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Best Warzone controller settings: Aim assist, sensitivity, response curve, more

Published: 2/Jun/2021 13:40 Updated: 2/Jun/2021 13:54

by Theo Salaun


To improve your aim in Call of Duty: Warzone, you have to start with your settings. Using data from the game’s top players, here are the best controller settings for Aim Assist, Response Curve, Deadzone, Sensitivity, and ADS Sensitivity.

Aiming in any FPS (first-person shooter) is dictated primarily by preference, so you should just use the settings that feel right to you. But, past that, there are some universal guidelines you can use in order to maximize your in-game performance.

Outside of traditional controller settings, there are four things you absolutely need to disable: Film Grain, World Motion Blur, Weapon Motion Blur and Controller Vibration. All four settings are fine for the campaign, but unnecessary distractions in Verdansk.


As for the aim settings, here are the best options for Deadzone, Sensitivity (Horizontal and Vertical), ADS Sensitivity Multiplier (Low and High), Aim Assist and Aim Response Curve Type. Aside from personal experience, we’ve also compiled data from 13 of Warzone’s best controller players: Almond, Aydan, Biffle, Blazt, Booya, Jukeyz, MuTeX, Newbz, Rated, SuperEvan, Swagg, Tommey and Zlaner.

Best Warzone controller aim settings

  • Deadzone: 0.05
  • Horizontal Sensitivity: 7
  • Vertical Sensitivity: 7
  • ADS Sensitivity Multiplier (Low): 1.0
  • ADS Sensitivity Multiplier (High): 1.0
  • Aim Response Curve Type: Dynamic
  • Aim Assist: Standard

Best Warzone controller movement settings

  • Auto Move Forward: Disabled
  • Slide Behavior: Tap
  • Automatic Sprint: Disabled
  • Vehicle Camera Recenter: Enabled
  • Parachute: Auto-Deploy

While movement settings are all down to preference, the choices above will allow you to be in full control when you’re on the battlefield and perform actions as quickly as possible.

This is especially true when it comes to Slide Behavior, simply tapping the button is a lot faster than the hold option and could save you valuable seconds in a gunfight.


Warzone Horizontal & Vertical Sensitivity

warzone controller sensitivity horizontal and vertical
The horizontal and vertical sensitivities used by Warzone’s best controller players.

Sensitivity in Warzone ranges between 0-20 and, as you can see in the graph, most of the game’s best controller players go between 6-10. Ideally, you want to keep your sensitivities slightly higher than the default (5), but not so high that you lose control.

The average sensitivity is 7.2, so you should test out higher sensitivities than the default gradually until you feel comfortable. Interestingly, you’ll notice that Newbz and SuperEvan don’t use the same sensitivity for horizontal and vertical — those are exceptions, but proof you should do what feels most natural to you.

Warzone ADS Sensitivity Multiplier (Low & High)

warzone ads sensitivity low and high
The low and high ADS sensitivity multipliers used by Warzone’s best controller players.

An interesting setting, most players keep their ADS Sensitivity Multiplier to the default 1.0, but a few go lower and a few go higher. Low is for close-range guns (like submachine guns and assault rifles), while High is for long-range guns (like marksman and sniper rifles). 


Some players increase their High ADS Sensitivity and decrease their Low, but most keep them fairly consistent. This is a setting you’ll need to play around with if you feel like you want to make a change while aiming down sights.

Warzone Deadzone

Deadzone is a setting that is primarily used for combating your controller’s stick drift, as it controls how much you have to move your analog stick for the game to register movement. If your crosshair drifts without you touching it, raise your Deadzone. If it doesn’t, you can lower it. 

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Most top players use the default Deadzone (0.05), but Biffle and Booya use 0.03 while SuperEvan and Zlaner use 0.2. The average is 0.07, but this is really just dependent on your controller.


Warzone Aim Assist & Aim Response Curve Type

As for Aim Assist and Response Curve Type, these are apparently the easiest settings of all. All of the top players with available data use the exact same options: Dynamic Aim Response Curve Type and Standard Aim Assist.

If you do want to mess with these options and are wondering what these different settings mean, check out our guide to both

And there you have it, aim settings are all about personal preference, but there are general ranges you can follow when finding your favorites. If these settings get adjusted in future settings, we’ll update this piece — but this should provide a thorough starting point for anyone wanting to tweak their gameplay and maximize performance.