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10 most popular weapons in Warzone: Gun tier list

Published: 15/May/2022 16:39

by Joe Craven


Warzone Pacific Season 3 has arrived and the meta has shifted considerably, with more weapons than ever being viable in Caldera and Rebirth Island. Here are the ten most popular weapons in Warzone, as of May 15.     

Despite the massive array of weapons on offer, only a few guns see consistent play in Warzone as the meta changes. We’ve seen various weapons rise and fall, like the Grau, Bruen, FFAR, MP40, and more.

Warzone Season 3 has now dropped and weapon balancing was a major part of the update. The XM4 and snipers saw the heaviest nerfs, with the Kar98k and Swiss K31 being weakened considerably. 


Regardless of weapon trajectories and meta shifts, WZRanked’s primary weapon tracker means we’ve gathered the ten most popular weapon picks in Warzone. You can also track your progress over on MyStats, the place for all of your Warzone stats.

Warzone Pacific Caldera Map with pacific logo
Warzone Pacific came with Vanguard integration, bringing Caldera. 

Warzone weapon tier list: top 10

10. Automaton

Automaton with Warzone Pacific logo
The Automaton is incredibly popular in Vanguard, and some of that popularity has translated to Warzone.

Best Automaton Loadout

Despite long being the dominant AR in professional CoD: Vanguard, the Automaton was only briefly popular in Warzone. Major nerfs in Season One saw its recoil become far more difficult to control and its popularity naturally collapsed.

However, it has experienced a resurgence in Season 2 and now Season 3, with its fast fire-rate meaning accurate shots will outgun nearly any opponent. That’s easier said than done, though.


9. Kar98k

Warzone gameplay
The Kar98k has long been a popular choice in Warzone, a trend that continues into the BR’s Pacific setting.

Best Kar98k loadout

For some time the Kar98k was the most popular and strongest sniper rifle in Warzone. However, it saw its one-hit capabilities removed in the Season 3 patch and so more conventional, slower snipers like the HDR and AX-50 have grown in popularity.

We’ll likely see this once ubiquitous weapon fall out of the top ten assuming nerfs hit as hard as they appear to have done.

8. Kilo 141

Kilo 141 next to Warzone Pacific Logo
The Kilo 141 was immensely popular in Modern Warfare 2019.

Best Kilo 141 Loadout

The Kilo 141 was consistently popular in Modern Warfare 2019, with it being one of the first and easiest ARs players unlocked. It has been more in and out of the meta since the Vanguard integration, with players continuing to trust it at medium and longer ranges.


While not the heaviest hitting weapon, its recoil is nigh on non-existent and, as such, players can take down enemies without missing a single bullet.

7. Welgun

Vanguard Welgun in Gunsmith with Warzone Pacific Logo
The Welgun returns to this list in Season 3.

Best Welgun Loadout

The Welgun has fluctuated in popularity since Warzone dropped, but has achieved a fairly stable pick rate in Season 3, with many turning to it for its close to medium range gunfights.

Its fire rate and recoil could be slightly stronger but, as nerfs to other weapons hit hard, it could yet make the top five.

6. HDR

player aiming with hdr sniper rifle in cod warzone
The HDR is back in top ten for the first time since 2020.

Best HDR Loadout

The Modern Warfare sniper fell out of favor pretty early on in Warzone’s life cycle, with fans quickly realizing that the Swiss K31 and Kar98k packed a punch just as hard and were far faster and more forgiving.


Most notably, the HDR can one-hit knock enemies at pretty much any range – a skill not matched by a lot of other snipers. If players get used to its slower ADS and handling, it could continue to rise and cement a place in the top three.

5. Cooper Carbine

CoD Vanguard gameplay
The new Cooper Carbine has a high fire rate and decent damage.

Best Cooper Carbine loadout

For the first time ever, the Cooper Carbine made its way to the top of the most popular weapons list during Season 2. It was not to last, though, falling quickly back down to fifth as players move back to the MP40 after nerfs proved weaker than first feared.

The Cooper Carbine’s real strength lies in its fire rate, dispensing with bullets at a jaw-dropping rate. Naturally, it means players will have to reload frequently and learn to control the gun’s recoil.


4. XM4

XM4 in Cold War gunsmith with WZ Pacific logo
The XM4 was always popular in Cold War, but has taken longer to gain a foothold in Warzone.

Best XM4 Loadout 

Another Cold War weapon to return to the list in Season 2 of Warzone Pacific, the XM4 thrives on its fast fire rate and impressive range.

What is most interesting about the XM4 is that it did come in for a pretty major nerf in the Season 3 update but remains in fourth place. Only time will tell if its weakening hurts its pick rate in the long term.

3. Owen Gun

Owen Gun in Gunsmith with Warzone Pacific logo
The Owen Gun is a solid option in Warzone.

Best Owen Gun Loadout

The Australian SMG was added to Warzone with Vanguard’s integration and, while inconsistent in terms of its popularity, it achieved a consistently high pick rate in Season 2.

That has continued into Season 3, with YouTuber JGOD even branding it the most “meta” weapon in the game currently. Its high damage and solid handling mean it is stronger than a lot of other SMGs at those crucial close ranges.

2. MP40

CoD Vanguard MP40 Loadout
The MP40 will be well-known to long-time CoD fans, featuring in a number of games over the years.

Best MP40 Loadout

As players grew accustomed to Vanguard weapons and Caldera, the MP40 established dominance on the Pacific map that we hadn’t seen since the days of the Grau and Bruen. It fell away following its Season 2 nerfs but has proved surprisingly resilient and remains in the top two in Season 3.

Its pick rate is still very low compared to its earlier peak of over 15%, but players appear to be trusting it more and more as we approach Season 3.

1. STG-44

STG44 being held by Vanguard character
The STG-44 is another classic Call of Duty weapon.

Best STG-44 Loadout

The STG-44 quickly rose to the gold medal spot following Vanguard’s integration, with players flocking to it for its high damage and impressive range. However, it was nerfed pretty heavily back in Season 1, seeing it fall off this list.

It returns in Season 3 as many weapons that usurped it saw nerfs, and the May 4 update brought more nerfs to its competitors. We’re not sure it’s set for a dynasty, but it currently sits as the most used weapon in Warzone.

Most popular Warzone loadout guns (%)

  1. STG44 (14.19%)
  2. MP-40 (7.51%)
  3. Owen Gun (5.15%)
  4. XM4 (5.10%)
  5. Cooper Carbine (4.95%)
  6. HDR (3.58%)
  7. Welgun (3.38%)
  8. Kilo 141 (2.80%)
  9. Kar98k (2.60%)
  10. Automaton (2.50%)

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