Counter-Strike 2 finally adds left-hand view so everyone can stop asking now

Brad Norton
CS2 left hand mode

Valve just stunned the Counter-Strike 2 community by finally reimplementing a left-hand view after months of demands from the player base.

When CS2 arrived in September of 2023, it did so without one key setting from the ever-popular CS:GO. An option for a left-handed perspective didn’t quite make the cut, for no clear reason. Valve simply decided not to carry over the legacy feature with its new sequel.

Naturally, avid fans had been pestering the developers in the months that followed. And now, seven months of backlash later, the outpouring has finally paid off. The Counter-Strike 2 devs confirmed the setting’s return in an April 25 update, simply acknowledging the requests by saying “Fine.”

A brief 16-second snippet showed the left-handed view in action in Dust 2 as they clear corners with the long awaited left-handed vieew model.

Minutes after the tease, CS2’s full April 25 patch notes were revealed, with the ‘Left/Right Handedness’ settings now available in-game.

Given the immense anticipation for the return of the left-handed view, the simple announcement exploded on social media. In mere minutes the clip reached tens of thousands of players, with hundreds rushing to share their excitement in the replies.

Countless all-caps responses couldn’t quite believe it was finally happening. “Is this real chat?” “We are so back.” “Only took 7 months,” all being among the top replies.

While the news has certainly been met with an outpouring of gratitude, the timing leaves many still wanting more. CS2 has been battling with a wave of cheating issues of late, so some players are of the belief that’s a far more urgent matter than left-hand support.

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