HisWattson agrees with ImperialHal that he should be “blacklisted” from Apex Legends competitive

Connor Bennett
ImperialHal and HisWattson side-by-side

Apex Legends star Jacob ‘HisWattson’ McMillin has responded to Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen’s claim that he should be “blacklisted” from competitive teams after leaving FURIA’s roster. 

As two of the top players in Apex Legends, HisWattson and ImperialHal have constantly gone head to head – both in the battle royale and on social media – with things getting pretty heated at times. 

Despite still being one of the top ranked players in Apex, HisWattson has decided to step down from competing, leaving the FURIA roster. McMillin stated that he didn’t enjoy the competitive environment and that his heart wasn’t in it during certain matches. 

“I couldn’t bring the passion, thank god those games weren’t streamed, because I was fucking miserable the entire time,” he said, claiming he even “threw” games with “stupid” decisions because he “wanted to go home” from the event in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

ImperialHal weighed in on his rival’s decision to move on, claiming that he should be “blacklisted” from future teams. “I like that he’s being transparent but at the same time, the mentality is so bad. So bad. If I was his teammate, no offence to Wattson, but he should be blacklisted,” the TSM star said, laughing as he further suggested blacklisting Wattson. 

Well, the ex-FURIA star didn’t disagree with his “wild” take. “Hal said I should be permanently banned from competitive Apex. That is wild. Please, just ban me. That way, I won’t even consider going back,” he said. “Honestly, go ahead, then I won’t even be tempted, it won’t even be a possibility.”

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HisWattson added that he feels more at home playing Ranked games of Apex because he has to play every day to protect his top spot. 

“I have a reason to get out of bed because, yeah, when I played comp, I wouldn’t play in the morning because we were going to play later in the day,” he added. “So, yeah, I would just sit there and do nothing.”

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