Lies of P: Gameplay, platforms & everything we know

Jessica Filby
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Combining fairytales with horror souls-likes, Lies of P is a unique take on the beloved tale of Pinocchio. Here’s everything we know about it.

Lies of P is a Pinocchio-inspired souls-like with a dark twist, and this is a very different adaptation of the quest to become a “real boy” than Disney portrayed. In fact, Lies of P will take inspiration from the original Pinocchio book, while leaning heavily into the action-adventure aspects to create a dark and difficult game.

The release of a gameplay trailer has proven just how dark this game actually is and how challenging it looks as you guide Pinocchio through the unforgiving landscape. So, with it being released on Xbox Game Pass upon release, the hype is beginning to spread. Here’s everything we know about Lies of P.


Is there a Lies of P release date?

Lies of P will release on September 16, 2023, meaning players don’t have long to wait until they can lead the popular puppet to his destiny.

What is Lies of P about?

Liar coffin
Lies of P features challenging combat and careful conversation choices.

Lies of P is far from the traditional fairytale many remember when they hear that a game is inspired by Pinocchio. Essentially, it’s an action souls-like game filled with tough battles, brutal scenes, and a dark atmosphere throughout.

Your job is to guide the now mechanical Pinocchio through the world on his journey to find Mr. Geppetto and turn back into a human. During the journey, you get to make your own weapons and upgrade Pinocchio to help him stay alive.

The title is filled with challenging combat, a dark and twisted story, and unspeakable horrors, most of which you need to defeat.

As for the story, it involves multiple endings, tough choices, and a lying mechanic that forces players to think about what they’re saying at all times. In the original story, lies make Pinocchio’s nose grow, here the results will be far more sinister.

Lies of P gameplay trailers

Initially shown in Gamecoms Opening Night Live, the gameplay reveal for Lies of P depicts a creepier and deadlier take on the classic Pinnochio tale. You can watch it below:

During Summer Game Fest 2023, the studio unleashed another brand-new trailer for the title, which also unveiled news about a playable demo. The demo is available to download now across PC via Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.

The most recent trailer is the last one before the game releases in September 2023:

What platforms can you play Lies of P on?

Despite the game being showcased as part of Xbox’s lineup, Lies of P will not be an Xbox exclusive. However, it will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on release.

Lies of P will be available for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC.

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