OpTic Gaming took home gold in the first Gears 4 esports event of the season.

6 NA teams, 1 Australian team and 1 Latin American team fought it out for the Gears 4 Invitational title as the much anticipated pro circuit truly got underway.

OpTic Gaming faced fierce rivals EnVyUs in the Grand Final, having already beaten their opponents in the Winner Bracket Final.

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EnVyUs recovered from their Winner Bracket Final loss with a victory over third place finishers Revenge, who recently made the switch from eLevate, winning 2-1 to set up a rematch against OpTic Gaming in the final.

Again though, OpTic Gaming triumphed to win the title. OpTic Gaming were coming into the competition on the back of victory in the MLG North American Open only weeks ago and make it two majors on the bounce now, as well as becoming the first Gears 4 Champions.

Final Placements

1st. us canada OpTic Gaming: Lava, MentaL, Xplosive, Kenny, Sumuns, Ashes

2nd. us canada EnVyUs: Franchis, ToySxldier, Soto, JRibs, Solurs, RyanFoolz

3rd. us canada Revenge: Jerppy, Guishh, Giraffe, KraZ, Yogurt, iiNK

4th. us canada NRG: Xcells, Sir Sicamore, Sleepytime, KO, Twist3D

T6. us canada EUnited: Demo, Kyle, Dispensa, Red Icy, Strangulate

T6. mexico Splyce: Choche, Involving, Identivez, Dezonide, Rocher

T8. us canada Enigma6: Eternity, Affinity, Hudsonz, Noxious, Crushmo

T8. australia Mindfreak: Wjilly, Bxxndy, Virrix, Jjmbob, DaveFromTelstra

All the details, including a breakdown of results, can be found in our event coverage hub.

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