FIFA 22 Career Mode features: Create-A-Club, Player Career rework, transfers & cutscenes

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FIFA 22 Career Mode will bring players even closer to an immersive Manager Mode experience, with multiple new features confirmed by EA – including Create a Club, a huge update for Player Career, and more customization. 

More and more FIFA 22 information seems to come out every single day as we get closer and closer to release. On July 11, along with the brand-new trailer for the game, we’ve also received a load of info on Career Mode.

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Since then, in August, EA revealed a load of new details with a fresh trailer and official deep dive blog post.

A number of leaks in the run-up to the game’s release hinted at some changes, but let’s run through everything confirmed.


FIFA 22 Career Mode trailer

On August 5, 2021, EA revealed their first FIFA 22 trailer for Career Mode, breaking down some of the changes included in the pitch notes.

FIFA 22 Create A Club feature

The Create A Club feature will allow you to create your very own club from the ground up.

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Players will be able to design everything from their club crest to stadium for their new football entity and see it rise through the lower leagues if they choose to.

An official statement said: “From relegation to candidates to global giants,” which could be a good sign that your custom team will start at the bottom of the table of whatever league or leagues you can join, and you’ll have to work your way up from there.

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Create your own kits in FIFA 22 Career Mode

Obviously, to allow for players to create their own clubs, customization features like kit designs are also coming to FIFA 22 Career Mode.

You’ll be able to customize your own kit. Whether or not this is just for newly-created clubs or on a season-by-season basis for existing teams remains to be seen, but it does look exclusive to Create-A-Club from what we’ve seen so far.

How to make your own kits in FIFA 22

To make your own kit in FIFA 22, select the Kit, Crest and Stadium feature in the menus, seen below.

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Create a Stadium in FIFA 22 Career Mode

fifa 22 career mode stadiumEA SPORTS
FIFA 22 Career Mode lets you create your own stadium – here’s how they look.

EA have also confirmed players will be able to build their own bespoke stadiums, which – based on the idea of progressing through the lower divisions – would suggest arena upgrades can be made over time.

This is a feature FIFA players have been requesting for years and it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

How FIFA 22 Career Mode board priorities work

Another big change is the selection of how your board assesses your work at the club, which can be varied depending on your ambitions.

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In their official pitch notes, EA wrote: “You will be able to change your club board’s priorities. These priorities can dictate the objectives you will receive in all categories.

“Note that domestic and regional priorities will be influenced by your team’s star rating as well. For example, if you start a career with a 3-star club in LaLiga and a High Priority Domestic objective, you will have an objective to avoid relegation in the first season, given that your team is one of the weakest rated teams in the league, and a long term objective for a top 4 finish in 4 years.”

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European Football in FIFA 22 Career Mode

Is the Europa Conference League in FIFA 22?

On July 11, EA confirmed via a press release that the Europa Conference League will be available in FIFA 22 – YES. 

Is the Europa League in FIFA 22?

Just like FIFA 21, the UEFA Europa League will feature in FIFA 22 Career Mode – YES. 

Is the Champions League in FIFA 22?

Similar to the Europa League in FIFA 21, the UEFA Champions League license will feature in FIFA 22 Career Mode – YES. 

FIFA 22 Player Career changes

New features

Player Career has been massively reworked in FIFA 22, with a similar gameplay style to The Journey of previous titles. This means the addition of a new Player Growth system, cutscenes for transfers, and go behind the scenes with what happens in the dressing room.

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Not only that, players can come off the bench and have much more realistic tracking tools to see progress. For example, you will be made aware regularly about your role and place in the team, with fresh objectives appearing.

Manager Rating FIFA 22 in Player Career Mode

fifa 22 manager rating in career modeEA SPORTS
Your Manager Rating lets you know your place in the pecking order.

There is also a Manager Rating which will go up and down depending on your performance. To increase your rating, simply hit your objectives set game-to-game.

If you’re consistently completing the objectives when playing for your club and progressing as a player, you’ll be able to start building a relationship with your international manager. This will result in you being called up to play for your country, where new objectives will become available.

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How to get XP in FIFA 22 Player Career mode

On top of that, the new XP system allows your development to be tracked more tightly.

  • Match Rewards – You will earn XP at the end of each match you play.
  • Training –You can participate in 3 training sessions every week.

These are the best ways to improve your XP as a player, but also by taking on playing bonuses, enhanced match objectives, and build up your skill tree accordingly.

New skill tree

Like many games with player archetypes, FIFA 22 Player Career has a skill tree to make progress with. Here, you get to choose which type of player you’d like to be, and what your core strengths should look like.

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Here’s how it works:

Perk System

On top of the skill tree, a new perk system has been put in place for players to customize before a match begins. These perks provide an additional performance boost and automatically apply when certain conditions are met.

It’s easy to see when a perk is active as an icon will appear above a player’s head, notifying you that they are currently under the effect of the boost. With both defensive and attacking perks to choose from, it adds an extra level of strategy and tactics to the gameplay.

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