10 most popular weapons in Warzone Caldera: Gun tier list

Joe Craven
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Warzone Caldera is now in place of WZ Pacific and for those still playing the original CoD battle royale, we’ve got the updated list of the 10 most-picked weapons as of November 25.

Warzone Season 5 Reloaded brought WZ Pacific’s final major update before Warzone 2.0 ushered in a new era for the Call of Duty battle royale franchise.

We do have a hub for the most popular guns in Warzone 2.0 if that’s what you’re looking for but, if you’re still enjoying Caldera and its sun-soaked environment, we’ll still be updating this list for the foreseeable thanks to WZRanked’s weapon tracker.

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Warzone weapon tier list: top 10

10. Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle

Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle Warzone
The Gorenko is another powerful sniper in Warzone.

Best Gorenko Loadout

The Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle is a sniper that emerged from the weapon class’ ambiguity. It doesn’t hit nearly as hard as the HDR but, in terms of kick, handling and speed, it outperforms the MW sniper in every category.

9. HDR

player aiming with hdr sniper rifle in cod warzone
The HDR benefitted from nerfs to the Kar98k and Swiss K31.

Best HDR Loadout

The HDR has been steadily popular ever since Season 3 massively nerfed the sniper rifle category. It was one of the few weapons to retain a one-hit-knock ability and, despite its cumbersome handling and recoil, its power and damage continue to keep it in this list.

8. MP-40

MP40 Vanguard
The MP40 is one of the most popular guns in all of Warzone.

Best MP-40 Loadout

The MP-40 established dominance very few weapons have when Vanguard’s content first came to Warzone, at one point sitting at a pick-rate near 20%.

It has been nerfed multiple times since then and, in Warzone Season 5, actually fell off this list altogether. It is back now and, thanks to some major nerfs to SMGs like the H4 Blixen, looks set to stick around.

7. Kilo 141

Kilo 141 next to Warzone Pacific Logo
The Kilo 141 was immensely popular in Modern Warfare 2019.

Best Kilo 141 Loadout

The Kilo 141 has long been one of the most trusted and reliable ARs in Warzone. It’s far from the most powerful but its strong range and lack of recoil mean it’s a weapon that players of all skill levels can rely on.

While buffs and nerfs have come and gone, it’s been hanging around this list for months and months – with good reason.

6. Grau 5.56

Grau modern warfare warzone

The Grau is still a great AR pick in Warzone.

Best Grau 5.56 Loadout

The Grau was one of the earliest meta weapons in Warzone, dominating the Modern Warfare life-cycle of the battle royale.

Easy-to-use iron sights combine with negligible recoil and decent range to make a medium range monester. Its damage and handling aren’t the best, hence why it’s stuck around the middle of this list.

5. Marco 5

Marco 5 in Warzone
Being able to dual-wield the Marco 5 makes it a unique weapon in the Warzone roster.

Best Marco 5 Loadout

The Marco 5 exploded into popularity during Season 4, temporarily becoming the most popular gun in the entire game. However, a series of nerfs knocked its viability considerably but it’s hanging around into Caldera.

It can still be dual-wielded and its power up-close remains, even if its medium range capabilities and recoil are still short of where they once were.

4. 3-Line Rifle

3-line rifle lying on table in cod

Best 3-Line Rifle Loadout

Warzone players have been scratching around for a go-to sniper rifle following the major nerfs that accompanied Season 3. Some have settled on the HDR but a much faster and more forgiving option is the 3-Line Rifle.

It doesn’t hit quite as hard as some of its slower alternatives, but it represents a middle ground that many players are clearly keen one. 

3. XM4

XM4 in Cold War Gunsmith with WZ Pacific logo
The XM4 absolutely shreds in close-range firefights.

Best XM4 Loadout

The XM4 dominated the meta during Black Ops Cold War thanks to its strong damage and high fire rate. That has translated to Warzone, even if it’s not quite as powerful as it was in the annual installment.

Buffs and nerfs elsewhere, though, mean it makes a return to this list and continues to rise as the Warzone 2.0 era is ushered in.

2. Cooper Carbine

Cooper Carbine Warzone preview screen

The Cooper Carbine is still a powerful pick in Warzone.

Best Cooper Carbine loadout

The Cooper Carbine has been a decent choice for most of Warzone’s Vanguard-era, but Season 2 was certainly its peak. A set of nerfs limited the fast-firing AR more severely than most of its competition, but it remains eminently usable.

Its real strength lies in its fire rate, dispensing with bullets at a jaw-dropping rate. Even a recoil-based nerf in the original Season 4 update couldn’t hold it back from cracking the top three, and remaining there some time later.

1. Armaguerra 43

Warzone Armaguerra 43
The Armaguerra 43 is one of the best SMGs in Warzone.

Best Armaguerra 43 Loadout

The Armaguerra 43 has taken some time to make its debut on this list, but has done now following Season 4 Reloaded’s balancing changes.

Nerfs to the H4 Blixen and Marco 5, for a long-time the most popular close-range weapons in the game, mean the door has opened for this Vanguard pocket-rocket. It remains the most picked weapon in Caldera, even if the Cooper Carbine is hot on its heels.

  1. Armaguerra 43 (11.84%)
  2. Cooper Carbine (11.18%)
  3. XM4 (4.63%)
  4. 3-Line Rifle (4.15%)
  5. Marco 5 (3.78%)
  6. Grau 5.56 (3.71%) 
  7. Kilo 141 (3.70%)
  8. MP-40 (VG) (3.60%)
  9. HDR (3.40%)
  10. Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle (3.13%)

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