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Fortnite character locations: Where to find all NPCs in Chapter 3 Season 1

Published: 7/Dec/2021 12:48

by Daniel Megarry


Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 has introduced a host of new characters across the map for players to discover and interact with, and we’ve got the location of every NPC on the Island.

NPCs have quickly become a staple of Epic Games’ hit battle royale. As well as offering bounties and quests to earn Gold Bars, some of them will sell you weapons or resources, and a few will even Duel you with great rewards if you win.

You’ll also need to visit many of these characters over the course of Chapter 3 to complete certain quests and earn XP, so it’s definitely worth taking some time to study the list below and try to memorize their locations.


In the latest ‘Flipped’ season, there are fewer NPCs than we’ve seen in recent seasons, making it harder to come across them. From classic characters to originals from the Battle Pass, here are all the NPCs in Fortnite Chapter 3.

Fortnite NPC locations in Chapter 3 Season 1

Below is a complete list of every NPC so far in Fortnite Chapter 3, along with their location on the map:

NPC Location
1. The Visitor The large island east of The Sanctuary The Visitor NPC in Fortnite
2. The Scientist The north side of The Sanctuary The Scientist NPC in Fortnite
3. Agent Jonesy Inside Apres Ski, the dance club southwest of Misty Meadows Agent Jonesy NPC in Fortnite
4. The Foundation Walking around the southern side of The Sanctuary The Foundation NPC in Fortnite
5. Bunker Jonesy Near a trailer in the southwest area of The Joneses Fortnite Bunker Jonesy
6. Ludwig Inside a building in the southeast area of The Joneses Ludwig NPC in Fortnite
7. Brainiac Inside a prison cell underneath a house at the center of The Joneses Brainiac
8. Mullet Marauder Near the building with a red roof in the northern area of The Joneses Mullet Marauder
9. Jonesy The First Inside a building at the northeast corner of The Joneses Jonesy the First
10. Cuddle Team Leader Inside a building with a pink roof at the northern side of Camp Cuddle Cuddle Team Leader
11. Metal Team Leader Inside a building with a grey roof at the southern side of Camp Cuddle Metal Team Leader NPC in Fortnite
12. Cuddlepool Inside a building with a pink roof at the southern side of Camp Cuddle Cuddlepool
13. Quackling Inside a building with a yellow roof at the southern side of Camp Cuddle Quackling NPC in Fortnite
14. Guaco Inside the restaurant at Greasy Grove Guaco NPC in Fortnite
15. Lil Whip Inside the Ice Cream Shop at Coney Crossroads Lil Whip NPC in Fortnite
16. Bao Bros Walking around the eastern side of Greasy Grove Bao Bros NPC
17. Tomatohead Near the store at the middle of Greasy Grove Tomatohead
18. Mancake Inside the Butter Barn, southwest of Rocky Reels Mancake NPC in Fortnite
19. Shanta Southeast of Condo Canyon Shanta
20. Lt. John Llama South of Logjam Lumberyard Lt John Llama

Those are all of the NPCs currently available in Fortnite Chapter 3. As you can see, there aren’t as many of them as before – in fact, there are only 20 NPCs compared to the 46 characters available in Season 6.

You’ll also notice that many of these NPCs appear grouped together at the same location. This is because lots of these areas are ‘themed’, like the food-based characters who appear at Greasy Grove.


It’s also worth pointing out that NPCs don’t always remain static, so some of them could end up moving around the map in the future. For now, though, these are the locations you should be able to find them at.

As always, it’s likely that Epic Games will add more NPCs as this season of Fortnite progresses. We’ll keep this page updated as soon as that happens.