Wonder Woman Game: Everything we know so far

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Wonder Woman Game

Monolith Productions is set to develop a Wonder Woman game. Here is everything we know so far about the upcoming project, from gameplay elements, release details and more.

After two blockbuster movies, Wonder Woman is finally getting her own video game, and it’s Monolith Productions who have been put in charge of bringing the project to life.

Announced at the 2021 Game Awards on December 10, the reveal came completely out of nowhere and took audiences by surprise. While the game is still in its early stages, a teaser and comments from the devs have given us a good indication of what we can expect.

So, without further ado, let’s run down everything we know about the upcoming Wonder Woman game.


An image of Wonder Woman from the teaser trailer
No release date has been announced for Wonder Woman just yet.

Is there a Wonder Woman game release date?

Currently, the Wonder Woman game has not got a release date. It’s still in the early stages of the development process so is not predicted to be soon.

Are there any Wonder Woman game trailers?

While we’ve yet to see any substantial trailers for the game, alongside its reveal at the 2021 Game Awards on December 10, Monolith unveiled a short teaser to get fans excited for Wonder Woman.

While the trailer doesn’t reveal anything about the story or gameplay, it does give us our first look at Wonder Woman and her incredible suit of armor.

Wonder Woman gameplay: Live service & Nemesis System

Although the teaser may have given fans very little information when it comes to gameplay, mechanics, and story, the devs did shed some light on some of the features we can expect to see in the title. For starters, they made it very clear that storytelling will be at the forefront of their design.

“At Monolith Productions, we believe in the power of player-driven storytelling to unite people… we are honored to take players on a unique personal journey, driven by the values embodied in Wonder Woman,” said David Hewitt, the Studio Head at Monolith Productions.

Hewitt didn’t stop there, elaborating that Wonder Woman would adopt the Nemesis system pioneered by Monolith’s Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War titles. Not only that, he confirmed that the upcoming superhero title will be an open-world experience, so players can look forward to exploring a brand new world at release.

“The Nemesis System raised the bar for player-driven storytelling and we’re excited to push the open-world genre forward, combining cutting-edge action with inventive narratives to create a Wonder Woman game everyone will want to play.”

In keeping with the idea that it will be an open-world experience, the publishers revealed that players will be able to “become Diana of Themyscira in the fight to unite her Amazon family and the humans from the modern world.” Adding that gamers will be able to fully traverse Themyscira as a result.

However, the latest updates for the game tease that it will incorporate live service elements. As reported by Wccftech, Monolith, of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor fame, is currently looking for a lead software engineer of gameplay on Wonder Woman and wants the candidate to have experience in “helping maintain a live software product or game”.

However, this is yet to be confirmed by devs.

DC Logo Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman will include the Nemesis system from the Middle-Earth series.

What platforms will the Wonder Woman game be on?

Monolith is yet to confirm whether Wonder Woman will be exclusive to one of the next-gen consoles. However, for now, we can assume the title will be released on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

So, there you have it, that’s everything we know about the upcoming open-world Wonder Woman game. Rest assured, we’ll be sure to update this article as soon as any new information is revealed or leaked.

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