Where to buy PS5 Slim: Price, features, availability and more

Joel Loynds
PS5 Slim removable disc drive

Sony has finally released the PS5 Slim, a mid-life refresh packing subtle upgrades in a smaller, sleeker package. It starts at just $449.99 in the US.

Launched in October 2023 and slowly hitting shelves from November onwards, the PS5 Slim isn’t a complete overhaul, but it’s perfect for those seeking a quieter and more compact PlayStation 5. Think of it as your original PS5’s stylish little cousin, ready to conquer your living room without eating up all the space.

But what’s new? The PS5 Slim sports a sleek, minimalist design and boasts a detachable disc drive for extra flexibility. Under the hood, you’ll find some iterative upgrades for improved performance and efficiency. It’s the same powerhouse you know and love, just a little bit slimmer.

The PS5 Slim retains all the features that made its predecessor a champion: mind-blowing graphics, lightning-fast loading speeds, and an incredible library of exclusive games.

We’ve got everything you need to know, including PS5 Slim’s price, features, and where to grab one.

Where to buy the PS5 Slim

The PS5 Slim is available at various retailers. A free bundled game is available to sweeten the deal. You can get the console with either Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. 

PS5 Slim – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Bundle

PS5 Slim -Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Bundle

PS5 Slim price: How much does the new PlayStation 5 cost?

PS5 Slim Digital and Disc editions

The retail price of PS5 Slim starts at $449.99 for the digital-only edition. At the same time, the standard one with a Blu-ray disc drive for your physical game copies begins at $499.99.

If you get the digital version and want the detachable disc drive later on, it can be bought separately for $79.99.

The region-wise pricing of the two consoles is as follows.

RegionPS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drivePS5 Digital Edition
Japan (Inc. Tax)¥66980¥59980

Remember, the original PS5 will be phased out eventually, and once it sells out, the stocks will not be replenished. You’ll only be able to buy the updated PS5 Slim version later on.

The original PS5 was introduced at $399, meaning the new version is costlier at launch. This could also favor Microsoft, which is preparing a couple of new consoles as a mid-life update to its Xbox lineup.

When was the PS5 Slim released?

The PS5 Slim was first announced in October 2023 and started retailing on November 10 in the US. The company will “continue to roll out globally in the following months.” The PS5 Slim UK release date was 29th November 2023.

PS5 Slim specs: PlayStation 5 goes modular

Ps5 Slim models shown on grey background

Besides the physical differences, the new PS5 Slim retains the powerful performance of its 2020 predecessor. You get immersive 4K/120FPS gaming, SSD speediness, and tempestuous haptics; everything that made PS5 great is inside, minus the unwanted mass.

You have Blu-ray and Digital Editions to choose from like before, but now Digital converts can tack on a $80 disc drive later. We see you appeasing physical media fans, Sony.

With an almost 30% reduction in size, it is nearly half the size of the PS5, keeping that sharp black/white style. The PS5 Slim gets console excess bulk and looks sharp. While we like the new design, those huge dark vents could have extreme reactions.

Sony’s unveiling of the PS5 Slim brings a sleeker design to the table, with the console’s reduced size and weight sure to catch attention. However, some compromises come with the new model, such as purchasing a separate vertical stand and the incompatibility with existing Console Covers.

The new console will come with two USB-C ports at the front, including one 10Gbps port, while the rear of the console will sport two USB-A ports. The rest of the system will support up to AX WiFi, though it would have been nice to see an upgrade to WiFi 6E.

PS5 vs PS5 Slim – Which one should I buy

Choosing between the PS5 and PS5 Slim ultimately depends on your preferences and priorities. At half the size, the aptly named PS5 Slim delivers a nearly identical feature set in a more living room-friendly frame – important if space is tight. Digital-only buyers also get a cool new option to attach a disc drive later.

The OG PS5 still can’t be beaten for its sheer intimidating presence. Some prefer their console hulking; moreover, the original PS5 works with existing stands and skins if you’ve already accessorized.

Under the hood, it’s a dead heat. Slim and the original PS5 play 4K 120FPS games like Gods with the same tempest 3D audio. Performance and immersion feel identically incredible either way.

So, it comes down to your needs. Starting slim makes sense if you’ve waited to snag a PS5. Want big exclusive games without a BIG console? Go, Team Slim too.

And if you’ve already got the PS5 Launch Edition? There is no real reason to upgrade. But if downsizing your gaming setup brings you joy, only you can decide if the PS5 Slim’s svelte new style warrants double dipping into new hardware.

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