Squid Game Dalgona Challenge comes to Genshin Impact with amazing crossover

. 8 months ago
Xiao and Squid Game Dalgona Challenge

Squid Game has returned to the colorful world of Genshin Impact, tasking Teyvat’s contestants with completing the infamous Dalgona Challenge. 

Squid Game’s deadly challenges may have come to an end in season one, but for the world of Genshin Impact, things have only just begun. In fact, one talented Genshin Impact content creator has been recreating the bloody game’s from Netflix’s ever-popular show. Previously, genshashin had Teyvat’s travelers take on the terrifying Green Light, Red Light Challenge

This faithful recreation proved popular amongst Genshin Impact and Squid Game fans, with many praising its playful take on the creepy children’s game. However, genshashin has now tasked the game’s beloved cast with completing the Dalgona Challenge – one of Squid Game’s most iconic trials. 

Genshin Impact x Squid Dalgona Challenge

Gesnhin Impact characters play the Dalgona Challenge
The Squid Dalgona Challenge has made its way to Teyvat.

Squid Game’s Dalgona Challenge task competitors with cutting out a shape from a circular honeycomb with a needle. This may seem incredibly easy, but the brittle nature of the sugar-based sweet, mixed with the intricate design of the shapes can make for many a mishap. 

The shapes range from circles, triangles, stars, and the notorious umbrella. While the simplistic shapes may be easy to cut out, the more complex objects require a little more effort. 

After all, even one mistake can lead to the Dalgona breaking. While this may not be a problem in the real world, for the contestants of Squid Game, it results in a swift death from one of the armed guards. 

Well, it seems that the Dalgona Challenge has made its way to Genshin Impact. However, instead of the pink armed guards, contestants are eliminated by Xiao – the game’s masked Adeptus. 

“This is definitely the most difficult video I’ve edited for this channel so far, because of the sheer amount of rotoscoping I had to do,” explained genshashin. Well, it looks like the talented content creator’s hard work has certainly paid off. 

Make sure you check out the Genshin Impact Dalgona Challenge for yourself to see if your favorite character manages to avoid a fatal strike from Xiao’s polearm, or whether they fail to make the cut.

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