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Best weapons to use in Apex Legends Arenas: Ultimate tier list

Published: 13/May/2021 18:38 Updated: 13/May/2021 18:39

by Alex Garton


Arenas has added a completely new way to play in Apex Legends and as expected, a standalone meta has risen inside the 3v3 mode. Here’s our ultimate weapons tier list for Arenas and which guns you should use to dominate your opponents.

Season 9 of Apex Legends was the game’s most significant update yet, with Legacy adjusting and shifting the weapon meta in the title’s battle royale mode. Not only that, the addition of a new Legend and weapon to the game has kept the community busy and gave them a number of new mechanics to master.

Despite all these exciting additions, it’s the Arenas game mode that’s been making waves in the community. With rumors that a ranked mode is on its way, players are desperate to win every single game and sharpen their 3v3 skills.


In order to achieve this, it’s key you know exactly what weapons are worth buying and which are best left to the wayside.

Best Apex Legends weapons: Arenas

S tier Apex Weapons

Volt – Energy Submachine Gun

Volt SMG

Kicking off this list, the Volt is a versatile and easy to control weapon that thrives in the 3v3 chaos of Arenas. While this energy-based SMG may cost 500 Materials, it’s well worth the price, especially if you can afford an upgraded version heading into the later rounds.

With bullet damage at 15 per shot and a recoil pattern that’s relatively easy to control, the Volt is always a solid choice when you’re unsure of what to buy.


If you find you’re missing shots with the Hemlock or Flatline, the Volt may be an effective and more consistent alternative. If you’re looking to master the Volt consider checking our dedicated weapon guide.


Prowler Burst PDW – Care Package SMG

Prowler SMG

Unavailable in the shop, the only way to your hands on the Prowler is to receive the weapon from a care package drop. This means the gun will be completely kitted out with the best attachments, so it definitely deserves a spot in the S-Tier.

You and your squad should always look to gain control over the area where the loot is dropped onto the Arenas map. Getting your hands on a Prowler or one of the other care package weapons could be the difference-maker in you picking up a victory in an intense match.


If you’re looking to learn how to use the Prowler effectively, consider checking our dedicated weapon guide.

Spitfire – Heavy Machinegun

Spitfire Apex Legends

Despite receiving a nerf to its damage and magazine size in a recent patch, the Spitfire is still a powerhouse in Arenas. The gun is capable of unleashing an onslaught of fire onto your opponents and has enough bullets to take out two enemies in one mag.

This heavy machinegun will set you back 550 Materials, but its effectiveness in medium and long-range gunfights makes it well worth the price.

With no upgrades, the recoil is a little tricky to control, but with enough practice, you’ll be lasering down enemies from a distance in no time. If you’re struggling to control the Spitfire’s recoil, consider checking out our dedicated weapon guide.


Kraber. 50 CAL – Care Package Sniper

Kraber Apex Legends

As expected, the Kraber is also an S-tier weapon as it can only be acquired by picking it up from a care package. This massive sniper rifle certainly packs a punch and is capable of one-shotting enemies with full armor.

If you’re able to get your hands on a Kraber in Arenas make sure you position yourself on high ground and pick off your opponents from a distance. If you’re looking to pick up more one-shot kills with Kraber, check out our weapon guide for the deadly sniper.

Triple Take – Care Package Sniper

Triple Take Apex

Another care package weapon, the Triple Take is deadly at long range and is a lot easier to use than the Kraber.


If you’re lucky enough to get this from a loot drop, make sure you’re using it to chunk out your enemies before an aggressive push with your squad. If you’re looking to completely master the Triple Take, consider checking out our dedicated guide.

A-Tier weapons Apex Legends Arenas

Alternator – Light SMG

Alternator Apex

The Alternator’s position in the A-tier may be a surprise for some but it’s the gun’s effectiveness in the early rounds that makes this SMG so powerful.

With the weapon only costing 400 Materials and dealing such consistent damage with no upgrades, it’s a must-buy in the early rounds if you want an advantage over your opponents.

This is definitely not a weapon for the later stages of a match, but it can help you secure an early round and potentially, snowball to victory. Here’s our dedicated guide for the Alternator so you can sharpen your skills with the weapon.

VK-47 Flatline – Heavy Assault Rifle


The Flatline may not have the magazine size of the Spitfire, but it still offers reliable damage and even provides players with an extra level of mobility.

As the weapon costs 550 Materials, it is available to purchase at round one. Although this is certainly a greedy strategy, if you can reach the loot bins before your opponents and gather some meds, it’s well worth the risk. Here’s our dedicated guide for the Flatline so you can master the weapon fully.

EVA-8 Auto – Shotgun

EVA-8 shotgun

The reason the EVA-8 Auto is rated higher than every other shotgun in Arenas is down to the weapon’s price. Costing 250 Materials total, this gun is the perfect secondary for dealing with close-range engagements.

You’ll often be able to pick up an EVA-8 alongside a fully upgraded weapon in the mid and later stages of a match. This allows you to be prepared for any kind of gunfight and not have to waste Materials on an expensive shotgun. If you’re looking to sharpen your skills with the EVA-8, consider checking out our guide.

Bocek Bow – Marksman Weapon

Bocek Bow

Despite receiving some heavy nerfs, Season 9’s debut weapon is still absolutely lethal on Arenas in the right player’s hands.

Although this is an A-tier weapon, it’s not a consistent choice for every Apex player. In order to get the most out of the Bocek, you’ll need to spend a long time in the firing range and learn how to master the weapon’s intricacies.

The bow has a price tag of 600 Materials which isn’t cheap, but if you can your arrows, it’s always worth buying in the mid-game.

Here’s exactly how you can master the Bocek Bow in Apex Legends.

Havoc – Energy Rifle

Havoc Apex

While the Havoc certainly isn’t as versatile as the Volt, it does absolutely shred enemies at close range.

Available to purchase for a cheap 350 Materials, if you’re familiar with the Havoc and can handle the weapon’s recoil, it’s a solid budget choice in Arenas. Check our Havoc guide if you want to master this deadly energy rifle.

Longbow DMR – Sniper Rifle

Longbow Apex

Getting up close and personal in Arenas is a solid strategy, but sometimes it’s best to take a backseat and chip away at your enemies from afar. For 400 Materials, there’s no better weapon to do that with than the Longbow.

Capable of dealing lethal damage at range and a top-tier for players with a keen aim, this sniper is a great weapon to weaken your enemies before an aggressive push.

The Longbow isn’t an easy weapon to use, luckily we’ve got a dedicated guide to help you land all of your shots.

R-99 – Light SMG


Having some of the fastest DPM in the game, the R-99 thrives in Arenas, particularly on smaller maps like Party Crasher. Although the gun did receive a nerf to its damage back in November of last year, it still shreds through enemy shields at close range.

It is a little pricey costing a total of 550 Materials but it’ll certainly help you effectively eliminate opponents in 3v3 encounters. Here’s our dedicated guide for the R-99.

RE-45 Auto – Light Pistol


Similar to the EVA-8, the RE-45’s cheap price tag is what makes it such a great early game weapon. Only costing 250 Materials, it leaves you with plenty spare to spend on meds, shields, and abilities.

On top of this, the full-auto pistol is incredibly easy to control, making it simple to land shots on your opponents. This weapon is definitely not the correct choice in the later rounds but in the early game, it’s an option that’s even cheaper than the Alternator.

If you need to sharpen your skill with the RE-45, consider checking our weapon guide for the pistol.

Wingman – Heavy Pistol


The Wingman has been a fan-favorite weapon since the release of Apex Legends and it’s easy to see why. This hard-hitting pistol is capable of taking out enemies in an instant if you can land your shots.

Unfortunately, for a lot of players in Arenas, the Wingman won’t be a consistent choice and a fully auto weapon will suit them better. However, for 500 Materials, the Wingman will always be worth a buy if you can land a few headshots.

Here’s our weapon guide for the Wingman that’ll help you land more of those deadly headshots.

 Sentinal – Sniper Rifle


Fulfilling the same role as the Longbow, the Sentinal is a relatively cheap buy that’s capable of chunking and taking out enemies from range.

If you’re able to force an enemy to use their shields before they can fully engage in a gunfight, you’re giving your squad a massive advantage in the round.

Don’t forget, you’ll likely want to purchase a secondary that can compete at close range just in case an enemy pushes aggressively.

R-301 Carbine – Light SMG

R-301 Carbine

The R-301 Carbine certainly has the power and damage to make it into the S-tier of this list. Unfortunately, this classic Apex weapon has a price tag of 600 Materials, making it unbelievably expensive.

Despite this, the R-301 is one of the best go-to weapons in Arenas as it can perform so well in so many scenarios. Close, medium, or long-range, the R-301 can eliminate enemies effectively, so consider picking it up in your next match. If your skills with the weapon aren’t up to par, check out our R-301 weapon guide.

B Tier Arenas Weapons

Hemlok – Heavy Assault Rifle

Hemlok Apex

The wide-open spaces offered in Apex’s BR mode allow the Hemlok to shine and pick off opponents at medium range. However, in Arenas, there seem to be better options that provide players with more versatility.

With the Hemlok costing 500 Materials, that currency is most likely better off spent on a Volt or a weapon that’s built for long-range like the Longbow.

That’s not to say that the Hemlok isn’t a viable choice as the weapon can certainly perform in the 3v3 mode. It’s just not as powerful as some of its counterparts on the list. Here’s our dedicated guide for the Hemlok if you want to sharpen your skills with the weapon.


G7 Scout – Light Assault Rifle

G7 Scout Apex

The G7 Scout is a difficult weapon to use in Arenas, but players who regularly use the gun in BR may find a lot of success with the semi-automatic rifle.

For 350 Materials, you don’t have to spend a lot of currency to get your hands on the Scout. However, the weapon will struggle to hold its own against aggressive squads who aren’t afraid to get up close and personal.

So, make sure you’re running a shotgun or automatic weapon alongside it to ensure you don’t get caught out. If you’re looking to learn how to use the G7 Scout more effectively, consider checking our dedicated weapon guide.

Devotion – Energy LMG

Devotion LMG Apex

The Devotion is a weapon you’ll want to avoid purchasing in the earlier rounds of a match. Without the gun’s Turbocharger hop up there are simply better options available to players that are significantly easier to control.

Despite this, if you can get your hands on some gold attachments or fully upgrade the weapon, it’s definitely an option in the late game rounds.

The Devotion isn’t an easy weapon to control, so check out our weapon guide for some key tips & tricks.

Peacekeeper – Shotgun

Peacekeeper shotgun

Perhaps one of the most satisfying weapons to use in Apex Legends, the Peacekeeper is absolutely lethal at close range in Arenas. However, as the gun costs 500 Materials, it’s difficult to justify spending that much currency on a shotgun.

While there’s no denying the overwhelming power of the Peacekeeper, it should just be as an option for the late game rounds. Check out our weapon guide for the Peacekeeper so you know exactly how to use the weapon.

L-Star – Energy LMG

L-star LMG

The L-Star has always been a polarizing weapon among the Apex community, with some declaring it amazing and others avoiding it completely.

In Arenas, the weapon costs 400 Materials which isn’t a bad price for an LMG. However, there are simply better and more reliable options for players at a similar price range, so only pick up the L-Star if you’re a fan of the weapon and can use it effectively. You can check out our weapon guide for the L-Star here.

C Tier Arenas weapons

Mastiff – Shotgun

Mastiff Shotgun

The hard-hitting Mastiff shotgun is simply too expensive on Arenas costing players 500 Materials total. With the EVA-8 costing half the price, it’s better to go with that over Mastiff in the majority of scenarios.

This will give you some spare currency to pick up some more meds or even a few Arc Stars to damage your opponents before a fight. Check out our weapon guide for the Mastiff so you can consistently down enemies with the shotgun.

Mozambique – Shotgun


With the removal of the Hammerpoint Rounds hop up in Season 9, the Mozambique can no longer one-hit opponents with no armor.

This means it doesn’t really have a place in the Arenas meta with so many great early game options available. However, as players are given the Mozambique for free as secondary throughout the rounds, it’s a helpful sidearm to have in an intense gunfight.

Here’s our dedicated weapon guide for the Mozambique.

30-30 Repeater – Heavy Assault Rifle

30-30 Repeater

Introduced in Season 8, the 30-30 Repeater is widely used in Apex’s BR mode by players looking for a hard-hitting medium-range weapon. Unfortunately, in Arenas, it’s better to buy a Longbow or Sentinal over the Repeater in most rounds.

Although the gun only costs 350 Materials, it won’t be able to match aggressive squads or teams that play from the back of the map with snipers. If you’re looking for a cheap semi-automatic rifle, consider picking up the G7 Scout that’s more effective at close range.

If you’re looking to learn how to use the 30-30 Repeater more effectively, consider checking our dedicated weapon guide.

D Tier Arenas weapons

P2020 – Light Pistol


Similar to the Mozambique, the P2020 is given out for free in Arenas as a default weapon. Although there’s no reason to upgrade it, the pistol can provide that last ounce of damage you need in those early rounds.

Check out our dedicated P2020 weapon guide to master the pistol.

Charge Rifle – Sniper Rifle

Charge Rifle

Out of all Sniper Rifle options, the Charge Rifle is by far the most difficult to use and expensive of the bunch.

Costing a whopping 700 Mateirals to buy from the store, it’s best to leave this gun in the shop and pick a more reliable weapon instead.

If you’re looking to sharpen your skills with the Charge Rifle, check out our dedicated weapon guide.

There you have it, that’s our ultimate Apex Legends Arenas tier list for Season 9. Keep in mind, this list is subjective and is likely to change with future updates or weapon changes.

Disagree with a placement on our list? Let us know @TitanfallBlog, and stick around for all the latest Apex Legends news, updates, guides, and more.