Genshin Impact leak reveals first look at upcoming Sumeru region

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A new Genshin Impact leak has revealed Sumeru City – an area in the game’s upcoming Sumeru region map update.  

Genshin Impact’s Sumeru region is known for its vast deserts and verdant forests. While details of the game’s next map update have been rather scarce, that hasn’t stopped a number of leaks from cropping up online. Aside from the Version 2.3 and 2.4 character leaks, one of the most exciting reveals is that of Sumeru City.

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Sumeru’s denizens worship the God of Wisdom, an Archon who commands the Dendro element. Not only does this Genshin Impact leak give players a sneak peek at what Sumeru City will look like, but it also provides us with an early glimpse of the city’s overall scale. 

Genshin Impact Sumeru region leaks

As Sumeru is the home of the Dendro Archon, it makes sense that Sumeru City would feature a gigantic tree. After all, those that use Dendro abilities are known for their plant-based attacks and affinity for nature. 

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Genshin Impact’s traveling merchant Liben even mentions that “Sumeru is all rainforest and desert,” which would explain why Sumeru City itself features plenty of trees and foliage. In fact, the very buildings themselves appear to be built into the base of the tree. 

There are even a number of bridges that seem to wind their way around the tree, while various platforms have been built directly underneath the plant’s roots. Aside from this eye-catching structure, the city features towering bridges that connect each district together. 

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It’s hard to tell from the leaked images, but the general scale of Sumeru City appears to be on par with other POIs from the game. The Redditor who posted the leak said: “[Sumeru City] looks small from the images, but that’s just because there’s nothing to compare it to. It is as tall as three Wangshu Inns stacked on top of each other.”

Renowned Genshin Impact leaker, Genshin Intel, shared a video of the location on Twitter. While the clip has since been taken down by miHoYo, the short video can be viewed in its entirety below.

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Like most Genshin Impact leaks, this Sumeru leak could have been taken from an early build, so things could change between now and the Sumeru region update. For now, though, that’s all the information we have. 

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