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FIFA 23 leaks & rumors: Everything we know so far

Published: 10/May/2022 15:00

by David Purcell


EA SPORTS will soon be preparing players for the launch of FIFA 23 and while official details are slim for the series’ next installment, a number of leaks have surfaced already. 

When FIFA 22 was released, there was a lot of talk about the franchise becoming free-to-play, cross-platform, and even including Online Career Mode.

While there was still a huge host of changes, from a FUT Champions Weekend League restructure to Player Career getting a kickstart with new content, there was still a lack of landmark changes we’ve just noted.

So, that begs the question: Will FIFA 23 take things in a new direction? Let’s take a look at everything that’s leaked so far.



FIFA 23 leaks: Everything we know

fifa 22
FIFA 23 is expected to add a number of major features, according to leaks.

FIFA 23 free-to-play?

There has long been a rumor that EA SPORTS is prepared to make FIFA 23 the first free game of the series, and the speculation all started around the time of FIFA 22 launching.

A number of popular traders and leakers reported the possibility of the next title going free, as seen in a post from DonkTrading.

EA has not commented publicly on this leak, and as it dates back to July 2021, there is a chance that plans may have changed.

The rumblings within the FIFA community started out, of course, when a free-to-play game called UFL was announced, possibly rivaling the juggernaut franchise.


FIFA 23 cross-platform play leaked

Anfield in FIFA 22
FIFA 23 could represent a massive shift in the series, with PlayStation and Xbox players finally able to play against each other.

EA SPORTS will reportedly add full cross-platform play in FIFA 23, according to a report from industry insider Tom Henderson.

On February 28, Henderson published a number of leaked plans for the upcoming launch. Unlike previous games, where even players in the same console family e.g Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, could not play together, there will be full cross-platform play in FIFA 23 – according to the leak.

This would mean that PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players would be able to take to the same pitch, something that’s never been possible before. The leak could represent huge changes in how the Ultimate Team market operates and how Pro Clubs works, allowing you to sign people from other platforms.


An extension of this leak was discussed on March 23, 2022, with notorious FIFA leaker Fut Sheriff claiming that: “Cross-play will be tested in FIFA 22. Probably won’t be on Ultimate Team, but is def coming in FIFA 23!”

The leak was also corroborated by Donk. He backed up this report by saying that testing will begin as early as FIFA 22 with the goal to have it as a full feature in FIFA 23.

Will FIFA 23 be changing its name?

Based on the evidence, it seems that whilst FIFA will be rebranding going forward, FIFA 23 will likely be the final game in the series that will contain the FIFA brand.


There have been rumors and rampant speculation that EA are gearing up to drop the FIFA license and rebrand their take on simulated football. Back in October 2021, a trademark filed by EA was discovered that read: “EA SPORTS FC.”

It’s been reported that FIFA are looking to charge EA a whopping $2.5 billion to retain the rights to use “FIFA.” It’s easy to see why then that despite having a ton of money, EA would not be willing to stump up the cash.

Fresh reports earlier this year seemed to verify EA’s intentions, and now Donk has indicated that the aforementioned changes will be arriving in 2023.


Donk follows up this Tweet with another one saying: “I think the changes are happening in 2023, but the next game should still be called FIFA 23. However, it should be the last one called that, going into a new era.”

So, unless a new deal can be agreed, this will be the final FIFA game from EA until it becomes EA Sports FC.

Will the World Cup 2022 be in FIFA 23?

fifa 23 with world cup
FIFA 23 will include exclusive World Cup content, according to leaks.

Last year, Electronic Arts added new women’s team options for popular team mode Pro Clubs, and it seems the plans for more inclusive content will take a step further with FIFA 23.

According to reports, the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2022 will arrive in the next game, meaning that there will be exclusive content for everybody to enjoy football’s biggest festival.

What this will look like remains to be seen. Though, with EA Play likely to be announced sometime in the Summer, fans can expect more information to be dripped out in due course.

Will FIFA 23 have an Online Career Mode?

There have long been rumors of an Online Career Mode coming to FIFA, though it’s never materialized.

Around the time FIFA 22 launched, though, there was a glimmer of hope discovered in EA job listings.

On June 3, 2021, we reported that an Online Software Engineer posting had been advertised, which had some very interesting details in the job description.

It said: “As an Online Software Engineer, you will help build our networked play development team – whether that be in our online Career Mode, ultimate team, or core online systems and protocols.

“We are looking for engineers who enjoy prototyping and planning, adding amazing new features to an existing and beloved game, and improving existing code.”

That being said, it never came to fruition in FIFA 22 – potentially opening the door for the game after. Well, that very game is going to launch in 2022, so for Career Mode players, there may be good news coming.

Undoubtedly, more FIFA 23 leaks and rumors will surface throughout the calendar year, with EA likely eyeing a launch of October 2022. Keep checking back on this page, as we’ll be adding fresh details as and when they are made public.

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