Don’t miss these unmissable SSD deals as storage prices fall to an all-time-low

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Nearly every kind of storage is seeing a price cut, including PCIe 4.0 SSDs, microSD cards and so much more. We break it down and bring you the best deals.

It seems that now is the best time to grab some extra storage for your gaming needs. We’ve been monitoring the cost of storage across various websites, to find that prices are dipping very low.

This happens once every few years, as an overabundance of stock and the general cost of manufacturing comes way down. After the global events of the last few years, it appears that the newest members of the storage front are all finally coming to reasonable prices.

Things like storage and RAM are often the first to be majorly affected by ongoing world events. In 2011, a flood in Thailand saw HDD drives and the emerging SSD market prices skyrocket. Here, between 2020 and 2023, with everything going on, PC components saw various increases.

As the world shifts back to normal, it’s become very apparent that the influx of sales during 2020 and 2021 could be a key reason for the price drops.

With everyone inside needing equipment for work-from-home positions and a general lack of things to do, electronics sales surged despite the shortage that had formed in the semiconductor industry.

We’ve discovered here on Dexerto, that the need to upgrade isn’t what it once was. DDR4 RAM is still widely used, with DDR5 only now getting support from lower-end motherboards. GPUs, like the 40-series and AMD’s Radeon 7000 series aren’t required upgrades as of yet unless you’re incredibly out of date.

Storage, while always needed for upgrades, new builds, and the like, doesn’t have a consistent upgrade cycle. From our personal experience, the last major SSD swap we did was for the Steam Deck.

SSD prices to hit all-time-low

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Samsung and other major manufacturers are reporting massive drops in their earnings. It’ll also be why you see a lot of Samsung NVMe drives now readjusting their prices from ludicrous $499 price points for 2TB of memory to $150.

Samsung, as well as Micron – another components manufacturer – stated that the demand for NAND flash devices has slowed due to the ongoing cost of living crisis happening worldwide.

In their 2022 earnings report, Samsung stated:

“The business environment deteriorated significantly in the fourth quarter due to weak demand amid a global economic slowdown.”

Meanwhile, Micron said:

“The industry is experiencing the most severe imbalance between supply and demand in both DRAM and NAND in the last 13 years.”

With prices now on the way to rock bottom, it’s time to catch the ride down too. You’ll be able to add more storage to your PS5, as well as finally rip out those older, dying drives from your gaming PC.

MicroSD cards are also seeing prices plummet, which is good news for budget-conscious Steam Deck owners and over inundated Nintendo Switch owners.

Cheapest storage deals right now: NVMe, SSDs & MicroSDs


These NVMe drives are perfect for upgrading your gaming PC, or PS5. If you’re after an SSD replacement for the Steam Deck, you’ll find the 2230-sized NVMe storage drive is a whopping 41% off right now.

External SSD

We’ve got about a half dozen of these lying around and they’re fantastic for gaming on the go. Laptops might be getting super-fast storage now, but why risk clogging that up? Save the space and get one of these killer drives.

Internal SSD

They might be falling out of favor in some circles, but the regular SSD is still a worthy buy. You might not install something recent, like Diablo IV, but a few classic games won’t mind the slightly slower speeds.

MicroSD cards

The Switch and Steam Deck still rely on these to boost storage to levels that you’d expect in 2023. Grabbing a 1TB MicroSD might be still on the more expensive side, but imagine how many Switch games that baby fills?

You don’t want to consider the speeds of this storage, as they max out at 90Mb/s regardless of make or brand. What you want to consider is the pound-for-gigabyte you can squeeze out of these savings.

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