Best Asta Honkai Star Rail build: Relics, Light Cones, Eidolons, and Abilities

Rishov Mukherjee
A screenshot of Asta from Honkai Star RailHoYoverse

Asta is widely regarded as one of the best Fire characters in Honkai Star Rail, especially when using the best build. She is a support unit and can be used for breaking shields and increasing the team’s SPD stat.

Upon the game‘s release, there were several debates on who sat at the top among Fire characters, with the options being Himeko, Asta, and Hook.

With Asta being able to deplete Fire shields very quickly, she rose toward the upper spectrums of the tier list. The only issue is that Asta needs plenty of resources before she can be the most effective in battle.

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Hence, here is our guide for the best Asta build that you should follow, including Relics, Light Cones, Eidolons, and Abilities.


Asta Abilities in Honkai Star Rail

A screenshot of Asta's abilities in Honkai Star RailHoYoverse
Asta has some really powerful abilities within the game

Basic Attack: Spectrum Beam

Asta will deal Fire DMG equivalent to 50%-110% of her ATK stats to a single enemy

Skill Attack: Meteor Storm

Asta will deal Fire DMG equivalent to 25%-55% of her ATK stats to a single enemy and then deal 25%-55% additional Fire DMG equivalent to her ATK stats to a random enemy 4 extra times.

Ultimate: Astral Blessing

Asta will increase the SPD of all allies by 36-53 for 2 turns.

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Technique: Miracle Flash

Asta will immediately attack an enemy upon using her Technique. Once Asta enters a fight, she will deal Fire DMG to all enemies equivalent to 50% of her ATK stats.

Asta Eidolons in Honkai Star Rail

A screenshot of Asta's Eidolons in Honkai Star RailHoYoverse
Asta becomes extremely strong with good Eidolons later in the game

Level 1- Star Sings Sans Verses or Vocals: Asta’s Skill will deal DMG to a random enemy for one extra time.

Level 2- Moon Speaks in Wax and Wane: Asta’s Charging Stacks do not reduce in the next turn even after using her Ultimate.

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Level 3- Meteor Showers for Wish and Want: Skill and Talent increased by +2 up to a maximum of level 15.

Level 4- Aurora Basks in Beauty and Bliss: Asta will gain a 15% Regeneration Rate whenever she has 2 or more Charging Stacks.

Level 5- Nebula Secludes in Cold Cosmos: Ultimate increased by +2 up to a maximum of level 15 and Basic ATK increased by +1 up to a maximum of level 10.

Level 6- Galaxy Dreams in Calm and Comfort: Charging Stack loss is reduced by 1 in each turn

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Best Light Cones for Asta in Honkai Star Rail

A screenshot of Asta's best in slot Light ConeHoYoverse
Asta scales incredibly well with powerful Light Cones

The best Light Cone for Asta’s build in Honkai Star Rail is But the Battle Isn’t Over. This is a really powerful Light Cone that provides a 10%-18% Energy Regeneration rate and restores 1 Skill Point upon using the Ultimate Ability.

This effect gets triggered after every 2 uses of the Ultimate ability by the wearer. Lastly, once the wearer uses their skill, the next ally in line will deal an additional 30%-50% DMG for 1 turn. This Light Cone can be obtained from the Starlight Exchange shop for 600 Undying Starlight.

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The best 4-star Light Cone for Asta is Memories of the Past. This Light enhances the Break Effect of the wearer by 28%-56% and also generates 4-8 Energy upon attacking an enemy.

Best Relics for Asta

Asta might be a Fire unit, but her most optimal usage lies as a shield breaker. Hence, Messenger Traversing Hackerspace is the best Relic set for Asta’s build in Honkai Star Rail. The set bonuses for this Relic set are provided below:

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2-piece bonus: Increases SPD by 6%.

4-piece bonus: When the wearer uses their Ultimate on an ally, SPD for all allies increases by 12% for 1 turn(s). This effect cannot be stacked.

The best Ornament set for Asta is Broken Keel. This Ornament will provide Asta with an increased Effect RES that raises allies’ CRIT DMG by 10% when her Effect RES reaches 30% or higher.

Best Team Comp for Asta in Honkai Star Rail

A screenshot of Asta's best team comp in Honkai Star RailHoYoverse
Seele pairs really well with Asta as the former can act as the primary DPS after the latter breaks the shields

Asta is a very situational unit, primarily used to break shields. She can buff allies, but there are other units who perform that task much more efficiently.

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However, the best units you can pair with Asta for maximum efficiency in Honkai Star Rail are Seele, Tingyun, and a Healer Tank. Asta can break Fire shields very fast, and Seele can quickly burst down those weakened enemies.

Tingyun will provide damage buffs for the main DPS in combination with Asta’s SPD buffs. For a healer, we recommend Natasha or Bailu.

This concludes our guide for Asta in Honkai Star Rail. If you enjoyed it, please look into some of our other Honkai Star Rail guides below:

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