How to master 30-30 Repeater in Apex Legends: Tips & Tricks

Published: 3/Feb/2021 12:58 Updated: 5/Feb/2021 9:09

by David Purcell


Apex Legends introduced the new 30-30 Repeater Rifle to the loot pool in Season 8, and it can be a seriously effective weapon if you use it right. 

The game’s major update introduced a number of different changes to the old school map, blowing up certain areas and creating new high, as well as low, ground for players to take fights.

With the 30-30 Repeater, we have a gun that is perfect for the mid-range. It’s sort of a mix between the Longbow and the G7 Scout – good power, and a good rate of fire as well.

If you play your cards right, this could be an ideal weapon for you, but it all depends on your approach.

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Fuse 30 30 repeater
Fuse brought along a brand new 30-30 Repeater with him in Apex Legends Season 8.

Extended Mag

This is one of the fundamentals, though having a larger mag capacity is very important for the 30-30 Repeater. It has a good fire rate, but a slow reload time.

Below you can see the number of rounds each mag rarity will give you. Of course, finding Purple and Gold mags isn’t always easy in the early game, but a Blue Mag should suffice with 10 heavy bullets to fire.

  • Stock: 6 rounds
  • White Mag: 8 rounds
  • Blue Mag: 10 rounds
  • Purple/Gold: 12 rounds

Not one for short-range, but that’s fine

Fuse 30 30 repeater in apex legends
Keep some distance between your 30-30 Repeater and enemies, where possible.

If you’re pushing a team and are likely to get up close and personal with them, the 30-30 Repeater might not be the ideal weapon to use. Equipping an SMG or Assault Rifle as a secondary to use in those scenarios would be the better course of action, as that’s what you will be up against.

The Repeater is much more effective in mid-range scenarios, where you can land two or three heavy shots against enemies that may not have the weapons to compete. In long-range, the slow travel speed of the bullets makes it difficult to hit opponents in most cases.

Which Optics work for 30-30 Repeater?

Here are the scopes that can be equipped to the rifle:

  •  1x Holo
  • 1x HCOG “Classic”
  • 2x HCOG “Bruiser”
  • 1x-2x Variable Holo
  • 3x HCOG “Ranger”
  • 2x-4x Variable AOG

Make the most of the charge

30-30 repeater
Respawn Entertainment
Wait until the 30-30 Repeater’s charge turns blue to fire the strongest shot.

Charging the 30-30 Repeater for every single shot would be difficult, because that tactic would obviously slow down your rate of fire. If the enemy team is close enough, charging too often could cost you dearly.

Though, after taking one or two shots at an opponent, a final charge shot to end the play can be seriously effective. It’s all about picking your moments when charging. To put that into perspective, a full charge can increase damage by 35% per hit.

Another tip to know is that this rifle can actually open doors by shooting the handle, which could be handy when enemies run inside to take cover. This is also the case with other heavy ammo weapons, like the Wingman.

30-30 Repeater damage stats

For a casual player, damage statistics for each weapon won’t be common knowledge. Though, it can be the difference between picking the right weapon and the wrong one at times.

With the 30-30 Repeater, expect to see a solid base damage, but much more impressive performance when charging the rifle in bursts.

Head74-100 (1.75x)
Legs32-43 (0.75x)
Body DPS97,02

Reload at the right time

One of the downsides to the 30-30 Repeater is its slow reload time, which will be even slower if you have an Extended Mag attached.

Therefore, it’s best to find some cover to reload the weapon during gunfights, because unlike other rifles you’re not really going to get away with changing mags in front of opponents. It takes far too long.

Apex Legends

How to master Octane in Apex Legends: Abilities, tips, more

Published: 23/Feb/2021 11:55 Updated: 23/Feb/2021 11:58

by Alex Garton


Season 8 has introduced a set of impactful buffs to Octane’s kit making his ultimate ability more reliable and effective. Of course, this means there’s no better time to master the Adrenaline Junkie and take over the Apex Games as Octane.

The launch of Season 8 of Apex Legends brought a range of new content to the game for players to experience. From the new Legend Fuse to the 30-30 Repeater, and of course, the introduction of the reworked King’s Canyon map.

On top of this, a host of buffs and nerfs were applied to existing Legends within the game, with Octane being the recipient of a number of significant changes.

Buffs to the Adrenaline Junkie’s Ultimate ability have made his kit more reliable in high-pressure situations and easier to control. So, mastering Octane in Season 8 could be a great way to win more games and dominate your matches.

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How to make use of Octane’s abilities

Passive: Swift Mend

Respawn Entertainment
Octane’s passive automatically allows him to restore health.

Octane’s Passive ability Swift Mend allows him to automatically regenerate health over time. When out of combat, the Adrenaline Junkie will restore one health per second, giving him a great source of sustain between fights.

Swift Mend will even continue to work when Octane is knocked down but keep in mind it will not prevent him from bleeding out. Although the ability isn’t an auto-revive, it does mean that if one of your teammates can get you up in a gunfight, you’ll be able to jump into the skirmish a lot quicker than other Legends.

Of course, Octane’s passive won’t significantly impact any aggressive skirmishes, but for drawn-out gunfights, it can be an incredible ability.

Tactical: Stim

Octane stim
Respawn Entertainment
Octane’s Stim is his most iconic ability and the source of his speed.

Octane’s Tactical ability Stim allows him to increase his movement speed significantly for a short period of time. Once activated Stim will increase his sprint speed by 40% and his normal run speed by 30% for six seconds. Keep in mind this ability does cost Octane 12 health per-use, but due to his Passive ability, it doesn’t take Octane long to regenerate that back.

Although Stim can be useful for simple rotations, don’t underestimate the ability’s power in aggressive pushes. Octane is capable of closing the gap on an enemy incredibly quickly, allowing you to catch them off-guard and take them out. Of course, try not to be overly reckless with his movement speed – but it’s definitely a tool that can be used to your advantage.

Finally, keep in mind Octane cannot kill himself with the health cost from his Stim ability, so don’t be afraid to use it if you’re low on health and desperate for a way out.

Ultimate: Launch Pad

Launch Pad Octane
Respawn Entertainment
Every member of a squad can use Octane Ultimate ability.

Octane’s Ultimate Launch Pad gives him the ability to put down a device that propels him into the air and even gives him a double jump to shift direction. Compared to other Ultimate’s in the game, Octane’s Launch Pad is on an extremely low cooldown of 60 seconds, meaning players can regularly use it to make plays and push opponents.

It’s worth noting that in the Season 8 patch, Octane’s Launch Pad was reworked to give players more control over the direction that they fly. So, if you’re looking to fly in a horizontal direction, hit the pad while crouching. However, if you’re looking for a high-arc jump, head onto the pad in a normal standing position.

Although these changes are nothing huge, they do give Octane players more control over how they want to approach a fight using his Ultimate.

Octane tips and tricks

1. Don’t be afraid to use Stim

Octane Stim
Respawn Entertainment
Octane’s Stim ability has a two-second cooldown.

For a lot of new Octane players, using the Stim ability can feel strange as you’re losing health while it’s active, but as Swift Mend is available out of combat, it’s key you use Stim a lot.

Having access to a significant movement speed increase as soon as you drop into the map is incredibly powerful, especially in the early game. So, make sure you’re using Stim while looting to get geared up as quickly as possible. As the ability is on a two-second cooldown, you can afford to spam it and use Octane’s speed to your advantage.

Of course, there’s always a chance you get caught with lower health than an opponent, but Octane is a high-risk Legend that rewards an aggressive playstyle, so play to his strengths.

Look for flanks on enemies

Octane tricks
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Octane has some of the best movement-based abilities in Apex, so make the most of them.

With Octane’s Launch Pad and Stim, you have all the tools to look for some amazing flanks. Whether you fly over the top of the gunfight with his Ultimate ability or use his tactical Stim to run around the side to find a devastating flank, it’s key you make the most of Octane’s movement-based kit.

Of course, this tip comes with the caveat that a flank is not always the right decision in a skirmish. Assess where your teammates are positioned and whether your solo mission may put them in harm’s way. If so, it may be better to take a standard approach and stick with your team.

Use his movement abilities as a getaway option

Octane guide
Respawn Entertainment
Don’t be afraid to use Octane’s Launch Pad as a means of retreat

Although Octane rewards an aggressive playstyle, not every gunfight will go to plan, so having a means of escape is key. For the Adrenaline Junkie, his aggressive abilities are also his defensive ones, so don’t be afraid to use his Ultimate to get out of a sticky situation.

The same applies with Stim, although it costs 12 health to use, the movement speed boost may be the difference-maker in you getting out alive.

Hopefully, this guide has given you plenty of tips and tricks to completely master Octane, the Adrenaline Junkie. Before long, you’ll be dominating the Apex Games and Stimming your way to victory.

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