Jing Yuan in Honkai Star Rail: Release date, abilities, gameplay & everything we know

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Jing Yuan is on his way to Honkai Star Rail and brings some incredible abilities. So, here’s everything you need to know about Jing Yuan including when he’ll be coming to the game.

Honkai Star Rail may have some fantastic quests and tons of treasures to look out for, but one of the best elements in the game is the characters. Each brings their own skills, stories, and rarities allowing you to form your most powerful team possible.

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Now, coming to Honkai Star Rail is a brand new powerful five-star character that has already got fans eagerly awaiting his arrival. So, with that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about Jing Yuan in Honkai Star Rail, including his release date, abilities, and how to get him.


Who is Jing Yuan in Honkai Star Rail?

Jing Yuan is a legendary fighter in Honkai Star Rail, often known as the Sleeping General due to his laid-back nature. In fact, he is anything but lazy. As one of the seven Arbiter-Generals of the Xianzhou Alliance’s Cloud Knights and one of the Six Charioteers of the Xianzhou Luofu, he certainly has his hands full. You can find out more about Jing Yuan in this animated short:

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Honkai Star Rail: Jing Yuan release date

Jing Yuan’s Honkai Star Rail banner will be released to the game on May 17, 2023, and will be the final major banner in the current update.

The banner, otherwise known as Swirl of Heavenly Spear, will only be available until June 7, 2023, leaving players three weeks to get hold of this five-star character.

Honkai Star Rail: Jing Yuan abilities

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As a five-star character and one of the most powerful Lightning choices in Honkai Star Rail, Jing Yuan has some powerful abilities, which you can view below:

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Active SkillEffect
Basic Attack: Glistening LightDeals Lightning DMG equal to 50% of Jing Yuan’s ATK to a single enemy.
Skill: Rifting ZenithDeals Lightning DMG equal to 50% of Jing Yuan’s ATK to all enemies and increases Lightning-Lord’s attack count by 2 for the next turn.
Ultimate: LightbringerDeals Lightning DMG equal to 120% of Jing Yuan’s ATK to all enemies and increases Lightning-Lord’s attack count by 3 for the next turn.
Passive SkillEffect
Extinguishing Body and SoulSummons Lightning-Lord at the start of the battle. Lightning-Lord has 60 base SPD and 3 base attack count, and its attacks are considered follow-up attacks. Each count of Lightning-Lord’s attack deals Lightning DMG equal to Jing Yuan’s ATK to a single enemy, whose adjacent targets also receive Lightning DMG equal to 25% of the DMG dealt to the main target. The Lightning-Lord’s attack count can reach a max of 10. Every time Lightning-Lord’s attack count increases by 1, its SPD increases by 10. After the action ends, SPD and attack count return to their base values. When Jing Yuan is knocked down, the Lightning-Lord will dissapear. When Jing Yuan is affected by Crowd Control debuff, the Lightning-Lord is unable to take action.
Technique SkillEffect
Command TalismanAfter using Jing Yuan’s Technique, Lightning-Lord’s attack count in the first turn increases by 2 at the start of the next battle.
Battalia CrushIf the Lightning-Lord’s attack count is greater or equal to 6 in the next turn, its CRIT DMG increases by 20% for the next turn.
Man With a PlanJing Yuan immediately regenerates 15 Energy at the beginning of the battle.
War MarshalAfter using Skill, CRIT Rate increases by 10% for 2 turn(s).

How to get Jing Yuan in Honaki Star Rail

When Jing Yuan unlocks in Honkai Star Rail you’ll need to use Star Rail Special Passes on his banner. Thankfully, there’s a 50% chance that you’ll get Jing Yuan as your first 5-star pull when you roll his banner so the chances are you’ll get hold of him before he leaves.

If you don’t manage to get Jing Yuan on that first pull, don’t worry because you’ll be guaranteed to get him in your next pull.

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Jing Yuan gameplay

Interstingly, Jing Yuan was present in the games closed Beta, meaning we have an idea regarding his gameplay. You can watch it below:

That’s everything we know about Honkai Star Rail’s Jing Yuan. While waiting to get a hold of him and add him to your roster, come take a look at some of our other handy Honkai Star Rail guides and content:

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