Best Warzone controller settings: Aim assist, sensitivity, response curve, more

Warzone controller settingsActivision

Having the best possible controller settings in Warzone can help refine your aim and improve your overall experience in the game. We’ve compiled and analyzed data from the Battle Royale’s top players, to determine the most ideal settings for players to use. Here’s everything you need to know about the best controller settings for Warzone on console and PC.

In any first-person shooter, perfecting your aim is dictated primarily by personal preference and outlying factors like controller type, so you should first and foremost always use the settings that feel right to you. However, there are some universal guidelines you can use in order to maximize your in-game performance.

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Below we’ve compiled data from 13 of Warzone’s best controller players, including the likes of Aydan, SuperEvan, and Tommey, as well as referred to our own in-game experiences to determine the very best controller settings to use in Warzone. 

In order to keep track of your progress and see if your performance is improving in the game, you can use MyStats to find complete insights into your Warzone statistics.

If you’re looking for the best controller settings to use in the recently released Warzone 2, we have a separate guide for that here.

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To get an advantage in the original COD Battle Royale, however, keep reading to find out the best controller settings for Warzone below.

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Warzone player aiming down their sightsActivision
You’ll need to tweak some controller settings to get the best FPS for Warzone.

Best controller settings for Warzone

Whether you’re on console or PC, outside of traditional controller settings, there are four things that any player looking to improve their controller experience needs to disable:

  • Film Grain
  • World Motion Blur
  • Weapon Motion Blur
  • Controller Vibration

While these settings are fine when playing through a single-player campaign, they’re an unnecessary distraction when attempting to up your game in Caldera.

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So, if you’re chasing tight-knit control over your settings, then read on to find out all you need to know about everything from Deadzone, to Use/Reload Behavior, and ADS Multipliers.

Best Warzone controller aim settings

Aim Settings
Deadzone 0.05
Horizontal Sensitivity 7
Vertical Sensitivity 7
ADS Sensitivity Multiplier (Low) 0.80
ADS Sensitivity Multiplier (High) 0.80
Aim Response Curve Type Dynamic
Aim Assist Standard
Use/Reload Behavior Contextual Tap

Best Warzone controller movement settings

Movement Settings
Auto Move Forward Disabled
Slide Behavior Tap
Automatic Tactical Sprint Disabled
Vehicle Camera Recenter Enabled
Parachute Auto-Deploy Auto-Deploy

While movement settings are mostly down to preference, the choices above will allow you to be in full control when you’re on the battlefield to perform actions as quickly as possible.

This is especially true when it comes to Slide Behavior, as simply tapping the button is a lot faster than the hold option, saving you those ever-valuable seconds in a gunfight. It also opens up the ability to slide cancel, which can be a useful technique to learn if you’re looking to pick up more wins.

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We’ve also opted to set Automatic Tactical Sprint to off. Automatically activating Tactical Sprint when moving forward from a standing position can give you much less control in situations where you might want to attempt to move a little stealthier.

Warzone ADS Sensitivity

warzone ads sensitivity low and highDexerto
The low and high ADS sensitivity multipliers are used by Warzone’s best controller players.

Most players keep their ADS Sensitivity Multiplier to the default 1.0, but playing around with different settings is crucial. Lower sensitivity is ideal for close-range guns (like a Cooper Carbine or a PPSh-41), while a higher setting is perfect for long-range guns (like marksman and sniper rifles).

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It’s also worth playing around with these settings individually. While we recommend setting both of these to anywhere between 0.80/0.90, you may slightly prefer one setting on Low and another on High.

Warzone Horizontal & Vertical Sensitivity

warzone controller sensitivity horizontal and vertical tableDexerto
This table shows a relatively consistent setting for sensitivity across some of Warzone’s top players.

While typical sensitivity settings range from anywhere between 0-20, the game’s best controller players, on average, set theirs to about 7.2. Ideally, you want to keep your sensitivities slightly higher than the default of 5, but not so high that you end up losing control.

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Interestingly, you’ll notice that Newbz and SuperEvan don’t use the same sensitivity for horizontal and vertical — those are exceptions, but proof you should do what feels most natural to you.

Warzone PP19 Bizon SMGTreyarch/Activision
These settings will help to secure your wins match after match.

Warzone Deadzone settings

Deadzone is a setting that is primarily used for combating your controller’s stick drift; controlling how much you have to move your analog stick for the game to register movement. If your crosshair drifts without touching it, raise your Deadzone.

Most of the top players use the default Deadzone (0.05), but Biffle and Booya use 0.03, while SuperEvan and Zlaner use 0.2. While the average setting is 0.07, the sweet spot setting will ultimately depend upon your controller.

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Warzone Aim Assist & Aim Response Curve Type settings

The most useful and common settings we’d recommend using for these are Dynamic Aim Response Curve Type and Standard Aim Assist.

If you do want to mess with these options and are wondering what these different settings mean, check out our detailed guide that breaks all of this down in much more detail.

That’s everything you need to know about the best controller settings for Warzone on console and PC.

Make sure to visit our Call of Duty homepage to keep up with all the latest Warzone news, and you can also check out our loadout and tip guides below:

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