Sonic Frontiers: Platforms, open-world gameplay, trailer & everything we know

Team Sonic

Sonic Frontiers will be the Sonic series’ foray into the open-world genre. Here’s everything we know about the Blue Blur’s next adventure.

The blue blur will be returning in the Sonic Frontiers, the next major entry into the Sonic the Hedgehog series, only this time, he’ll have an entire open world to explore. Sonic games have experimented with open-world exploration in the past, but these have often been hub areas where Sonic can talk to people and access different levels.

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Frontiers very much looks like the series’ Zelda: Breath of the Wild moment. Whether it will remain to be seen, but, an open-world Sonic title is an intriguing prospect nevertheless. Here’s what we know about the game so far.


sonic looking into the camera in sonic frontiers trailerTeam Sonic
Sonic is eyeing up his next big adventure.

Is there a Sonic Frontiers release date yet?

Sonic Frontiers will release on November 8, 2022 – provided the game doesn’t get delayed.

Sonic Frontiers platforms

sonic running in sonic frontiersTeam Sonic
Will the open world be a step in the right direction?

Sonic Frontiers will release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Sonic Frontiers open-world gameplay

A shot of the land in sonic fronitersTeam Sonic
The game is shaping up to be the most visually stunning Sonic game to date.

Sonic Frontiers will be the first truly open-world Sonic the Hedgehog game, set on the Vibrant Starfall Islands. Sonic will be able to dash around the world, using classic gameplay to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and explore various regions.

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The original gameplay showcase depicted a rather lifeless, if not nice-looking world, but subsequent trailers have shown more substance, including an updated combat system. He can still use his trademarked spin-attacks, but can now punch and kick his way to victory.

Some enemies are gargantuan in stature and will require some Shadow of the Colossus-style gameplay to overcome. As well as the open world, portals will lead to some classic 2D and 3D levels which are reminiscent of earlier entries in the series. These will be known as Cyber-Space zones.

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Sonic Frontiers trailers

The very first look at the game came through the debut trailer from The Game Awards 2021. It was a cinematic trailer seemingly advertising its open-world elements. The next came as part of an exclusive IGN event.

Here is the trailer in full as part of IGN’s exclusive coverage:

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A trailer for the Nintendo Switch version of the game was shown at the Nintendo Direct Show in June 2022:

The next trailer to be released came in the form of a Story trailer, allowing fans to get a better glimpse at what the gameplay will look like:

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Sonic Frontiers DLC

While the game hasn’t been released yet, Sonic Frontiers DLC has already been announced by Sega. The first DLC will be free and will be a collaboration with Capcom’s Monster Hunter series – involving cooking and snazzy outfits.

Check out the announcement tweet below:

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