How to use the Mastiff in Apex Legends: Tips, damage stats, attachments

Connor Bennett

The Mastiff is capable of downing almost any enemy in just two shots. Here are some tips on how to use one of the most powerful weapons in Apex Legends.

When it comes to close combat, no weapon in Apex Legends beats the Mastiff. It may have the 1-shot headshot potential of the Kraber, or the bullet hose nature of a weapon like the Volt or the R-99, but well-placed Mastiff shots hit incredibly hard.

This powerful shotgun has always been a viable option for those looking to melt their enemies in close-quarter firefights, but the care package Mastiff is heavily buffed in comparison to its ground loot counterpart from previous seasons.

That said, this weapon has a few distinct weaknesses as well.

Apex Legends Mastiff damage stats

The Mastiff is extremely deadly in close-quarter fights.

Shotguns are obviously powerful weapons and the Mastiff ranks just behind the Peacekeeper when it comes to dealing damage. Though, you are more likely to find a Mastiff.

At close range, while ADS-ing, the Mastiff will rip through the opposition. Outside of the Kraber, you won’t find a higher damage-per-shot weapon in Apex Legends. The full damage breakdown for the Mastiff can be found below.

 Body PartDamage
Head18 (1.25x) per pellet
144 (18×8) total
Body14 per pellet
112 (14×8) total

Apex Legends Mastiff optic attachments

While the Mastiff comes stock standard with a 1x Digital Threat out of the care package, the sights can be swapped out based on personal preference. Here are your options:

  • 1x Holo
  • 1x HCOG “Classic”
  • 2x HCOG “Bruiser”
  • 1x-2x Variable Holo
  • 1x Digital Threat

Always aim down the sights

Now, when you have a shotgun in any FPS game, the temptation is to go wild and just fire from the hip while at close range. However, the Mastiff is a little different thanks to its spray pattern. 

When aiming down the sights, your shots will drastically increase in accuracy. The Mastiff’s spread pattern is in a straight, horizontal line rather than the normal pellet spread of a typical shotgun spread.

Aiming down sights tightens this spread, and makes it so that the Mastiff shots consistently land most of their pellets on target from longer range than you’d expect from a shotgun.

This might be difficult to do – fighting at close range in Apex does get quite hectic after all, but you’re going to have more success by using the sights than not using them. 

The Mastiff has become a must-use weapon in Apex Legends season five.

Find a trusty sidekick

Now, while the Mastiff is powerful, it won’t get the job done all by itself. You will need to pick up a weapon that can fight at longer ranges. The Mastiff’s accuracy falls off a cliff beyond 20-30 meters out. It certainly has longer range than most shotguns, but not long enough to be a good fit for every gunfight.

It would be able to rustle up a combination of the Mastiff and something like the Spitfire or R301, but if you don’t find them, a weapon like the Hemlok will suffice.

While the Mastiff is more than capable of taking out enemies on its own, softening up an enemy’s shields and going in for a one-shot kill is a great strategy.

Also, be careful of the Mastiff’s 4 shot magazine size. You’ll be out of ammo before you know it, and having a weapon on hand to swap to is an absolute must.

Of course, some players will swear off weapons that they’ve no interest in using – and shotguns have fallen foul of this in the past because they can be a bit unpredictable.

The Mastiff is a different beast. The way ADS works with this weapon rewards players for their accuracy, and, in the right hands, can be a fantastic weapon.