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10 most popular weapons in Warzone: Gun tier list

Published: 25/Jul/2021 14:53

by Joe Craven


Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 is coming towards its end, and the weapon meta has shifted once again. Here are the ten most popular weapons in Warzone, as of July 25.

Despite the massive array of weapons on offer, only a few guns see consistent play in Warzone as the meta changes. We’ve seen various weapons rise and fall, like the Grau, Bruen, FFAR, and more. However, the Season 4 mid-season update has seen the biggest balance change in Warzone history. 

Fortunately, with the help of WZRanked, we’ve gathered the ten most popular primary picks in Warzone. Whether you’re looking to increase your KDA or just want to know which guns will give you a competitive edge, be sure to check out our handy top ten gun tier list below.


Call of Duty Warzone Black Ops Cold War Operators
Activision / Treyarch
Our helpful Warzone gun tier list will keep you informed on which weapons you should be taking into Verdansk ’84.

Warzone weapon tier list: top 10

With the release of any new season, the meta is sure to change and weapons will join the list or even drop off if they’re no longer viable. Since the Season 4 update went live, there have been a number of changes to the current weapon rankings.

Here are the 10 best weapons you should be taking into Warzone during the mid-season, so make sure you use these if you wish to gain a competitive edge over your foes.

10. MP5 (Cold War)

best MP5 loadouts Black Ops Cold War
The Cold War MP5 takes the next spot in this list.

Best MP5 Loadout

Both versions of the MP5 have found new leases of life in Warzone’s fourth season, and the Cold War version starts off this list. It’s not quite as punchy as its older Modern Warfare relative, but it remains a solid option.


Its high damage and manageable recoil make it a great choice up close, usually paired with a longer range AR or even a sniper. Season 4 has seen a number of new SMGs break into the top ten, so who knows how high this classic weapon can climb.

9. Milano 821

The Milano has raced up this list in Season 4.

Best Milano 821 Loadout

Despite being a base weapon in BOCW (and therefore being in Warzone since December 2020), the Milano has struggled to make anything of an impact in the battle royale. However, that has changed in Season 4, where buffs have made it a very viable option.

You’ll still be burdened with the slower fire rate and modest recoil, but as far as close-quarters damage goes, there are few weapons that are as lethal as the Milano – provided you hit those shots.


8. Grau

Grau Warzone
The Grau is a solid choice in Season 4.

Best Grau loadout

The Grau has always been a popular pick in Modern Warfare, and that popularity also famously translated to Warzone. With its clean iron sights and newly increased damage, more players are flocking to the Grau than ever in Season 4.

Strong damage and great mobility mean that accurate shots can drop enemies remarkably quickly, but its slower rate of fire still hinders the Grau from claiming a higher spot.

7. Swiss K31

Swiss K31 sniper
The Swiss K31 sniper was added in the Season 3 update for BOCW.

Best Swiss K31 Loadout

While the Kar98k (technically a Marksman Rifle) has been in the top three for months, the slower bolt-actions like the Tundra and AX-50 have fallen away as Warzone has aged.


The Swiss, though, represents everything players like about snipers. Forgiving and quick, it represents the most real challenge to the Kar’s dominance since Black Ops Cold War launched. It seems unlikely it will ever dethrone the WWII rifle, but buffs and nerfs could yet have their say.

6. FARA 83

FARA 83 black ops cold war best class loadout
The FARA 83 joins the XM4 and Krig 6 as BOCW ARs on this list.

Best FARA 83 Loadout

The FARA 83, like a few other weapons, has been in and out of this list for some time. It has exploded in popularity in Season 4 though, with many picking it up for the first time and realizing its high fire rate and damage make it a scary proposition in Verdansk.


While mastering the recoil will take a bit of time, it is an absolute monster at medium ranges and can be improved at longer ranges with the right attachments.

5. C58

Black Ops Cold War C58
Activision / Treyarch
The C58 dropped in Black Ops Cold War with Season 4.

Best C58 loadout

Despite its slow fire rate and an unappealing look, this chunky AR puts enemies down fast. Although it’s not quite yet the top pick for Assault Rifles, it has quickly climbed the meta rankings as players find themselves on the losing end of this deadly gun.

With minimal recoil and the power to melt enemies at far distances, the C58 isn’t an all-rounder, but if you’d rather an AR to a sniper, this is a great pick.

4. MP5 (Modern Warfare)

MP5 Warzone
Activision / Treyarch
The MP5 has always been a popular pick in Warzone.

Best MP5 loadout

The Modern Warfare MP5 has finally cracked into the top of Warzone weapons, replacing Cold War’s ever-popular Bullfrog.

The main highlight of this SMG is its high damage and incredible speed, which enables players to quickly tear through even the tankiest of foes.

While may no longer be the best SMG in the game, it is still an ideal secondary that you can trust to snag multiple kills in a pinch.

3. MAC-10

Activision / Treyarch
The MAC-10 continues to dominate Warzone lobbies.

Best Mac-10 loadout

The MAC-10 has long been one of the best SMGs in Warzone, but it has fallen slightly as the Season 4 damage changes begin to take their hold. It was the strongest by some margin in Season 2, but the recent nerfs in the mid-season update have weakened its standing somewhat.

Even so, it remains in the top 3, thanks mainly to its little recoil, high damage output, and a ridiculous fire rate, making it a strong contender.

2. Kar98k

Kar98k WZ
The Kar98k may not be a modern gun, but it still packs a mighty punch.

Best Kar98k loadout

Sometimes you’ve got to go old school when claiming kills in Warzone and this WWII rifle certainly packs a mean punch. Despite being a bolt-action rifle, the Kar98k is one of the fastest Marksman Rifles in the game. Being able to break armor and maintain constant pressure on your opponents is incredibly important in Warzone, especially if you want to finish downed enemies before they get revived.

Even if you miss a few shots, the Kar98k is incredibly forgiving. This makes it the perfect replacement for those who struggle with HDR or AX-50 loadouts. The only downside to this German rifle is its bullet drop, so make sure you compensate for the travel time before taking those cross-map shots. 

However, the overall strength and ease of use is clear, with the Kar98k remaining in the top three of this popularity poll – where it’s been for a number of months.

1. Krig 6

krig 6 black ops cold war
The Krig 6 is a seriously impressive AR in Black Ops Cold War, and has seen its power translate to Warzone popularity.

Best Krig 6 Loadout

The Krig 6 will be familiar to any fans of Call of Duty’s professional scene. It has grown to be a dominant AR in Black Ops Cold War but, prior to Seasons 3 and 4, it had struggled to make a meaningful impact in Warzone.

That appears to be changing now, with the hard-hitting AR forcing its way to the very top of the popularity polls. Its slower fire rate is a bit of an issue, but the Krig’s manageable recoil and high damage mean it’s a very strong option.

Provided players can lay down accurate fire, you’ll be able to topple absolutely any foe.

Most popular Warzone loadout guns (%)

  1. Krig 6 (13.8%)
  2. Kar98k (8.79%)
  3. MAC-10 (7.33%)
  4. MW MP5 (6.50%)
  5. C58 (6.08%)
  6. FARA 83 (5.55%)
  7. Swiss K31 (5.23%)
  8. Grau 5.56 (4.92%)
  9. Milano 821 (3.70%)
  10. CW MP5 (3.61%)

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