Is Andy Serkis returning for a Smeagol movie in 2025?

Cameron Frew
Andy Serkis as Smeagol in Lord of the Rings

Andy Serkis delivered one of cinema’s most iconic performances in The Lord of the Rings franchise – but some people believe he’s returning for a standalone Smeagol movie in 2025. Is it true?

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a genuine miracle: a book-to-screen adaptation that captures not only the scope of the source material but the magic and immersion of its ginormous world. Its casting was second to none, from Ian McKellen’s Gandalf to the Shire’s ragtag group of pitch-perfect actors.

However, if one star deserves to be singled out, it’s arguably Andy Serkis for his motion-capture performance as Smeagol, aka Gollum, the fan-favorite stoor who accompanied Frodo and Sam on their perilous journey to Mount Doom.

He reprised his role in The Hobbit trilogy, last voicing the character for the LEGO game in 2014. Now, fans are under the impression he’s returning to the role for a new movie, but is it actually happening?

Is the Andy Serkis Smeagol movie happening in 2025?

No, Andy Serkis isn’t returning for the Smeagol movie in 2025… because it isn’t happening.

You know what’s coming: this is another fake project that’s amassed quite a bit of interest on Facebook thanks to YODA BBY ABY, a self-confessed satire page (which recently gave us a nod in its cover photo – thank you) that posts made-up press releases and hilarious posters every day.

The fake poster for Andy Serkis' Smeagol movie

Alongside a poster for Smeagol, supposedly hitting cinemas in 2025 and produced by New Line Cinema, the page wrote: “ANDY SERKIS TO REPRISE HIS ROLE IN STANDALONE FILM!!!

“Get ready for an epic journey into the tortured soul of Smeagol in New Line Cinema’s 2025 release, Smeagol. Portrayed by the masterful Andy Serkis, witness the harrowing transformation from a once-innocent creature into the infamous Gollum, as the allure of the One Ring takes hold. Brace yourself for a cinematic masterpiece that explores the dark depths of obsession, redemption, and the relentless pursuit of power.”

Nearly 3,000 shares and thousands of comments later, loads of people have gotten themselves over… nothing. They only have themselves to blame though, as the page clearly admits to posting fake stuff. For context, YODA BBY ABY is also responsible for the John Krasinski Die Hard rumors, Henry Cavill’s apparent Terminator remake, and The Polar Express sequel that definitely isn’t happening.

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