Best Genshin Impact characters 3.1: Ranked tier list

Ganyu, Hu Tao, and Keqing in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse

If you’re looking to put an ideal Genshin Impact team together featuring the best characters in the game, our tier list has you covered. Below we’ve ranked every character in Genshin Impact so you can have the best team on the battlefield. 

In order to more easily defeat the hardest content in Genshin Impact, you’ll want to be using the game’s best characters. Deciding which characters to have in your team comp can be difficult however considering how many playable characters there are to choose from.

There are many free and banner-exclusive characters in Genshin Impact and they each possess their own unique abilities that have distinct uses and advantages in battle, giving players plenty of options to eliminate their foes. With the arrival of the 3.1 update, HoYoVerse has continued to add tougher quests and domains to tackle, so having a strong team on hand is essential. 

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Whether you’re looking to claim some free Primogems, or beat the Spiral Abyss with the best pick rates, our Genshin Impact character tier list will help you create the best team comps. 


Best Genshin Impact character tier list

While the best Genshin Impact characters won’t instantly improve your skills at the game, they can give you a huge advantage when tackling the title’s toughest Domains, bosses, and quests. If you build a team using our best Genshin Impact character tier list, you’ll be able to gain an edge over your foes.

The Sumeru region also introduced new characters to the game with even more arriving in the future. So make sure to check back soon as we will update this page with all the new characters as and when they are released.

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S-tier Genshin Impact characters


Kazuha looking out to sea in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
Kazuha is a popular Genshin Impact character in Spiral Abyss.

Inazuma’s wondering samurai has plenty of secret techniques that give this 5-star Anemo character an edge in battle. His Elemental Skill pulls nearby opponents towards him and launches them into the air, while his Burst delivers a single slash that delivers enough force to eliminate even the toughest enemy. 

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Kazuha’s best build in Genshin Impact.


Zhongli in battle HoYoverse
Zhongli is a powerful Geo ally useful in every Genshin Impact team comp.

This tanky Geo character is a staple pick in most meta Genshin Impact teams. After all, having a unit that can provide damage sponging shields, deal lethal AoE damage, and lockdown waves of enemies is useful for any comp. 

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Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Zhongli’s best build in Genshin Impact.


An official image of Cyno in Genshin Impact.HoYoverse
Cyno is a new Electro user introduced in the 3.1 update.

Cyno is a brand new Electro character who was introduced in 3.1. With an arsenal of swift and powerful polearm attacks and abilities, he makes a great DPS in any team comp. His Elemental Burst in particular can deal sufficient amounts of AoE damage and has an impressive extended up-time of 18 seconds.

If you want some tips on how to find Cyno’s Ascension materials, check out our guide here.


Venti using his ultimate in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
Venti’s Elemental Burst can help wipe out waves of enemies.

Teyvat’s godly bard is a fantastic support character that can group large amounts of enemies together with his Elemental Burst. Once Venti’s ultimate is up, simply set it loose and get ready to wipe out all your enemies in one swift swoop. 

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Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Venti’s best build in Genshin Impact.


Tighnari firing bow in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
Tighnari is a great DPS addition to any team.

Tighnari is Genshin Impact’s first Dendro character and can fill the DPS role in any team comp. He specializes in powerful attacks that can hone in on enemies and deal big AoE damage.

His Elemental Skill, Vijnana-Phala Mine, summons illusions that can taunt opponents and pull the attention away from Tighnari and his teammates, creating the opportunity to set up solid countermeasures if you’re in an overwhelming combat situation.


Genshin Impact Candace splashHoYoverse
Candace is a brand new Hydro user.

Candace is a Hydro polearm user who was introduced in the 3.1 update. Candace is best used in team comps as a Sub DPS who can provide strong support for her teammates. Her Elemental Skill can effectively push back against waves of enemies as she either rushes forward to deal Hydro damage or uses her shield to block incoming attacks.

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Her Elemental Burst deals AoE damage based on her Max HP. Any Sword, Claymore, or Hydro users who step into the area will also obtain Hydro infusion.

Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun in InazumaHoYoverse
Raiden Shogun’s coordinated attacks make her a great support character.

Raiden Shogun is currently one of the best Electro supports in the game. This is largely down to her Elemental Skill (Eye of Stormy Judgment), which enables her to buff her allies’ damage and unleash coordinated attacks alongside them. 

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Raiden Shogun’s best build in Genshin Impact.


Bennett celebrating in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
Bennett is an integral part of the best Genshin Impact character team comps.

Bennett may be a 4-star character, but his kit is really that of a 5-star. Bennett’s kit is incredibly versatile. In fact, once you’ve used this character’s ultimate, you be able to enhance your DPS’ damage and even heal them. 

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Bennett’s best build in Genshin Impact.


Ganyu abilitiesHoYoverse
Ganyu dominates the battlefield with critical Cryo hits.

Ganyu is the best bow user in Genshin Impact. In fact, her charged Cryo shots can easily eliminate even the toughest of enemies, especially when you’re running a Freeze comp. She may be incredibly squishy, but her Elemental Skill and ranged attacks will keep you out of harm’s way. 

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Ganyu’s best build in Genshin Impact.

Hu Tao

Hu Tao abilitiesHoYoverse
Hu Tao’s abilities are tailored around the Pyro element.

Those lucky enough to have secured Hu Tao in her rerun banner will be able to unleash some truly dizzying damage numbers. Equipping this ghostly girl with the Staff of Homa and Crimson Witch Artifact set will enable travelers to set Teyvat ablaze in no time. 

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Hu Tao’s best build in Genshin Impact.


Xingqiu Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
Xingqiu is a great addition to any Genshin Impact team comp.

Xingqiu’s Elemental Skill and Burst provide plenty of ways for your main damage dealers to apply Hydro to your enemies. Simply use Xingqiu abilities, then switch out to any melee DPS units and you’ll be applying plenty of elemental reactions in no time. 

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Xingqiu’s best build in Genshin Impact.


Eula Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
Eula’s Elemental Burst is extremely powerful.

This deadly Cryo unit freezes her opponents with ice-cold blasts and bursts them down with graceful sword swings. As the captain of the Knights of Favonius’ Reconnaissance Company, Eula is no stranger to the hardships of battle. 

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Eula’s best build in Genshin Impact.


Xiao in a dungeon Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
Xiao provides great aerial mobility.

As one of Genshin Impact’s Adeptus, Xiao is capable of delivering devastating damage to those that dare oppose him. Xiao uses his Anemo skills to leap into the skies above, before pointing his polearm downwards and obliterating any enemies below him. Speed and style are everything when using this 5-star unit. 

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Xiao’s best build in Genshin Impact.

A-tier Genshin Impact characters

Arataki Itto

Itto in the Genshin Impact Special Program 2.3 showHoYoverse
Itto pummels his enemies with incredibly strong Geo-based attacks.

While the Geo element is filled with many strong units, the latest character that is making a splash is none other than Arataki Itto. Itto is a 5-star Geo character that wields a deadly claymore and uses Oni-based abilities to strike fear into his enemies. If you’re after physical damage DPS that really packs a punch, then Itto is your man.

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Arataki Itto’s best build in Genshin Impact.


Genshin Impact Ayaka Elemental BurstHoYoverse
Ayaka’s Elemental Burst is great at getting plenty of reactions off at once.

Ayaka is a fantastic Cryo damage dealer that can displace foes with her Elemental Skill and obliterate them with ice-cold snowstorms from her Elemental Burst. As a sword user, Ayaka has access to some incredibly powerful weapons, with Mistsplitter Reforged and Blackcliff Longsword being among the best. 

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Ayaka’s best build in Genshin Impact.


Collei looking at boomerang in Genshin Impact closeupHoYoverse
Collei is a new Dendro character in Genshin Impact.

Collei is another new Dendro character that was introduced in the Sumeru region. She has a handy set of tools and abilities that could make her a strong sub DPS for a team in need of more Elemental Reactions.

She can deal ranged Dendro damage with her signature bow, as well as AoE damage using her Elemental Burst, Trump-Card Kitty, in which she throws out her adorable cat-shaped doll which deals Dendro damage to all nearby enemies. Her Elemental Skill, Floral Brush, throws out a Boomerang style ring that deals damage on its way to targets and on the way back.


Xiangling in a fieldHoYoverse
Xiangling is the best free-to-play character in Genshin Impact.

The best Genshin Impact characters often have abilities that can be left on the battlefield, which enable travelers to quickly cycle through characters. Well, this is exactly what Xiangling excels at.

Throwing out her lovable mascot and unleashing her fiery ultimate will ensure that any team is consistently applying Pyro damage.

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Xiangling’s best build in Genshin Impact.


An image of Yelan a character from Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
Yelan is the latest addition to Genshin Impact, introduced in the 2.7 update.

Yelan is Genshin Impact’s latest 5-star long ranged fighter, who was introduced in the 2.7 update. She can create some great AoE damage and effectively take on groups of enemies thanks to her Hydro bow attacks that rains down an onslaught of deadly arrows on the opponent. Her charged attack prepares a more precisely aimed shot for additional Hydro damage.

To top it off she has excellent agility that can be utilized during her Lingering Lifeline elemental burst.

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Yelan’s best build in Genshin Impact.


An image of Heizou from Genshin Impact, a new four-star character from version 2.8.HoYoverse
Heizou uses his fists to deliver powerful punches to enemies. 

Despite being a four-star character, Heizou’s Anemo abilities allows him to sweep his enemies off their feet rather easily. Be it his Heartstopper Strike or his Windmuster attack, the Detective of the Tenryou Commission is definitely someone you’d want in your combat party.

Don’t forget to check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Heizou’s best build in Genshin Impact.


Keqing in LiyueHoYoverse
Keqing delivers lightning-fast Electro attacks.

Keqing is the epitome of a master swordsman. Her Elemental Burst sees the Liyue 5-star apply Electro damage to all opponents at a lightning speed, while her Skill allows Keqing to reposition and effortlessly dodge enemy hits. 

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Keqing’s best build in Genshin Impact.


Kokomi Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
Kokomi may be a healer, but she still does decent damage.

Kokomi is a 5-star Hydro Catalyst that is highly revered for her ability to keep her allies safe from harm’s way, providing them with game-changing heals that can turn the tide of even the fiercest of fights.

The lead resistance fighter is one of the most popular 5-star units in the Spiral Abyss, so if you’re after a great healer that can effortlessly apply Hydro, then Kokomi is a great choice. 

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Kokomi’s best build in Genshin Impact.


Albedo banner rerunHoYoverse
Albedo is a great pick in Genshin Impact.

The Kreideprinz uses his sword and AoE Geo abilities to decimate waves of enemies, while his tanky defenses enable Albedo to effortlessly sponge incoming damage. When the researcher is equipped with the best Artifacts and weapons, the intellectual captain can defeat even the game’s hardiest of enemies.

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Albedo’s best build in Genshin Impact.


Ayato with Haran Geppaku Futsu Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
Ayato is the latest character to join Genshin Impact’s best characters.

Ayato uses the Hydro element to create watery illusions that taunt his enemies and rain down deadly AoE attacks, which enable him to cut them down with tremendous precision. This makes him particularly powerful in Freeze, Superconduct, and Melt team comps.

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Ayato’s best build in Genshin Impact.

Yae Miko

Genshin Impact hero Yae Miko trailer screenshot.HoYoverse
The 5-star character made her debut in Update 2.5.

With her release in the first phase banner of Genshin Impact 2.5, Yae Miko has turned out to be a fairly broken character, landing her a lower rank in the tier list. In fact, many Travelers have demanded HoYoverse buff her Elemental Skill. It will be interesting to see where Yae Miko ranks in this tier list if she receives any further balance changes.

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Shenhe official Genshin Impact artworkHoYoverse
Shenhe is a fantastic Cryo support.

While Shenhe may not excel as a main DPS in Genshin Impact, her abilities synergize extremely well with Cryo DPS characters. In fact, when her Elemetal Skill and Burst are used in coordination with Ganyu and Ayaka, Shenhe can raise their damage to truly incredible numbers.

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Shenhe’s best build in Genshin Impact.


Sucrose in MondstadtHoYoverse
Sucrose makes a great Anemo support.

Sucrose’s abilities share similarities to that of Venti’s, as her command of the Anemo element enables her to pull nearby enemies. Her Elemental Burst is particularly useful in teams that wish to heighten the effects of Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, and Electro damage. 

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Sucrose’s best build in Genshin Impact.


Mona using her abilities in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
Mona is one of the best Hydro support characters in Genshin Impact.

This mystical mage Mora seeking mage is a great pick for any team comp that is looking to constantly barrage their enemies with Hydro attacks. Mona’s Elemental Skill also taunts enemies, while her Burst makes enemies Wet and can even stun weaker foes, giving players the perfect opportunity to deliver the killing blow. 

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Mona’s best build in Genshin Impact.


Yoimiya abilitiesHoYoverse
Yoimiya is capable of dishing out huge amounts of Pyro damage.

Inazuma is home to plenty of unique characters, but none are quite as explosive as Yoimiya.  This 5-Star Pyro character uses her bow to bring fiery justice to her enemies, engulfing them in a flurry of scorching hot flames. As the owner of Inazuma’s Naganohara Fireworks shop, Yoimiya eliminates her foes with a bang. 

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Fischl shooting an Electro arrowHoYoverse
Fischl can consistently apply Electro thanks to Oz.

While Fischl may not be the best Electro character in the game, her ability to constantly apply the element with Oz is what makes her so special. Fischl doesn’t even have to be on the field, so simply unleash Oz and switch into your main DPS to begin utilizing the increased damage from Superconduct. 


Childe sitting down in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
Childe can be built as both a Main and Sub DPS.

Childe is a 5-star bow character who dominates the battlefield with deadly Hydro-based attacks, eliminating enemies with swift precision. As the Eleventh Harbinger of the Fatui, Childe is both feared and revered by those that know him.

Unlike other Genshin Impact characters, Childe can swap between Ranged and Melee forms, which makes him extremely versatile. 

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Childe’s best build in Genshin Impact.


Thoma using his ability in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
Thoma uses his fiery Polearm attacks to melt through his enemies.

Thoma was released as a playable character in Inazuma’s 2.2 update, which saw the rerelease of Hu Tao. As a Pyro polearm user, Thoma delivers fast and flashy attacks that set his foes ablaze. The added shield from his Elemental Skill can help give Thoma a little bit of survivability, while the AoE Pyro damage and added damage from his Elemental Skill make him an accomplice to Hu Tao. 


Jean makes an excellent support in Genshin Impact.

As the Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius, Jean is renowned for her tireless efforts in keeping Mondstadt safe. Jean combines plenty of crowd control thanks to the knock-ups from her Elemental Skill and Burst, while the latter also heals all nearby allies. It’s this lifesaving skill that makes Jean such a strong pick. 

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Jean’s best build in Genshin Impact.


Rosaria looking at her knifeHoYoverse
Rosaria’s Burst is great for triggering various elemental reactions.

Rosaria is a 4-star polearm character that excels at constantly applying AoE Cryo damage with her ultimate. Once active, Rosaria summons an Ice Lance that strikes the ground and periodically releases Cryo to all nearby enemies. This is particularly useful for Freeze teams and applying Superconduct. 

B-tier Genshin Impact characters


Diona firing an arrowHoYoverse
Diona may be small, but she can deliver icy judgment to waves of enemies.

This pint-sized Cryo character is a great choice for those that want a Cryo support that can both apply shields and heal allied units. The shield scales of Diona’s Max HP and can save you from incoming attacks, while the heals from her Burst keep you fighting long after your food supplies have run dry. 

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Diona’s best build in Genshin Impact.


Klee running in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
Klee provides an explosive twist to combat.

Klee may look small and unimposing, but Mondstadst’s mischief-maker is renowned for her ability to decimate anything that so much as moves. If you like the idea of tossing out Pyro-infused explosives and laying down little bomb-based traps, then Klee could be the character you’re after. 

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Klee’s best build in Genshin Impact.


Diluc abilityHoYoverse
Setting your opponents ablaze is all part of the fun when playing as Diluc.

As a Pyro claymore user, Diluc brings the heat to any fight. If you’re after a character that can effortlessly break through tanky shields or a just looking to scorch your foes with his high-damage ultimate, then Diluc is a great pick. 

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Diluc’s best build in Genshin Impact.


Barbara sitting on a windmillHoYoverse
Barbara is Genshin Impact’s classic healer class.

Unlike her older sister, Jean, Barbara takes on the role of Genshin Impact’s archetypal healer class. In fact, all of Barbara’s abilities are tailored around healing her allies.

This is particularly useful if you’re struggling to beat the game’s bosses or Spiral Abyss. Unfortunately, her damage and overall use are greatly outmatched by other healing-based supports in the game. 

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Barbara’s best build in Genshin Impact.

Kujou Sara

Kujou Sara firing an arrow in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
Kujou Sara is known for her loyalty to Raiden Shogun.

Kujou Sara is the General of the Tenryou Commission and an avid supporter of Inazuma’s Raiden Shogun. This Electro bow unit can quickly reposition herself with her Elemental Skill, which also deals AoE damage, while her Burst provides a buff to the active character’s damage. 

Yun Jin

Genshin Impact Yun Jin cutscene screenshot.HoYoverse
The 4-star Hero made her debut in the Version 2.4 Genshin Impact update.

Yun Jin combines her lightning-fast attacks with the added bonus of the Geo element. Like most of the game’s Geo-based characters, the Liyue performer supports her allies with tanky shields and AoE damage. She may not be as strong as Itto or Zhongli, but she is a great support choice for Geo-based teams.

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Yanfei in LiyueHoYoverse
Yanfei can buff her own attacks.

Yanfei is a Pyro catalyst character that buffs her attacks depending on the number of Scarlet Seal stacks she has. Her Elemental Burst brings forth a small AoE of flames that burn nearby opponents, while also rewarding her with the maximum number of Scarlet Seals. 

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Yanfei’s best build in Genshin Impact.


Noelle splash artHoYoverse
Noelle was previously available in the Zhongli banner.

Serving as the Knights of Favonius’ maid, Noelle is known for her loyalty and ability to keep her allies safe from danger. Her Geo-based shield can block even the most damaging attacks and even heal her team. Equip Noelle with the craftable Whiteblind Claymore and you have a 4-star Geo unit that can dish out decent damage. 


Chongyun eating an ice-lollyHoYoverse
Chongyun uses Cryo attacks to freeze his foes.

As a claymore Cryo unit, Chongyun is the perfect accomplice to plenty of Cryo-based teams, particularly for the upcoming 5-star, Shenhe. Chongyun’s Elemental Skill unleashes an AoE Cryo explosion, which also infuses Claymore and Polearm-wielding characters with Cryo attacks. His Burst provides further AoE Cry and launches opponents into the air. 

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Chongyun’s best build in Genshin Impact.


Kaeya in MondstadtHoYoverse
Kaeya can be obtained for free in Genshin Impact.

Kaeya is one of Genshin Impact’s free 4-star characters, which means all players have access to this Cryo unit. Just like Xiangling, Kaeya Elemental Burst has a similar effect. Once activated, Kaeya will enshroud himself and his allies with Cryo and damage any enemies that stray too close.

This makes it particularly useful if you wish to combine various ultimates without having to switch between characters. 


Gorou in Genshin Impact with his bowHoYoverse
Gorou is a ranged Geo support character.

Gorou is a 4-star Geo archer who excels at buffing his allies with various defensive bonuses, particularly to those who share the Geo element. This makes him a fantastic utility support, so be sure to add him to your team if you’re looking for a reliable pick.

C-Tier Genshin Impact characters


Beidou using her parry abilityHoYoverse
Beidou’s Genshin Impact parry is one of the most satisfying abilities in the game.

Nothing is more satisfying than parrying an enemy’s attack and unleashing it straight back at them. Well, that’s exactly what the Electro character Beidou excels at. Not only can this stalwart Claymore user bring the game’s monolithic bosses to their knees, but she can also channel the same monstrous energy in her Burst. 

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Beidou’s best build in Genshin Impact.


Ningguang using abilities in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
Ningguang bombards enemies with ranged Geo attacks.

Whether you need to solve Genshin Impact’s overworld Geo puzzles or just wish to apply attacks from range, then Ningguang is a great pick. Her Elemental Skill blocks opponents’ projectiles and provides AoE Geo damage. When Ningguang’s Jade Screen is combined with her Elemental Burst, you’ll be able to barrage foes with a constant flurry of Geo attacks. 


Xinyan in a Genshin Impact DomainHoYoverse
Xinyan brings plenty of Pyro abilities to the field.

Genshin Impact’s resident rockstar delivers fiery performances that set her enemies ablaze and shield incoming damage. Her Elemental Burst launches nearby opponents and deals physical damage to them, while her killer performance will also cause explosions that deal Pyro damage. 


Qiqi using her abilities in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
Qiqi’s heals can turn the tide of even the fiercest of fights.

Having a support that can both periodically heal your active DPS and reward them for dealing damage is a bonus for any team. Qiqi’s ultimate does just that as it applies a special talisman onto all nearby enemies.

When an allied unit strikes a unit with the mark, they will receive a heal based on the damage dealt. If you find yourself often taking a lot of damage in combat, then Qiqi is a great support choice. 

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about QiQi’s best build in Genshin Impact.


Razor talking to BennettHoYoverse
Razor’s ultimate can make short work of even the tankiest of enemies.

Razor was raised by the Wolf of the North, Andrius, since he was an infant. Not only does the Electro claymore unit channel this animalistic nature in his fighting style, but he becomes one with the wolf when using his Elemental Burst. Razor excels as a main DPS unit, dealing plenty of damage considering his status as a 4-star. 


Lisa in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
Lisa is another decent free-to-play 4-star character.

Lisa is known as the Sumeru region’s most distinguished graduate and it’s certainly not hard to see why. While she may be a free 4-star unit, Lisa can deliver a lot of Electro-based damage when kitted out with the best weapons and Artifacts. The AoE nature of her abilities also makes her a great sub-DPS and support should you need to apply Electro onto your opponents. 


Sayu Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
Sayu’s overall speed makes her great at overworld exploration.

Genshin Impact’s resident Ninja is none other than, Sayu. This pint-sized character can often be found sleeping the day away in secluded forests, but once she puts her mind to a task, there’s very little her enemies can do.  

While she may not excel at doing damage, Sayu’s speed and healing capabilities keep herself and her allies safe from danger. 


Aloy abilitiesHoYoverse
Aloy commands the battlefield with Cryo abilities.

Being the protagonist from Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy is well equipped for many a tough battle. This fighting spirit translates over to the world of Genshin Impact, where players can use her AoE Cryo abilities to freeze enemies dead in their tracks. Aloy performs very similarly to Ganyu, so those familiar with the Plenilune Gaze will feel right at home. 

Check out our dedicated guide for everything you need to know about Aloy’s best build in Genshin Impact.

D-Tier Genshin Impact characters


Traveler and Paimon in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
The Traveler is one of the worst characters in Genshin Impact.

Despite being the main character of Genshin Impact, both Aether and Lumine just don’t excel at any particular element. This will come as no surprise as they can freely switch between each. In fact, you’re best off using any of the characters above if you wish to maximize your combat effectiveness. 


Amber in the Genshin Impact anniversary videoHoYoverse
Amber is currently one of the worse characters in Genshin Impact.

Amber has been neglected by the Genshin Impact community since her release and sadly, it’s not hard to see why. Not only does she deal lackluster damage, but she is outclassed by every Pyro character in the game. It’s because of this, that you’re best off switching her out as soon as possible. 

How many characters are in Genshin Impact?

So, there you have it, the best Genshin Impact characters ranked. We’ll be updating this tier list whenever new characters are released, so make sure you bookmark this page and come back once the 3.2 update goes live. 

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