Top 20 highest earning Call of Duty: Warzone players

Jacob Hale
top 20 highest earning warzone players

As Warzone 2 tournaments get underway in Al Mazrah, here’s a full look at the top 20 highest-earning Warzone players.

While the high-level, $100k+ tournaments might have slowed down throughout Caldera and into Warzone 2, players are still earning some serious cash by competing across Al Mazrah.

We’ve seen incredible records set, a host of celebrities get involved, and a variety of high-stakes, big-bucks tournaments to line pockets.

Groundbreaking events like the $150k The Last Dance in Verdansk and the $400k World Series of Warzone saw big competitive names taking out the lion’s share of major prize pools. With Warzone now in full swing, we’ve already seen notable shifts among Warzone’s top stars.

Updated March 2, 2023.


Warzone’s top earners

Using data from, let’s take a look at the top 20 Warzone players in terms of overall tournament winnings.

We’ll take a more in-depth look at the top 3, and then provide a full list of the top 20.

3. Almond – $391,177

Breaking into the top three in 2022 is none other than Minnesota ROKKR’s star streamer Almond. Having remained among the top three highest-earners for much of Warzone’s first few years, HusKerrs was replaced by Almond shortly after the introduction of Caldera. Shortly after, Almond pushed into second place as he passed above Aydan.

Alongside Tommey and Newbz of the TBE crew, Almond has mostly dominated Warzone tournaments since Caldera launched. The Trio quickly became a force to be reckoned with on the Pacific-era map, kickstarting the new chapter with a lengthy win streak across both custom lobby and kill-race events.

2. Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad – $401,274

In second place for much of Warzone’s first year, Aydan finally eclipsed HusKerrs and took the first spot back on March 14. While he was the first pro to pass the $300K mark in Warzone earnings, he soon slipped to second place once again as Tommey began to dominate, then third as Almond narrowly passed him by in 2022.

From Fortnite to Warzone, Aydan has been a longstanding figure in the battle royale sphere. But, for those unfamiliar with Epic Games’ third-person shooter, the charming beatboxer truly made his mark on Verdansk by proving that his head is worth appreciating for more than its infamous dent.

An absolute demon, Aydan has comfortably shifted from duos with MuTeX and ZLaner to winning a ton of tournaments with Rated and others. His top-tier performances have continued into Warzone 2 as well, keeping him well above all but one other player on the highest-earners list.

1. Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren – $428,485

As a former competitive CoD pro, Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren was among the first veterans to dive head-first into Warzone upon release. Quickly finding his footing, Tommey has exploded into one of the scene’s biggest personalities and accomplished streamers.

Engaging with just about every tournament since Warzone’s release, Tommey broke into the top three early in 2021. Consistent performances in September saw Tommey then cruise through into second place. The momentum didn’t stop there, however.

After months of impressive finishes and event wins, Tommey managed to earn the number-one spot in January, 2022 and hasn’t lost the lead since.

Top 20 Warzone players: Highest earnings (January 2023)

The full top 20 highest-earning Warzone players are listed below.

 No.  Player Earnings
1 Tommey $428,485
2 Aydan $401,274
3 Almond $391,177
4 Fifakill $384,022
5 HusKerrs $346,805
6 Rated $319,101
7 SuperEvan $317,82
8 Newbz $307,298
9 Biffle $279,11
10 Jukeyz $277,759
11 Warsz $215,010
12 Unrational $198,063
13 Destroy $195,646
14 ScummN $183,281
15 Zlaner $180,261
16 SWAGG $179,350
17 Stukawaki $163,381
18 JoeWo $152,749
19 Hisokat42 $141,948
20 Zsmit $126,413

Those are the top Warzone earners as of March 2023. Be sure to check back for frequent updates as this list for the highest-earning players continues to change over time.

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