Is a John Krasinski Die Hard remake coming out in 2024?

Cameron Frew
A fake poster for a John Krasinski Die Hard remake supposedly coming out in 2024

With Christmas fast approaching, some fans seem to believe a new Die Hard remake starring John Krasinski is coming out in 2024. Yippee ki-yay – or nay?

December 24, 1988: a New York City cop (Bruce Willis) arrives in Los Angeles to see his wife and kids, only to find himself crawling in air ducts, firing machine guns, walking on glass, and fighting for his life against elite robbers (not terrorists) in Nakatomi Plaza.

This is the story of Die Hard, one of the best action movies of all time and the root of an everlasting debate around the holidays: is it a Christmas movie?

Well, the timing of an alleged remake would seem to indicate so, as people think a remake with The Office star is coming out in time for Christmas in 2024 – is it true?

Is a Die Hard remake with John Krasinski coming out in 2024?

No, there’s no new Die Hard movie coming out in 2024, nor is John Krasinski starring in any remake.

It’s another blow for fans getting excited over sequels that don’t exist; just yesterday, we quelled rumours of a Polar Express sequel called The Christmas Express coming to Max in December this year.

Here’s the worst part: it’s the same satire page responsible for drumming up people’s hype. YODA BBY ABY (a self-proclaimed sh*t-poster that uploads fake press releases and other imagery every day) shared a poster appearing to show Krasinski as John McClane in a Die Hard remake coming to cinemas on December 24, 2024.

The Facebook post with the fake Die Hard 2024 poster

It’s also captioned: “John Krasinski steps into the iconic role of John McClane, bringing a fresh intensity and wit to the beloved character. Packed with heart-pounding action sequences and edge-of-your-seat suspense, this new installment promises to reignite the John McClane legacy in spectacular fashion.”

With more than 5,000 shares and thousands of comments, it’s unfortunate that so many people think it’s real – but it isn’t.

“I kinda hope this is true. I love watching him,” one user wrote. “He’ll be a great John McClane, can’t wait,” another commented. “Great actor one of my favorites after 13 Hours and A Quiet Place, he deserves more leading roles,” a third wrote. “It’s my favorite Christmas movie hope the remake does the original justice!” a fourth also wrote.

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