xQc defends Asmongold after Kaceytron lashes out at streamer’s “disgusting” lifestyle

Meera Jacka
xQc, Kaceytron, and Asmongold

The Twitch streamers are beefing on X (formerly Twitter) after Kaceytron called Asmongold’s lifestyle “disgusting,” with xQc chiming in to defend him.

One of the biggest streamers on Twitch and a founding member of OTK, Asmongold has long been criticized by fans and fellow content creators alike for the state of his home.

Featuring a roach infestation and plenty of mess, it’s previously been said by YouTuber Tectone that the streamer’s house is “90% garbage”. Even xQc has reacted to the mess, calling it “f****** disgusting”, despite being known to have a disorganized room himself.

However, when Twitch streamer Kaceytron posted in length on X about Asmongold and called him a “disgusting man,” xQc came to his defense.

“Asmongold hates himself more than what any of us ever could… just look at the lifestyle he chooses to live as a multi-millionaire,” Kaceytron wrote.

Calling the streamer a “real stinker”, she continued, “There is nothing that could be said to that disgusting man that could ever make him change his filthy, hateful, putrid ways.”

Unimpressed, xQc hit back, stating Asmongold’s status as a multi-millionaire didn’t mean he had to submit to a specific lifestyle; “Money is financial freedom. Freedom is having the ability to choose what you want to do as much as possible.”

He went on to insult Kaceytron, questioning why she had not used her abundance of money to lose weight or seek help for an alleged drug addiction.

Asmongold himself also responded to Kaceytron, using the same insults as xQc to clap back at the streamer; “You’re fat and you spend your life smoking weed and doing drugs. If anyone’s a stinker, it’s you.”

“Little bro lacks basic reading comprehension… I’m not mad that he lives the way he chooses to; I’m saying he hates himself for choosing to live that way,” Kaceytron said in return to xQc, before coming in with her own allegation against the streamer. “You want to talk about my drug addiction? … Worry about your adderall abuse.”

xQc, however, didn’t appear to be phased, simply writing, “You got cooked, opinion rejected.”

Nonetheless, viewers couldn’t help but point out that xQc’s lifestyle was not so different from Asmongolds, insinuating he was only coming to the streamer’s defense as he had taken Kaceytron’s comments personally.

“This one hit close to home for xQc,” one person wrote. Another suggested xQc “just stop yapping and put [Asmongold] on to the same maids that clean your sh** everyday.”

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