All Warzone Season 3 bunker codes, locations and red access card details

Warzone bunker codes and locationsActivision

While Call of Duty Warzone’s bunkers may be currently inaccessible in Season 3, you’ll still need to know the codes when they become accessible in the future. We have a customized map marking each of their locations and a Warzone bunker codes list to help you open them.

Surviving in the brutal lands of Verdansk can be tricky in Warzone Season 3, particularly now that the likes of the AMAX and Krig 6 are dominating the game’s lobbies.

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If you’re serious about winning and wish to grab the best chances of getting those high kill count games, you’ll want to land in areas with decent floor loot and piles of cash. While Warzone’s bunkers may currently be closed, they do offer squads everything they need to dominate the competition. 

From powerful weapons to game-changing killstreaks, these underground safehouses have it all. Accessing each of Warzone’s bunkers can be difficult if you don’t know their location and key codes, though. There are even a number of bunkers that can only be accessed with a Red Access Card, so here’s everything you need to know about these highly-competitive locations. 

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Warzone bunker locations and map for Season 3

Warzone bunker codes mapActivision
Here are all the locations of Warzone’s bunkers.

Here are the Warzone bunker locations that require a code to open them. 

  • Warzone Boneyard bunkers (0-1): North of and south of Junkyard
  • Warzone Park bunker (2): South of Styor Spomenik and Tavorsk Park
  • Warzone Prison bunker (3): West of Prison
  • Warzone Farmland bunker (4): Inside Farmland in the largest barn
  • Warzone TV Station bunker (5): East of TV Station

You can check out our dedicated bunker locations guide for an in-depth breakdown of exactly where to find each of these locations.

Warzone bunker codes

Warzone Boneyard bunker codes (0-1)

The Boneyard bunker is located north of Junkyard. It is the only location with two bunkers next to one another, which makes it the perfect place to quickly hoover up all the best loot. Both bunkers can be found just northwest of Boneyard. 

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There’s also a Buy Station directly east of the bunkers (Offices and Repair Shop), so simply collect each bunker’s cash, then quickly grab a loadout and purchase any killstreaks, Gas Masks, and Self Revives.  

  • North Boneyard code: 87624851
  • South Boneyard code: 97264138

Park bunker code (2)

The next bunker can be accessed via the southern section of the map, directly below Styor Spomenik and Tavorsk Park. It’s here where you’ll find a bunker tucked away in the rocky cliff face. 

  • Warzone Park bunker code: 60274513

Prison bunker code (3)

While the shack that sits just west of Warzone’s Prison may not look that interesting, it does have some decent loot inside. Simply enter the code below to claim your prize: 

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  • Prison code: 72948531

Farmland bunker code (4)

This bunker is easy to miss at first as it is tucked away inside the largest barn in Farmland. Simply enter the building and use the keypad next to the door to gain entry. 

  • Farmland bunker code: 49285163

TV Station bunker code (5)

Warzone TV stationActivision
There are bunkers hidden all over Verdansk and one is near TV Station.

TV Station is a popular place for squads looking to get into early-game fights. You can either land on top of TV station and take the chopper over to the eastern bunker or simply hot drop onto it. 

If you choose to do the latter, then be prepared to quickly enter the code below: 

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  • TV Station bunker code: 27495810

Red Access Card bunkers and locations

red access cards in Warzoneu/Fidelsanfilippo, Reddit
Red Access Cards have been removed in Warzone Season 3.

There are certain bunkers that require a Red Access Card to unlock. These ultra-rare cards were previously found in Legendary Supply Boxes, but have since been removed since Warzone Season 2. 

Here are all the Warzone bunker locations for the currently locked bunkers: 

  • Southern Promenade West Bunker (6)
  • Eastern Dam bunker (7)
  • Southern Military base bunker (8)
  • Eastern Quarry bunker (9)
  • Northeast Prison bunker (10)

How do you get into bunker 11?

As of writing, bunker 11 is inaccessible. We don’t know when bunker 11 will be reopened, but if you wish to find out how you can access it in future updates, then you’ll need to first visit one of the activation phones that are dotted around Verdansk. 

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Warzone bunker 11StrangerRobijn
This handy guide shows all the locations and translations you need to open Bunker 11.

Reddit user StrangerRobijn has made the image (above) to help Warzone players locate each activation phone, so make sure you use this as a guide until you can memorize each phone location for when/if it comes back. 

Usually, once you have located the correct phone, a Russian operator will answer and give you a three-digit code. We’ve listed the translations below: 

  1. a-deen
  2. Dva 
  3. tree
  4. chye-tir-ye
  5. pyat
  6. shest
  7. Syem
  8. vo-syem
  9. dyev-yat
  10. Dyes-yat

The three-digit code you get will dictate the order you visit the phones in. For example, if you had code 012, you would visit phone zero first, then phone one, then phone two. If you wish to speed up this process, we suggest having your squad splitting up and hopping in the nearest vehicles to cut down the overall travel time. 

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You’ll know when you’ve interacted with the correct phones when you hear a little jingle. This sound means you’ve been successful and Bunker 11 can now be entered. The bunker is located just North-West of Warzone’s Military Base. 

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about Warzone’s bunkers in Season 3.