Fortnite character locations: Where to find all NPCs in Chapter 3 Season 4

Epic Games

There are lots of characters to discover and locate in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. These NPCs can be found all across the map for players to interact with, and we’ve got the locations of every one of them on Fortnite’s Island.

From offering bounties and quests to selling you weapons and resources, NPCs have quickly become a staple of Epic Games’ hit battle royale. A few NPCs will even fight and reward you with some great items if you win.

You’ll also need to visit many of these characters over the course of Chapter 3 Season 4 to complete certain quests and earn XP, so it’s definitely worth taking some time to study the list below and try to memorize their locations.

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In the latest season, there are fewer NPCs than we’ve seen in recent seasons, making it harder to come across them. From classic characters to originals from the Battle Pass, here are all the NPCs and their current locations in Fortnite.

A loading screen featuring a Fortnite NPC characterEpic Games
Fortnite NPCs can all be found in unique locations across the map.

Fortnite NPC character locations in Chapter 3 Season 4

Below is a complete list of every NPC character and their locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 so far:

NPC Location
1. Bao Bros At the Ridgeline Ranger Station west of Coney Crossroads Bao Bros NPC
2. Beach Bomber Coney Crossroads Beach Bomber in Fortnite
3. Blackheart On the floating pirate ship at Lustrous Lagoon Blackheart
4. Bunker Jonesy One of four potential spawns at Fort Jonesy Fortnite Bunker Jonesy
5. Castaway Jonesy One of four potential spawns at Fort Jonesy Castaway jonesy
6. Cryptic Inside the airship above Rave Cave Cryptic NPC in Fortnite
7. Evie On the Syndicate Shoals island east of Lustrous Lagoon Evie
8. Fishstick Sleepy Sound Fishstick
9. Guaco Inside the restaurant at Greasy Grove Guaco NPC in Fortnite
10. Jonesy the First One of four potential spawns at Fort Jonesy Jonesy the First
11. Kit One of two potential spawns at the Scratch Pad northwest of Groovy Grove Kit NPC
12. Kyle Outside The Chop Shop northeast of Logjam Junction Kyle
13. Mancake Walking around Rocky Reels Mancake NPC in Fortnite
14. Maximillian Next to Floaties Boats west of Coney Crossroads Maximillian NPX
15. Meowscles One of two potential spawns at the Scratch Pad northwest of Groovy Grove Meowscles
16. Panther At the gas station west of Shimmering Shrine Panther
17. Relaxed Fit Jonesy One of four potential spawns at Fort Jonesy Relaxed Fit Jonesy
18. Rustler Walking along the eastern side of Shifty Shafts Rustler NPC in Fortnite
19. Sabina At Shell Or High Water northwest of Sleepy Sound Sabina NPC
20. Stash’d Inside a garage at Chonker’s Speedway Stash'd NPC in Fortnite
21. Sunbird On top of The Temple northeast of Lustrous Lagoon Sunbird NPC
22. The Underwriter Tilted Towers The Underwriter in Fortnite
23. Meow Skulls Rave Cave Meow Skulls in Fortnite
24. Chrome Punk Flutter Barn Chrome Punk NPC in Fortnite

Those are all of the NPC characters and their current locations in Fortnite Chapter 3. As you can see, there aren’t quite as many characters as before – in fact, there are only 24 NPCs compared to the 46 available in Chapter 2 Season 6.

Some of these NPCs won’t spawn in every match, so you’ll need a bit of luck to find them. For example, one version of Jonesy will appear at Fort Jonesy in every match, while either Meowscles or Kit will spawn at the Scratch Pad in every match.

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Where is Ash Williams on the Fortnite map?

Ash Williams from Evil Dead isn’t part of the character list, but you can find him by visiting The Knowby Cabin east of the Reality Tree. He sells a shotgun that’s required for the Fortnitemares 2022 Quests.

There are also two boss fights on the map: The Inkquisitor, who can be summoned by visiting the basement of the house at Grim Gables, and Herald, who can be found inside Herald’s Sanctum.

As always, it’s likely that Epic Games will add more NPCs as Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 progresses. We’ll keep this page updated as soon as that happens.

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