Fortnite character locations: Where to find all NPCs in Chapter 4 Season 2

Three NPC characters in FortniteEpic Games

Characters can be discovered right across the map in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, so we’ve put together all of the NPC locations to help you find them.

From offering bounties and quests to selling you weapons and resources, NPCs have quickly become a staple of Epic Games’ hit battle royale. A few NPCs will even fight and reward you with some great items if you win.

You’ll also need to visit many of these characters over the course of Chapter 4 Season 2 to complete certain quests and earn XP, so it’s definitely worth taking some time to study the list below and try to memorize their locations.

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In the latest season, there are fewer NPCs than we’ve seen in recent seasons, making it harder to come across them. From classic characters to originals from the Battle Pass, here are all the NPCs and their current locations in Fortnite.

A screenshot of the Fortnite mapEpic Games
Fortnite NPCs can all be found in unique locations across the map.

Fortnite NPC character locations in Chapter 4 Season 2

Below is a complete list of every NPC character and their locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 so far:

NPC Location
1. CRZ-8 Inside Bamboo Circle, northwest of Mega City CRZ-8 NPC
2. Evie On the southern side of Knotty Nets Evie
3. Garrison At Watery Watch, the small bit of land sticking off the southwestern corner of the map Garrison NPC in Fortnite
4. Longshot At the top of the tower at Royal Run, the landmark west of The Citadel Longshot
5. Mizuki Inside the Eastern Watch tower at The Citadel Mizuki NPC in Fortnite
6. NEURALYNX Inside a house directly between Knotty Nets and Mega City Neuralynx
7. P33LY Inside a tower south of Anvil Square P33LY NPC in Fortnite
8. Polar Patroller Next to an outpost on the frozen lake west of Brutal Bastion Polar Patroller
9. Remedy Inside the Secluded Spire landmark, southwest of Slappy Shores Remedy in Fortnite
10. Stray Near the top of a building at the northern side of Mega City Stray NPC in Fortnite
11. Sunflower At the northern side of Frenzy Fields Sunflower
12. Thunder On the island south of Steamy Springs Stray NPC in Fortnite

Those are all of the NPC characters and their current locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2.

As you can see, there aren’t quite as many characters as previous seasons – in fact, there are only 12 NPCs compared to the 46 that were available back in Chapter 2 Season 6.

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You can see all of the NPCs marked on the handy Chapter 4 map from below:

The Fortnite map with NPC character locations marked on itEpic Games /
Here’s where to find all the NPCs in Fortnite.

There is also a boss on the map this season called Highcard, although he doesn’t appear on the NPC list. He can appear at three different locations at random: Mega City, Shattered Slabs, or Brutal Bastion.

Once you defeat Highcard, he will drop Highcard’s Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle (that’s a Mythic weapon!) and a Vault Keycard to get into one of the Vaults that appear near where he spawns.

As always, it’s likely that Epic Games will add more NPCs as Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 progresses. We’ll keep this page updated as soon as that happens.

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