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FIFA 23 gives you the chance to perform a ton of amazing celebrations against your opponent to flex on them after scoring a goal. So here’s a quick guide to the game’s best celebrations.

From Alan Shearer running with one arm in the air to Cristiano Ronaldo’s famous SIU, football has been blessed with a ton of iconic celebrations down the years, and FIFA 23 looks to incorporate even more of them than ever before.

Whether you want to do a simple signature celebration for a renowned player or run around the pitch waving your arms in the air like an airplane, our FIFA 23 celebrations guide how to really rub it in over your opponents.

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New FIFA 23 Celebrations: Griddy

EA has duly delivered a bunch of new celebrations for players to make use of and incorporate into their on-pitch adulation.

There aren’t a ton of new animations to learn, but they’re definitely worth implanting into your brain to pull off during a match.

CelebrationHow to perform Celebration
Arm SwingPS: Hold L1 and Flick R right then leftXbox: Hold LB and Flick R right then left
Eyes and Arms (Griddy)PS: Hold R2 and Flick R up twiceXbox: Hold RT and Flick R up twice
Eye of the StormPS: Hold R1 and spin R anti-clockwiseXbox: Hold RB and spin R anti-clockwise
GamerPS: Hold R1 and Flick R right then leftXbox: Hold RB and Flick right then left
Slide and FlexPS: Hold R1 and hold R downXbox: Hold RB and hold R down
Slide SalutePS: Hold R1 and hold R rightXbox: Hold RB and hold R right

Classic FIFA 23 Celebrations

As well as revised celebrations, some are retained down the years as they have become timeless classics, and FIFA 23 has brought back many of these legendary poses and motions.

We’ve provided the controls for PlayStation and Xbox users.

CelebrationHow to perform Celebration
Cancel CelebrationPS: L1 + R1Xbox: LB + RB
Random CelebrationPS: OXbox: B
Signature CelebrationPS: XXbox: A

FIFA 23 Running Celebrations

cristiano ronaldo celebrating a goal in fifa

To begin the celebration sequence, it’s always vital you precede the finish with some kind of running celebration to build up to the finish, and below are a few of the best ones you can perform and how to do them.

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CelebrationHow to perform Celebration
AeroplanePS: Hold R3Xbox: Hold R3
Arms OutPS: Tap ▢ then hold ▢Xbox: Tap X then hold X
Arms Pointing UpPS: Flick R up and then hold R upXbox: Flick R up and then hold R up
Blow KissesPS: Flick R down and then hold R upXbox: Flick R down then hold R up
Come On!PS: Flick R left and then hold R rightXbox: Flick R left and then hold R right
Double Arm SwingPS: Flick R up and then hold R downXbox: Flick R up then hold R down
Flying BirdPS: Flick R right and then hold R rightXbox: Flick R right and then hold R right
Hands OutPS: Flick R right and then hold R leftXbox: Flick R right then and hold R left
Head on HeadPS: Flick R left and then hold R leftXbox: Flick R left and then hold R left
Heart SymbolPS: Flick R down and then hold R downXbox: Flick R down and then hold R down
Point To SkyPS: Hold R upXbox: Hold R up
TelephonePS: Hold RXbox: Hold R
Thumb SuckPS: Hold ▢Xbox: Hold X
WindmillPS: Spin R clockwiseXbox: Spin R clockwise
Wrist FlickPS: Tap △ and then hold △Xbox: Tap Y and then hold Y

FIFA 23 Finishing move Celebrations

Once you’ve spent enough time ribbing your opponent with a quality running move, it’s time to deal the killing blow with an effective finishing move celebration.

CelebrationHow to perform Celebration
Giddy UpPS: Hold L1 + Press R3Xbox: Hold LB + press R3
Golf SwingPS: Hold R1 + flick R left then rightXbox: Hold RB + flick R left then right
HypnosisPS: Hold L2 + press ∆Xbox: Hold LT + press Y
PigeonPS: Hold R1 + Press R3Xbox: Hold RB + press R3
Spanish DancePS: Hold L2 + flick R up x2Xbox: Hold LT + flick R up x2
Stir the PotPS: Hold L2 + double tap ∆Xbox: Hold LT + double tap Y
SwaggerPS: Hold R1 + double tap OXbox: Hold RB + double tap B
TimberPS: Hold L2 + press OXbox: Hold LT + press B

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