The best Amazon Prime Day 2022 deals: Live now

Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is here, we go through all of the best deals you can get your hands on, and all of the worthwhile deals you should get your hands on before they disappear.

Amazon Prime Day 2022 has finally arrived, and with it comes thousands of deals that can be tough to sort through, so worry not, as we’ve got the best deals that you can get your hands on right now.

Take a look at the best Prime Day deals for yourself on Amazon’s own dedicated Prime Day hub: Amazon US, Amazon UK

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There were tonnes of early deals that you can still get your hands on right now, from gaming headsets to mice and even monitors. Amazon Prime Day is plopped straight in the middle of the year to scoop out whatever you happen to have saved up since January.

It is one of the best times of year to do your shopping for those things that you’ve always had your eyes on but were waiting on a good discount to actually purchase. Everything from plug sockets, routers, and even PC hardware see significant price drops.

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However, sometimes manufacturers will artificially inflate their prices ahead of Prime Day itself in order to make the deals on the day itself look a bit more attractive. Lucky for you, on Prime Day we’ll be filtering out all of the bad ones, so you know you’ll be getting a good deal.


With Prime Day still swinging in its second day, we’re going to bring some of our favorite deals from the last 24-ish hours to you. These include things like Kindles, drones, and even a quick reminder that Amazon is giving away free games until the end of the day.

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There’s a boat load of prebuilt PCs on sale, which, while you might think it’s best to build your own, these PCs make for some great starting points if you’re not too sure where to even begin with the build process.

Amazon Echo Prime Day deals

Whatever the case, the Amazon Echo appears to already be getting slashed in prices, with 3rd and 4th generation Echo Dots being put on sale, along with the Echo Show 5 from last year also seeing a small price drop. The whole brand should see a major dip in price, so if the one you want isn’t on sale just yet, hold on a little longer, and it’s more than likely that you’ll be able to grab and kit your home out with some brand-new smart-home goodies.

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Prime Day 2022 4K TV deals

Also on sale are a few TVs, specifically Amazon-branded or Fire TV-equipped screens. Right now this is limited to the US. They’re currently offering incredibly deep discounts on entry-level 4K panels, which are incredibly competitive and can be really good if you are looking for that brand-new TV to put into the bedroom.

We expect higher-end TVs that are approaching the end of their life to also be discounted during Prime Day, so you can be assured that you will be able to get a higher-end set at a discount on the big day itself, too.

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Amazon Fire TV Prime Day deals

4K TV deals

Sony UK deals

Sony offers some stunning TVs, and you’ll be able to get them at a steep discount this Prime Day, so you shouldn’t worry about getting ripped off on a bad TV set that isn’t built to last. Sony have a good reputation for a reason.

Prime Day router deals

It might be time to consider upgrading your network. Wi-Fi 6 is now permeating the router industry, with prices being lowered to something that’s not so terrifying. Here are some early deals, with a bunch more on the way once Prime Day does actually hit.

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Routers are one of those things that you don’t often think about when looking for new stuff to buy, but they can make a huge difference, especially if you can’t get a wired connection in your home. Gaming routers are often a good option, and with new tech hitting, now is a great time to get involved.

Best Android phone deals for Prime Day 2022

We’re expecting phones to be slashed to ribbons in the price department and we’re already seeing it from Samsung. The Flip 3 is a fantastic little phone, offering great specs and folding glass that is, to be frank, still a bit of magic. It has a 120Hz screen, with enough power backing it to play all your games comfortably.

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ASUS just announced the ROG Phone 6, so you can expect that the previous year’s model will also go on sale for Prime Day, if you are after a performant gaming phone, to boot. Until then, you can still grab a discount on this great Samsung device.

Apple deals on Prime Day

While we don’t expect to see impressive, massive drops for Apple across Prime Day, we’re sure to see some third-party sellers trying to lower the prices to shift a few units. We’ll keep an eye out for everything that they could possibly have on sale.

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Macs, MacBooks

MacBooks and iMacs frequently have their prices cut by a small amount. Recently the MacBook Pro with the new M1 chips has been reduced by $200/£200 in some cases, with the iMac also following behind.

Despite M2 iMacs on the horizon and the MacBook Pros due an upgrade sometime next year, you can count on the M1 chips inside to still be little beasts of their own.


The iPad is another one of Apple’s products that sees price cuts on the regular, with the most recent being the last year’s M1 iPad Pro, which is still superb even with an expected upgrade this year. This is the thing about these M1 chips, they’re going to last quite a while going forward and that’s pretty neat for deal hunters.

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AirPods, Apple Pencil, cases & more

AirPods have already had a few price drops here and there throughout the last few months, so we’ll keep you posted on anything that happens in that space. Meanwhile, other accessories might be a different story – as in, fully expect cases and other accessories to get slashed.

Best laptop Prime Day deals

We’re currently keeping an eye on the best laptop deals ourselves, but for Prime Day, it might be a different story for those looking for a unique bargain. Gaming laptops, creative and office-focused laptops, and even Chromebooks (which now support game streaming via Chrome) should see their prices reduced.

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You can also check out our regularly updated deals page for laptops too.

The best PC deals on Prime Day

Prebuilds get a bad rap, mostly stemming from the early 00s to early ’10s, when manufacturers didn’t take them seriously enough to fill them out with decent specs. When they did, it was just too expensive, and building them yourself was the only real option.

However, thanks to the tech world’s homogenous nature since the late 2010s, prebuilds have gotten a lot better in terms of being able to cheaply acquire a decent spec’d build that you could easily upgrade going forward. While we always recommend considering building your own, there’s no harm now in investigating the modern prebuild.

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PC peripheral deals on Prime Day

We love peripherals. We’ve been deep in a keyboard hole for the last few weeks, but here’s the thing, these are almost guaranteed to get a really nice price drop. Now that the deals are coming through, we can see that the

Get our full coverage of the Prime Day sales for gaming monitors.

Save on gaming peripherals:


Best PC component deals on Prime Day

Now is probably the best time to upgrade your PC or even consider building one. With the new RTX cards on the horizon, it might be worth hanging fire before investing a lot into your GPU, but as the crypto bubble has burst, it means that graphics cards are now coming into stock enough for them to hit the Prime Day sale.

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CPUs and RAM will see prices slashed, as well as power supplies – something you should really consider after the rumors of the power requirements.

Get our full coverage of the Prime Day sales for PC components like GPUs, CPUs, and more.

Corsair Prime Day deals

MSI Prime Day Deals

Cooler Master Prime Day Deals

Thermaltake Prime Day deals

Logitech Microphones

You could do much worse than picking up a couple of Logitech microphones over Prime Day 2022, so we think that you should keep an eye on the following:

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Best game deals on Prime Day

Still getting your games physically? Have no fear, as the Prime Day watcher is here. Games across PC, Xbox, and PlayStation will be surely reduced, as well as some Nintendo Switch games. Just don’t expect to see any first-party Nintendo games in there.

Get our full coverage of the Prime Day sales for games.

Best console deals on Prime Day

Looking to grab yourself a console this Prime Day? While we can’t promise anything, especially as stock shortages are still a thing, you can certainly check to see if there’s anything going on with your wanted platform.

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Up to 16% off particular SteelSeries headset bundles with an Xbox Series S:


Nintendo Switch

Meta Quest 2

Console accessories deals on Prime Day

However, despite best efforts by the console manufacturers to get things into people’s hands and ultimately failing in certain places, accessories have been having a field day with the new consoles and everything that they bring.

Xbox accessories

PlayStation accessories

Nintendo Switch accessories

Prime Day speaker and sound bar deals

Got a nice, 4K TV from Prime Day? Don’t limit yourself to the built-in speaker, get yourself something decent! If there was ever a better time to get into buying some speakers, this is it. Prime Day is going to be full of sound bars, speakers and so, so much more.

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Prime Day headphones and headset deals

Get some cans around your head! Or, if your ears aren’t too gross, stick some earphones in and have a great time with your music. There are so many that will probably go on sale, be sure to dive deeper into each category for different companies as they might have them hidden.

Get our full coverage of the Prime Day sales for headphones.

What is Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is a mid-year annual sale from Amazon, where you can expect cut prices on a host of products. Not content enough with Christmas sales, Black Friday, and the various other sales that they sprinkle through the year, Amazon created Prime Day.

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Spread out over 48 hours, pretty much every seller and company on the planet drop their prices down to coincide with arguably one of the largest western sales of the year.

Why did we specify western? No one can beat the sheer amount of cash that is spent on Alibaba and AliExpress in November, but that’s a tale for another time. Until then, Prime Day is your best bet on saving money while on Western shores, and if you don’t want to wait until 11.11, or Black Friday.

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When is Prime Day 2022?

This year, Amazon Prime Day is planned for July 12 and 13. You can expect big discounts across a number of manufacturers and categories, though we’re going to focus on the latest tech and gaming products.

You’ll also need a Prime subscription to access any of the deals, which will also net you Twitch Prime rewards (with free games and a free sub) and Prime Video, so you can scroll endlessly through yet another streaming service.

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To sign up, you can head here for a free month, which should see you just through to Prime Day.

What Prime Day deals will be featured?

So far, the deals for Amazon Prime Day haven’t even begun appearing on the site. We expect the first real Prime Day deals to appear a couple of days before the event. As of right now, it’ll just show you various ‘create alerts’ for products you’ve been recently looking at.

However, looking at the gaming hardware side of things, you can bet that everything from storage to bigger ticket items like desks and monitors will all be seeing prices slashed.

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If you’re after an Echo Dot or other Alexa products, this will be the best time to grab them too, as Amazon Prime Day has historically had them reduced to record low prices.

We’ll be bringing you the hottest deals from around Amazon, so you don’t need to go hunting yourself. Amazon rarely, if ever, organizes things in logical ways and will group products up together that just don’t really make sense. Sometimes portable hard drives will be lumped in with motherboards, or Logitech tends to group all their various office equipment with their excellent gaming mice.

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It’ll also be a great time to keep an eye on Amazon’s Warehouse deals too, as these have recently seen an influx of gaming hardware come through their doors. If you don’t mind returned items that might potentially have a few quirks, it’s great for bargain hunters – especially on Prime Day.

Early Amazon Prime Day deals for 2022

In the rat race to get to the top of the metaphorical leaderboards, a lot of deals are actually already happening on Amazon. If you see something reduced now, you can almost count on it staying that price throughout Prime Day itself. We’ve collated a list of products that you can already save on right now, so you don’t have to wait for Prime Day to roll around.

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We’ve got an assorted list of some of the best deals that you can get, which actually includes a GPU, which is a sentence that we didn’t think that we’d say just a few short months ago. Now that GPU MSRP pricing is down due to a cryptocurrency crash, we’re starting to see more of them pop up, so you can hopefully upgrade to something a little bit beefier.

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