Genshin Impact cosplayer conquers demons as Xiao

Genshin Impact Xiao next to cosplayermiHoYo / Instagram: @ichirinsan, @killexhibitionmacro

A Genshin Impact cosplayer made waves after sharing her insanely accurate re-creation of Anemo user Xiao. The artist’s mind-blowing transformation into the Liyue Adepti will leave fans of the miHoYo RPG stunned.

Despite only making his debut in Genshin Impact’s update 1.3 in 2021, Xiao has fastly become one of the RPG’s most sought-after characters. Fans who missed out on the Invitation to Mundane Life banner are desperately waiting for the Vigilant Yaksha to get a rerun.

A talented cosplayer celebrated the 5-star character on Instagram after bringing him to life with her jaw-dropping costume. The artist looks so much like the polearm user, it’s almost as if the conqueror of demons has burst his way out of the screen.

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Genshin Impact Xiao screenshotmiHoYo
The popular 5-star character made his banner debut in February 2021.

Genshin Impact cosplayer slays demons as real life Xiao

Cosplayer Rin ‘ichirinsan‘ brought the Vigilant Yaksha to life in a series of posts on Instagram. Teaming up with photographer ‘killexhibitionmacro‘, the artist showed off her incredibly detailed take on the Adepti’s uniform.

Rin’s faithful re-creation of Xiao’s multi-layered outfit includes his white silk top and purple pants. The costume even perfectly captures the rich style of Liyue, such as the decadent gold talisman that hangs from the waist.

Tying the whole piece together, the cosplayer holds a life-size prop re-creation of the Anemo user’s Yaksha Mask in her hand. In the game, Xiao puts on the mask when battling demons, which is captured with incredible effects and editing to make the eyes on the headpiece glow.

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A post shared by RIN 凛 (@ichirinsan)

In another shot, ichirinsan gave a close-up look at just how accurate her portrayal of the conqueror of demons actually is. From her turquoise parted hair to her striking yellow eyes, this is easily one of the best Genshin Impact cosplays we’ve ever seen.


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A post shared by RIN 凛 (@ichirinsan)

Xiao isn’t the only Genshin Impact character the cosplayer has re-created either, the artist has also brought fan-favorite Eula to life in a separate project based on the miHoYo RPG.

Those interested in checking out the rest of her work can capture her insanely detailed depictions of pop-culture characters on her Instagram here.