FIFA 23 FUT Champions Upgrades: Best players & how to get predictions

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FUT Champion Upgrades will be big in FIFA 23 as it allows players to turn unusable cards into incredible ones in FIFA Ultimate Team, which we’ll show you how to do.

In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, there are various game modes that can be enjoyed to earn packs and coins. From Squad Battles to FUT Moments, players have multiple ways to play, but the biggest variation is arguably FUT Champions.

The super-competitive mode consists of the game’s best and most expensively assembled teams as FIFA fans battle over the course of a weekend to earn wins to increase improve their FUT Champions rewards.

Eventually, players can be rewarded with special red card picks that are basically untradeable versions of the respective week’s TOTW. These are amazing rewards, and thanks to a certain SBC, they can be traded in to get better red cards.


How to complete FUT Champions Upgrades in FIFA 23 prediction

Using FIFA 22 as our basis here, it’s likely that EA SPORTS will present players with an easy way to exchange FUT Champions red picks to upgrade them – SBCs.

Last year’s iteration offered a FUT Champions Upgrade and FUT Champions Premium Upgrade that required you to submit a certain number of red pick players to get a single red pick card in return.

Each one promises a certain-rated player and there are different requirements for both, which you can check out below.

Best FUT Champions Upgrade requirement predictions

If you’re interested in swapping out some of your lesser FUT Champs picks in the hopes of landing an 83 to 86-rated player, then check out last year’s requirements below.

FUT Champions Upgrade SBC

  • FUT Champs players: Exactly 5
  • Players in the squad: Exactly 5
  • Reward: FUT Champions player rated 83-86

Obviously, once FIFA 23 is out and FUT Champions is underway with players battling through the Weekend League, we’ll know the TOTW players in the 83-86 range that players will have the chance to earn.

Best Premium FUT Champs Upgrade requirement predictions

On the other hand, if you’re an avid FUT Champions Player who earns tons of red players each week, then you’re likely going to accumulate a large amount of spares or cards that just don’t fit any of your teams.

So here are the requirements for last year’s FUT Champions Premium Upgrade SBC.

FUT Champions Premium Upgrade SBC

  • FUT Champs players: Exactly 11
  • Squad Rating: Min. 81
  • Team Chemistry: Min. 20
  • Players in the squad: Exactly 11
  • Reward: 1 of 3 FUT Champions players rated 86+

Again, with a few TOTW squads under its belt, FIFA 23 will have plenty of 86+ players made available for this SBC, almost guaranteeing you an unbelievable FUT Champions upgrade.

FUT Champions is a great way to flesh out your best squads in FIFA 23, and if you want more information and tips on FIFA 23, we have plenty more guides to check out below:

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