How to master the Triple Take in Apex Legends: tips, damage stats & DPS

Triple Take guide for Apex legendsRespawn Entertainment / Dexerto

Want to try out Apex Legends’ Triple Take now that it’s back on the ground in Season 11? We’ve got the ultimate guide to the Energy Marksman Rifle, including tips, damage stats, and more so you can snipe enemies down from afar.

It’s not called the “shotgun sniper” for nothing. The Triple Take is a marksman rifle that excels in close-quarters combat, although it’s still decently handy at range too.

After being thrown into the Care Package in Season 10, it’s back on the ground in Season 11 — with the G7 Scout taking its place.

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It’s vastly different now too, having been reverted back to an Energy gun instead of a Sniper. However, it still functions the same, just with a bit less range.

If you want to get good with the Triple Take, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to know right here.

Respawn EntertainmentRespawn Entertainment
The Triple Take is a shotgun and sniper, all in one.

Apex Legends Triple Take damage stats

While the Triple Take does a lot of damage, one thing players have to consider is that it’s split across three projectiles. That means if only one or two connect with a target, you’ll be doing considerably less DPS.

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However, the marksman rifle makes up for it with a fire rate of 78 RPM, which can really benefit you in short-range fights (more on that later). You will want to charge it between shots to maximize its accuracy with the choke, but you can quickly fire if needed.

The full damage breakdown for the Triple Take can be found here:

Body Part Damage (per pellet)
Head 40 (1.75x)
Body 23
Legs 21 (0.9x)

Triple Take attachments

The Triple Take takes most of the Marksman attachments in Apex Legends. You’ll be able to equip Extended Energy Magazines, Sniper Stocks, and of course, Optics.

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When it comes to Extended Magazines and Sniper Stocks; the rarer, the better. Golden Energy Mags are great for making sure your Triple Take is stocked up while fighting with your secondary, and Purple Sniper Stocks help reduce ADS time and aim drift.

However, for sights, they come down to personal preference.

The 2x-4x Variable ACOG is a very popular choice due to its power in both short and long range fights. You can opt for the static 2x or 3x HCOGs too, but it does impact the gun’s flexibility (which is the Triple Take’s biggest strength).

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Pathfinder using Triple Take in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
The Triple Take is good at range and in close quarters combat, so choose an appropriate scope.

Here’s all the attachments you can pick up for the Triple Take:

Extended Energy Magazines

  • Common: 18 rounds
  • Rare: 21 rounds
  • Epic: 24 rounds
  • Legendary: 27 rounds

Sniper Stock

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic


  • 1x Holo
  • 1x HCOG “Classic”
  • 2x HCOG “Bruiser”
  • 1x-2x Variable Holo
  • 3x HCOG “Ranger”
  • 2x-4x Variable AOG

Okay at range, but better up close

The Triple Take, being a marksman rifle, should be good at range. That’s true ⁠— it is serviceable, but compared to the G7 Scout, it’s worse at taking long-range engagements.

However, it’s the best at taking fights up close because of the way it works.

Because the shots of the Triple Take split into three, it acts as a pseudo-shotgun up close. If you manage to land all three projectiles on someone, it does massive damage with a very fast fire rate.

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It might lose out to a 30-30 Repeater with Shatter Caps, but the Triple Take comes with the high damage up close as standard.

Putting on a smaller scope allows you to get the full potential of this power. So, be sure to treat the Triple Take as more of a shotgun if you can and maximize its potential.

Respawn EntertainmentThe Triple Take is a decent sniper, but as good a shotgun too.

Take a rifle or SMG with you

Because the Triple Take basically acts as both a shotgun and a sniper, you don’t want to pair it with another gun of a similar type. Instead, you’ll want something fully automatic ⁠— like a rifle or an SMG.

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Power picks like the Prowler, R-99, L-STAR, R-301 and Flatline are perfect backups for the Triple Take.

It’s not as important to find something that’s good up close as the Triple Take can fill that void, but as long as it fires fast, it’s a good secondary to run.

All of these picks will give you a well-rounded loadout that excels at both close-range fights as well as longer engagements. It also can change the way you use the Triple Take. If you have a rifle, you can use the Triple Take more like a shotgun. SMG or LMG? It’s a good long-distance gun.

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This flexibility is one of the Triple Take’s biggest perks, and you should abuse it if you can.

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