Best Amazon October Prime Day controller deals 2023: Console, PC, fight sticks & simulators

Joel Loynds
Prime Day controller

Prime Day is landing in October and it’s your second chance to get some killer deals this year on controllers for all your gaming needs.

There’s something about having to buy a controller when not on sale that does not sit well with us. Controllers are vital to nearly every platform these days, and the massive variety means you’re not just stuck hoping for Sony to drop the price of their PS5 pads.

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We’ve reviewed a fair few in the past few months and while we have our favorites, it doesn’t just stop there. We’ll be keeping an eye on everything from 8BitDo, fighting sticks, and of course, our favorite, the Xbox Elite Series 2.

Prime Day deals for PS5 & PS4 controllers

Victrix Pro BFG with fightpadDexerto

The PS5 controller, DualSense, should see some price drops, but we don’t know if we’ll see the DualSense Edge in the mix. Sony’s pro-level controller has had no real movement in its pricing since it launched, but the renewed controllers have.

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Though we weren’t too big of a fan of the Edge, and instead opt to recommend the Victrix BFG, which is a fantastic option.

PS4 controllers should also see some price drops, as Sony and Amazon will want the last-gen hardware out of their warehouses as soon as possible.

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