Genshin Impact glitch gives players early look at unreleased Celestia region

Lumine on Genshin Impact login screenmiHoYo

A Genshin Impact player has uncovered an area that looks similar to that of Celestia, giving travelers an early look at the unreleased region.

Celestia is an upcoming Genshin Impact region that players will be able to explore. The gigantic floating island is home to the game’s most powerful gods and is located directly above Teyvat. This holy place is discussed in the official Genshin Impact manga, but has yet to be made explorable in miHoYo’s free-to-play title. 

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While the upcoming release of Sumeru has many players excited, there are still many regions that have yet to be revealed. Despite only being visible from afar, one Genshin Impact player has managed to use an in-game glitch to showcase what Celestia could potentially look like. 


Genshin Impact Celestia glitch

Lumine in Clear Pool and Mountain CavernmiHoYo / Life is Wakaranai (YouTube)
This glitch showcases just how beautiful the Celestia region could look.

Genshin Impact YouTuber, Life is Wakaranai, uploaded a clip of an out-of-bounds glitch that enables players to explore an area that looks eerily similar to Celestia. After entering the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Domain, the player utilizes Geo Traveler and Kazuha to glitch out of the dungeon. 

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Upon reaching the top of the Domain, players are treated to a picturesque site. The location is surrounded by clouds and the sun can be seen glowing in the distance, giving off a golden glow that covers the castle walls. While normal mortals can never set foot in Celestia, those who accomplish great acts of heroism may ascend to this divine realm. 

How to get to Celestia lookalike in Genshin Impact

While there have yet to be any Genshin Impact Celestia leaks, Life is Wakaranai did highlight how players can use this glitch to get to a similar-looking area. In order to replicate this method, you’ll need to do the following. 

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  1. Make a party with Geo Traveler and Kazuha/Venti. 
  2. Travel to Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern (Domain of Blessing).
  3. Clear stone chamber one
  4. Use Geo Traveler to place Geo Constructs on the floating stones
  5. Climb up the nearby wall using the stones and utilizing Kazuha/Venti’s Elemental Skills. 

If done correctly, you should be able to freely explore the area above the dungeon. This method can take a few tries to replicate, but the view is well worth the effort. So, if you wish to see what Celestia could look like, then be sure to give this glitch a go. 

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