Honkai Star Rail daily server reset time

Jessica Filby
Honkai Star Rail server times

Looking to get to those Honkai Star Rail Daily Missions and login bonuses or are you just preparing for the brand-new banner? Here are the Honkai Star Rail server reset times to ensure you’re the first to the new content.

Honkai Star Rail is filled with powerful characters, exciting quests, and tons of mysteries to complete. Combine that all with the upcoming banner, teased characters like Jing Yuan, and ever-changing daily missions, and you have yourself an extremely popular gacha game.

However, for such daily missions and new banners to be released, the servers have to reset. Thankfully, there’s a specific time in which this occurs. So, find out the Honkai Star Rail server reset time here and be one of the first to explore new missions and the new banners.

What time does the Honkai Star Rail server reset?

A screenshot of combat in Honkai Star Rail.
Enjoy all the new features Honkai Star Rail has to offer when the server resets.

The servers for Honkai Star Rail reset at 4 am EST, which, thanks to different timezones, means your server will reset at a different time depending on what server you’re in. The following times are when you can expect your server to reset:

  • Europe / UK: 6 am CEST / 5 am BST
  • America: 4 am EST / 3 am CT / 1 am PT
  • Asia: 1 pm JST / 12 pm CST

If you’re a little confused regarding which server you’re in, simply log into the game and the region will be displayed in the bottom middle of your screen.

That’s when the Honkai Star Rail servers will reset so you’re prepared for the upcoming banners. While waiting for the server to reset, take a look at some of our other handy Honkai Star Rail guides and content:

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