LEC pro Nisqy fined over $2,000 for using exploit in pro League match

Declan Mclaughlin

SK Gaming League of Legends pro Yasin ‘Nisqy’ Dinçer has reportedly been fined over $2,000 for abusing a Neeko bug during a LEC Spring Split match back in March.

Nisqy has reportedly been fined for abusing a bug with the mid lane champion Neeko in a LEC Spring Split match against Team BDS on March 16. The fine is 2,000 euros, which is about $2,140, according to Sheep Esports.

Neeko has notoriously been a hard champion for the developer of League of Legends to get in a good spot regarding bugs. The champion has been removed from the game in the past due to weird interactions with their clones and a passive that allows them to disguise themselves as another champion or even a minion.

In the BDS match, Nisqy used a common Neeko bug that allows players to get easy information on the enemy by throwing out a clone. The bug has been banned in pro play, despite it still being possible to perform in the game. LEC referees paused the match after the Belgian mid laner used the bug, and play quickly resumed as it was determined that the bug did not give the player an unfair advantage during its use. That seemed to be the end of the situation.

Now, however, the player has been handed a punishment from Riot for using the bug in a match. Pro players in Riot titles are given a list of bugs and exploits from the developer that are forbidden to use in tournament matches.

The developer has ruled in the past that pro matches that featured bugs or exploits be replayed or remade to retain competitive integrity.

Nisqy has taken the fine in stride, reposting the report on social media with the caption, “come sub” and a link to his Twitch channel.

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