buff as well as get hands on her modded car and a mythic Boom Bolt weapon.

Redline Rig

Fortnite Redline Rig POI location in Chapter 5 Season 3.
The Redline Rig is where the newly introduced Nitro fuel is being made.

Redline Rig is located west of the Brawler’s Battleground POI added in Chapter 5 Season 2, and is its own Nitro refinery for all your vehicle needs. This is where you will find The Machinist NPC working away as the Wasteland Warrior’s mechanic extraordinaire.

Eliminate the NPC to get your hands on her Medallion which regenerates your Shield over time and her modded car, alongside a mythic Combat Assault Rifle.

Brutal Beachhead

Fortnite Brutal Beachhead POI location in Chapter 5 Season 3.
You won’t be able to miss Brutal Beachhead’s massive shark head entrance.

Brutal Beachhead is the base of operations for the Wasteland Warriors which is located southwest of the map, right at the bottom edge of the island. Here, you can find none other than the Wasteland Warriors’ master muscle, the NPC Megalo Don.

Eliminate him to get your hands on his Medallion which will infuse you with infinite Nitro, and his modded SUV ride alongside a mythic Nitro Fists weapon. However, be warned as it doesn’t take long for his rage to surface.

Sandy Steppes

Fortnite Sandy Steppes POI location.
Sandy Steppes has been moved further away from the island’s edge by piling tones of sand around it.

Snooty Steppes has had a complete Wastleland makeover for this season and Epic has changed its POI location name to Sandy Steppes. It has turned from a tranquil coastal village into a desert-filled town that has buried the surrounding buildings in the sand.

Despite many fans believing it would be called ‘Shady Sands’ to align with Fortnite’s major collab with Fallout this season, this is not the case.

These new POIs are next to each other at the south of the map. Epic has removed various landmarks, but the biggest is the removal of the popular Fencing Fields location.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 update 30.10 map changes

Fortnite has arrived with the 30.10 update, which has refreshed the island with a few changes. The biggest has been the replacement of the standard Loot Island with the Metallica Loot Island, as well as the introduction of Jam Statues.

Metallica Loot Island

Fortnite Metallica Loot Island artwork
The Metallica Loot Island has replaced the normal Loot Island.

Just as before, this Metallica-themed floating island will randomly appear at a location on the map during the middle of your matches.

Once it spawns, you will be able to see the Metallica Loot Island logo on your map to easily find it. It features giant-sized members from the heavy metal band rocking out around a center stage that you will need to claim to obtain the loot.

This includes several weapons and items as usual, as well as their new Ride the Lightning mythic guitar. If you head under the island, you will soon find a secret underground segment, and if you walk over to the wall that says “Cliff ‘Em All” you will receive 10,000 XP.

Jam Statues

Fortnite Jam Statues
Jam Statues are scattered around the Battle Royale island.

Jam Statues have also appeared across the island, in which there are seven statues you can start a jam at and initiate an Encore Session. Aside from jamming with your teammates and even friendly foes, these can be used to complete certain Metallica quests.

These are mainly at some of the main POI locations on the island, such as The Underworld, Lavish Lair, Mount Olympus and Pleasant Piazza, as well as three landmark locations across the Wasteland.

Ride the Lightning guitar stands

fortnite ride the lightning
Ride the Lightning Guitar stands can be found at several main POI locations.

There are 8 guitar stands located around the Battle Royale island that are home to the Ride the Lightning guitar mythic, which we have provided all their locations. Players can simply walk over to these and pick up the guitar to obtain and use it during their matches.

Stark Industries Beacon

Fortnite Stark industries beacon
A Stark Industries Beacon has appeared nearby the Reckless Railways POI.

The Stark Industries Beacon can be found southewest of Reckless Railways. You are not able to interact with it, and it instead it just mysteriously points towards the Reckless Railways POI. Players within the community believe this could be teasing another Marvel collab is inbound.

Pirate outpost

Pirate Outpost in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3.
A fishing port has strangely been turned into a pirate outpost.

A pirate outpost has appeared in the center of the map. The fishing port located just northeast of the Nitrodome arena and southeast of Restored Reels has had a full pirate makeover.

This points towards the rumored Pirates of the Caribbean collab finally coming during Chapter 5, with the actual release date being unknown.

New NPCs

T-60 armor style in Fortnite
The T-60 Power Armor from Fallout has arrived as an NPC to the Fortnite map.

The 30.10 update has shaken up the roster of NPCs that players can interact and exchange items with during their matches in Chapter 5 Season 3. This has increased the number of NPCs available from 12 to 19 different in-game characters.

These added Fallout’s T-60 Power Armor, Chiara, Riot, Backbone and Power Chord into the mix, while removing and adding some other previously featured NPCs.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 update 30.20 map changes

Fortnite’s 30.20 update has introduced more changes to the Battle Royale map in Chapter 5 Season 3. Compared to the previous patch, there have been far less changes. But, there have still been some interesting additions, such as Stark Industries Beacons, NPCs and more.

New NPCs

Wastelander Magneto Fortnite NPC.
Wastelander Magneto has become a brand-new NPC in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3.

Wastelander Magneto has finally arrived on the island as an NPC. The iconic X-Men character has landed with his Wrecked Wasteland makeover as players wait in preparation for his skin and other cosmetics to be made available in this season’s Battle Pass.

Persephone, Dummy, and Drakon Steel Rider have also been added to the NPC roster.

Stark Industries Beacons

Fortnite Stark Industries Beacon.
Epic has placed two further Stark Industries Beacons across the map.

Two Stark Industries Beacons were placed mysteriously across the Battle Royale map as part of the 30.20 update. These can be found pointing in different directions to each other and are still unable to interact with.

One has been placed near Brawler’s Battleground and the other is located next to Sandy Steppes. See our full guide for the exact locations of every Stark Industries Beacon in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3.

Pirate outpost update

Fortnite pirate outpost.
Epic has filled the pirate outpost with more pirate-themed items.

The pirate outpost that can be found southeast of Restored Reels and northeast of the Nitrodome arena has had an influx of further pirate-themed decorations around the whole area. These include wrecked pirate ships and even more fog surrounding the water.

Meowscles’ house demolished

Fortnite Meowscles house.
Meowscles’ house has been removed from the map.

The landmark known as Meowscles’ house on the Battle Royale map has been completely removed by Epic following the 30.20 update. It was located just south of the pirate outpost lake on the hill next to it and a campfire location has instead taken its place.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 July 2 update map changes

Fortnite’s July 2 update has focused on Wastelander Magneto, in which his skin and various cosmetics have finally been added to the Battle Pass, as well as dropped his Magneto Power gauntlets onto the map. However, it is the Weapon X Lab that has captivated players after it has mysteriously appeared.

The Weapon X Lab

Fortnite Weapon X Lab artwork
The Weapon X Lab has appeared inside a bunker on the Battle Royale island map.

Epic has busted open one of its many bunkers across the island, which can be seen with its metal doors torn open. Once you follow down some steps, you will then come across the Weapon X Lab.

It features two large broken test tubes and one of them appears as if Wolverine as Weapon X has escaped from inside. Wolverine has been highly-anticipated for some time among the community following various leaks and he is expected to be joining within a few days.

Metallica Loot Island disabled

There has been nothing mysterious about this map change. Metallica’s main quests have finished and therefore their Loot Island and Ride the Lightning mythic have both been removed from the map. The original Chapter 5 Loot Island has simply been re-enabled.

Chapter 5 Season 3 is filled with Nitro-fueled vehicles that you can fortify, Nitro Mythic cars, all-new weapons and items and of course more major collaborations.