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10 most popular weapons in Warzone: Gun tier list

Published: 8/May/2021 11:53 Updated: 8/May/2021 12:04

by James Busby


Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone is now well underway, and the new weapon meta is beginning to take shape on Verdansk ’84. Here are the ten most popular weapons in Warzone, as of May 8.

Despite the massive array of weapons on offer, there are only a few guns that see consistent play in Warzone as metas shift. We’ve seen various weapons rise and fall, like the Grau, Bruen, FFAR and more. Season 3, though, is proving a little more diverse at this early stage. 

With the help of WZRanked, we’ve gathered the ten most popular primary picks in Warzone. Whether you’re looking to increase your KDA or just want to know which guns will give you a competitive edge, be sure to check out our handy top ten gun tier list below.


Call of Duty Warzone Black Ops Cold War Operators
Activision / Treyarch
Our helpful Warzone gun tier list will keep you informed on which weapons you should be taking into Verdansk ’84.

Warzone weapon tier list: top 10

With the release of any new season, the meta is sure to change and weapons will join the list (or even drop off if they’re no longer viable). The first season of the Black Ops Cold War integration saw some major changes, and Season 2 introduced its own share of shakeups as well.

Here are the best weapons you should be taking into Warzone during Season 3, and some helpful loadouts if you don’t already have your own.

10. LC10

LC10 TikTok loadout
Activision / TimTheTatman
The LC10 is one of the better SMGs in Warzone Season 3.

Best LC10 loadout

Black Ops Cold War’s LC10 joins this top 10 list as one of the few SMGs that is generally viable in Warzone. You’ll definitely need to use it in conjunction with a longer range weapon – probably a low recoil AR – but this will certainly have you covered at close ranges.


It’s high fire rate and manageable recoil mean players are rewarded for accurate shots and can tear through nearby enemies. Use it sensibly and it will reward you.

9. M4A1

M4A1 Warzone
It’s not hard to see why the M4A1 has remained a staple pick.

Best M4A1 loadout

The M4A1 is a Modern Warfare weapon that’s fallen somewhat in the standings. It was a dominant pick in Warzone’s early months, thanks mainly to its incredible power in Modern Warfare. It can certainly still hold its own in Warzone, even if it’s not as dominant as it once was.

Despite having an impressive rate of fire, the overall recoil and damage are slightly too weak to compete with the top ARs. Unless you’re itching to use a non-meta weapon, then we’d suggest swapping out the M4 for something higher on the list.


8. FARA 83

black ops cold war operator with fara 83
The FARA 83 makes it debut on this top 10 list.

Best FARA 83 Loadout

The FARA 83 was previously in the top three most popular weapons, showing what an open field Season 3 has been so far. Famed for its damage and likeness to the Galil from past CoD titles, it has shown itself to be a solid option in Warzone too.

Its main issue – as was the case with the Galil in past installments – is its recoil. For close to medium range though, this weapon is a very strong option, although its falling popularity may continue as other weapons prove more reliable.

7. Grau 5.56

Grau Warzone
The Grau’s clean sight makes this gun incredibly versatile.

Best Grau 5.56 loadout

Those who have been playing Warzone since the early days will know just how dominant this assault rifle can be. The Grau has one of the cleanest iron sights in the game, allowing players to forgo any optics in favor of DPS-increasing attachments. While it may not be as strong as it once was, the Grau is still a decent enough option. 


This is a weapon that’s pretty closely matched with the Kilo, and it really comes down to personal preference on which one you choose. The Grau favors a more run-and-gun play style, and can still shred in close to mid-range firefights.

6. MAC-10

Activision / Treyarch
The MAC-10 continues to dominate Warzone lobbies.

Best Mac-10 loadout

The MAC-10 is probably the best SMG in Warzone right now. It was the strongest by some margin in Season 2, but nerfs in the Season 3 update and the surge in popularity for the LC10 have weakened its standing slightly.

It still comes packed with little recoil, high damage output, and a ridiculous fire rate which makes it undeniably better than any other ‘secondary’ weapon in the game.


5. Kilo 141

Kilo 141 Warzone
Activision / Treyarch
The Kilo may no longer be the most dominant AR, but it still packs a punch.

Best Kilo loadout

This reliable assault rifle has been wreaking havoc in Verdansk for a while now, and nerfs to the Grau have led to its increased popularity. However, since the addition of the FFAR and the resurgence of the AMAX, the Kilo is no longer the top dog of ARs. Still, having a gun that has little-to-no recoil is a huge bonus.

The Kilo can quickly wipe out entire squads thanks to its 60 Round Mags, while the VLK 3.x Optic will keep your shots incredibly accurate. No recoil control attachments are needed with this gun, so simply hold down that trigger and you’ll be rewarded with those satisfying squad wipes.

4. FFAR 1

FFAR 1 WZ loadout
Activision / Treyarch
The FFAR is still the most popular AR in Warzone.

Best FFAR 1 loadout

The FFAR was the weapon that came to be ubiquitous in Season 2, dominating gunfights at almost any range. Its high fire rate meant accurate shots could shred opponents.

That remains the case, but balancing from Raven has taken its toll, knocking it from first to fourth in this list. It’s still a very good option, but it’s not quite the behemoth it once was.

3. Krig 6

krig 6 black ops cold war
The Krig 6 is a seriously impressive AR in Black Ops Cold War, and has seen its power translate to Warzone popularity.

Best Krig 6 Loadout

The Krig 6 will be familiar to any fans of Call of Duty’s professional scene. It has grown to be a dominant AR in Black Ops Cold War but, prior to Season 3, had struggled to make a meaningful impact in Warzone.

That appears to be changing now, with the hard-hitting AR forcing its way into the top 3 of this list. It’s slower fire rate is a bit of an issue, but its manageable recoil and high damage (made even higher in the April 22 update) mean it’s a very strong option going forwards.

2. CR-56 Amax

The AMAX’s is still a staple AR in Warzone Season 2.

Best CR-56 Amax loadout

Once a very underused option in Warzone, the Amax has steadily grown in popularity, and has broken into the top two following the launch of Season 3. It can tear through opponents quickly, and with the right loadout can be very easy to control.

Having said that, it’s still got a touch more recoil than rifles like the FFAR and the Kilo, so you’ll need to ensure you master its recoil pattern to unlock its full potential. Once this is perfected, though, you’ll be able to challenge any opponent.

1. Kar98k

Kar98k WZ
The Kar98k may not be a modern gun, but it still packs a mighty punch.

Best Kar98k loadout

Sometimes you’ve got to go old school when claiming kills in Warzone and this WWII rifle certainly packs a mean punch. Despite being a bolt-action rifle, the Kar98k is one of the fastest marksman rifles in the game. Being able to break armor and maintain constant pressure on your opponents is incredibly important in Warzone, especially if you want to finish downed enemies before they get revived.

Even if you miss a few shots, the Kar98k is incredibly forgiving. This makes it the perfect replacement for those who struggle with HDR or AX-50 loadouts. The only downside to this German rifle is its bullet drop, so make sure you compensate for the travel time before taking those cross-map shots. 

However, the overall strength and ease of use is clear, with this being the first time a sniper rifle has topped this list.

Most popular Warzone loadout guns (%)

  1. Kar98k 1 (13.6%)
  2. CR-56 Amax (9.3%)
  3. Krig 6 (6.2%)
  4. FFAR 1 (5.5%)
  5. Kilo 141 (5.3%)
  6. MAC-10 (5.2%)
  7. Grau 5.56 (4.9%)
  8. FARA 83 (4.7%)
  9. M4A1 (3.9%)
  10. LC10 (3.9%)

If you want to try out some different weapons in Warzone or even Multiplayer, check out our full list of best loadouts for every gun.