FIFA 23 leak reveals major overhaul coming for Ultimate Team position changes

. 2 weeks ago
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FIFA 23 may be undergoing some fundamental changes at the hands of EA Sports, after leakers revealed that Ultimate Team’s position change feature is set for a major rework.

FIFA 23 is gearing up to be the biggest year of the series to date, following the news that it will be the last to feature FIFA branding. EA have already secured new licensed leagues and World Cup content is scheduled after release.

Ultimate Team is also receiving some new content this year, with new Icons and FUT Heroes being added to the roster. But it appears some tried-and-tested features are also receiving huge changes.

According to respected FUT leakers, FIFA 23 will overhaul how position modifiers work in Ultimate Team – a core feature that has been unchanged for many years.

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Some players are more than comfortable in multiple positions, and FIFA 23 is looking to embrace that.

At the moment in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, position changes are relatively restricted. Cards can be packed or bought to alter a player’s positioning, such as converting a LM to LW, or CAM to CM.

This is all set to change in FIFA 23 if a leak from FUT Sheriff is to be believed. The insider has revealed that FUT 23 players will have secondary positions that they can play in, based on how they play in real life.

This means that a winger that has also been deployed through the middle can be converted to a striker, opening up plenty of options when it comes to squad building and Chemistry links.

Changes will be still be achieved through an in-game consumable, but they will be a genric card instead of a specific position switch.

The new position system is similar to the one used in Career Mode, where players can adapt to different roles without losing stats. It opens the door for more drastic position changes which aren’t currently possible, as players are limited to either side of the pitch with little room to maneuver, especially in defense.

In FIFA 23, players that are known to be versatile will be able to move around the pitch in ways that relate to their real-life counterparts. Another leaker, DonkTrading, used the example of Kyle Walker, who can play both right-back and centre-back.

It’s worth noting that this is far from confirmed, and EA is yet to fully reveal FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. However, both FUT Sheriff and DonkTrading have been very reliable in the past, so it’s highly likely that the new position changes are coming.

We’ll have to wait for the first in-depth trailer to see the change in action, and fans will be able to try it for themselves during the FIFA 23 beta.

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