Squid Game comes to Genshin Impact with incredible viral crossover

genshin impact squid gameNetflix / miHoYo

A viral mashup with Squid Game and Genshin Impact shows how incredible a crossover between the two would be – despite the number of adorable characters that would be at risk.

People are loving Squid Game with the internet clipping, memeing, and generally talking about Netflix’s latest release since it premiered in Sept 2021. Fans have been showing up in numbers too, with crossovers from everything including cosmetic ideas to mods.

The Genshin Impact community has also been in the mix with collabs that feature popular characters from miHoYo’s ARPG. One that’s going viral is YouTuber ‘genshashin’s odd to the game and what a proposed Squid Game event might look like.

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While the premise of the show’s various trials and challenges are easy to reproduce, we doubt we’ll see Genshin’s beloved characters disposed of in the same way. But genshashin’s video gave us a peek at what that might look like.

“After binge-watching Squid Game last week, this vid was just begging to be made,” the YouTuber said. “Also this is probs the first-ever vid I’ve made that includes every single playable Genshin character to date.”

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With dozens of characters to include, the crossover featured series favorites like Baal, Kazuha, Jean, Sara, and, well, everyone else from Genshin. Klee was even slotted as the creepy Green Light, Red Light doll from the show.

No show spoilers, but Genshashin also managed to weave a bit of the RPGs gameplay with some of the nuances that could be found in the show.

squid game netflix red light green lightNetflix
Squid Game’s deadly challenges have been going viral since its premiere.

As for the characters getting disqualified, the director found a clever way to naturally make them move without it feeling stunted or awkward.

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“If you’re wondering why it’s mostly pyro chars getting blasted in the Squid Game vid, it’s cuz I wanted to choose idles that used an ‘outside force’ to cause the character to move (e.g. Xinyan with frog, Baal with bird),” Genshashin said. “It just so happens it’s mostly pyro ppl that do so lol.”

There’s been a ton of incredible Squid Game crossovers since it’s gone viral, and we can’t wait to see what else the Genshin community comes up with.

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