Every FIFA game has been removed from online stores ahead of EA FC 24’s full release

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Every FIFA game has now been removed from digital storefronts by EA ahead of EA FC 24’s full release on September 29. 

EA FC 24’s release is on the horizon with a September 29 launch date after its early access window. This year’s installment from the acclaimed devs comes with a brand new name change after FIFA decided to not renew their naming rights contract with EA, choosing to create their own game instead. 

However, that still leaves years of existing FIFA games floating in the ether. As a result, it now seems EA has decided to pull all previous FIFA titles from digital storefronts, leaving only FIFA 22 and 23 playable through EA Play. 

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First spotted by Twitter user MauroNL, EA has pulled all previously available titles for purchase, from FIFA 14 up to 23, from seemingly all digital storefronts. 

Currently, no FIFA titles are purchasable through either EA’s store page or through Steam on PC. Rather, only EA FC 24 is purchasable, with all searches for FIFA directing players to the new game. 

FIFA 22 and 23 are both still playable through EA Play, EA’s subscription-based video game service. Other than that, however, you will need to hunt down a physical copy or have previously purchased the FIFA games if you would like to revisit them on PC.

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According to Steamdb, which records any changes made to Steam’s database, FIFA 23 was taken down on September 21 at the request of its publisher, EA. Steamdb also records that FIFA 22 has been retired by EA and is no longer for sale. 

This widespread removal also appears to be taking shape on consoles as well. Sales have seemingly been halted for all previous FIFA titles on the Nintendo Store, PlayStation Network, and the Xbox marketplace as well.

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This comes as EA FC 24 is anticipating its full release, which is EA Sports’ first football game without the FIFA branding. Despite the departure, EA had already secured deals with the Premier League, La Liga, and UEFA Champions League. 

FIFA meanwhile announced they were creating a rival game, with leaks suggesting the game will be named FIFA 25 with a supposed release date of Winter 2023. 

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