Best Destiny 2 PvP weapons: Meta weapons for Competitive and Trials of Osiris

Julian Young
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Destiny 2’s Season of the Risen is almost over, and as Season 17 approaches, the PvP meta continues to shift. Here are the top ten weapons in Trials of Osiris and the Competitive playlist.

One of the things that keep many Destiny 2 players engaged with the hit looter-shooter is obtaining powerful gear, and then taking their hard-earned armaments into the Crucible to test them out against other Guardians.

With hundreds of weapons on offer, the Destiny 2 meta is constantly evolving. Between seasonal artifact mods, new weapon releases, and sandbox changes courtesy of Bungie, there seems to always be something new and exciting to try out in PvP.

Now, with the help of the tried-and-true community tool Destiny Tracker, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular weapons across all of Destiny 2’s competitive PvP modes — including Trials of Osiris.

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Guardians Lighthouse
Whether you’re sweating it out in Trials or jumping into Control for some fun, we’ve got you covered on all the weapons you should be using.

Destiny 2 best PvP weapons: Top 10 Competitive guns

10. Crimson

Destiny 2 Crimson Hand Cannon
Crimson helps you both survive an attack and fight back – if you can grab a kill with it.

A relative of Destiny 1’s Red Death Pulse Rifle, Crimson is a hand cannon that fires in bursts. The best part, though, is that kills heal the Guardian holding it, and precision kills refill its magazine.

That means it can come in handy in 3 v 1 scenarios where survivability is key.

9. The Chaperone

Destiny 2 Chaperone Exotic Shotgun
The Chaperone continues to reign over the Trials meta.

Already a staple for many players in Control, The Chaperone beat out every other weapon in the Trials meta to claim its number-one spot for another week.

While it requires a more precise touch to use effectively, this slug shotty can terrorize enemy teams and even shut down Supers with a well-time headshot — it’s definitely worth adding to your loadout for Trials on any given weekend.

8. Dead Man’s Tale

Destiny 2 Dead Mans Tale Exotic Scout Rifle
Dead Man’s Tale saw a massive spike in usage during Season of the Lost.

Dead Man’s Tale remains a key part of the competitive meta. With the ability to quickly eliminate multiple enemies and even take on Supers with the right roll, it comes as no surprise that DMT remains a popular pick.

7. Eyasluna

Eyasluna legendary hand cannon
The Eyasluna is deadly, particularly with the right roll.

This returning Destiny 1 favorite now fires Stasis shots, but other than that it’s just as deadly as it’s ever been. The right perks can give it great range and stability, and it hits hard, too, making it one of the best Destiny 2 PvP weapons you can get your hands on.

6. The Palindrome (Adept)

Destiny 2 The Palindrome Adept Legendary Hand Cannon Nightfall Loot
The Palindrome remains Trials’ top hand cannon for another week.

The Palindrome exploded in usage during recent Trials weeks and remains the playlist’s most popular hand cannon. Hailed by most players as the best 140RPM hand cannon in the game, you can’t go wrong with this trusty weapon if you’ve been lucky enough to pick up a good roll.

5. Ace of Spades

Destiny 2 Ace of Spades Exotic Hand Cannon
The Ace of Spades can dominate primary weapon engagements.

The Ace of Spades continues to hold onto a spot in the Trials meta. A deadly combination of perks in High-Caliber Rounds, Firefly, and Momento Mori make this one of the best dueling options in Destiny 2, able to outplay almost any other primary weapon.

4. The Last Word

The Last Word Exotic Hand Cannon
The Last Word is one of Destiny’s most iconic weapons.

Dating all the way back to Trials in Destiny 1, The Last Word has cemented itself as an iconic (and deadly) option for the playlist. A distant cousin of Dead Man’s Tale, TLW shares that weapon’s hip-fire style but comes in hand cannon form and is especially potent for players on a controller.

3. Le Monarque

Destiny 2 Le Monarque Exotic Bow
Le Monarque is about the only bow you’ll want in Trials.

It’s not often that you’ll want to take a bow into competitive PvP, but for those that can use them effectively, Le Monarque is up there with the best. It’s quick to aim thanks to its Snapshot Sights perk, and it fires poison arrows if you nail a perfect draw.

Hunters running with the Oathkeepers exotic guarantees a perfect draw, meaning you can poison enemies regularly.

2. Gjallarhorn

Gjallarhorn weapon
Gjally is back, and it’s been worth waiting for.

Sure, it won’t win any prizes for headshots, but Gjallarhorn is great for wiping out entire squads in one well-placed rocket. Not only does the Destiny 2 version of this iconic weapon let you unleash rockets that explode into more rockets, but it’ll afford your teammates that capability too — as long as they’re using rocket launchers themselves.

If you’ve grabbed Gjallarhorn, it’s definitely worth keeping it with you.

1. Piece of Mind

Destiny 2 Piece of Mind pulse rifle
The Piece of Mind is a new favorite in PvP

A surprising addition, and out in front by some margin, the Piece of Mind is a great Legendary Pulse Rifle introduced in Season of the Risen.

With the right perks, it offers impressive range and accuracy, as well as excellent stability, making it feel almost surgical — and that’s why it’s the best Destiny 2 PvP weapon right now.

Destiny 2 Best PvP weapons: Most popular Destiny 2 PvP weapons (by usage %)

  1. Piece of Mind (3.69%)
  2. Gjallarhorn (2.98%)
  3. Le Monarque (2.25%)
  4. The Last Word (2.22%)
  5. Ace of Spades (2.09%)
  6. The Palindrome (Adept) (2.07%)
  7. Eyasluna (1.94)
  8. Dead Man’s Tale (2.76%)
  9. The Chaperone (1.75%)
  10. Crimson (1.74%)
  11. Riiswalker (1.69%)
  12. The Title (1.67%)

And there you have it: the best Destiny 2 PvP weapons. Keep an eye on this page to make sure you’re up-to-date on Destiny 2’s best PVP weapons, and check out some other helpful content here:

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