Get a Meta Quest 2 bundle with Resident Evil 4 & Beat Saber this Black Friday

Joel Loynds
Resident Evil 4 VR

The VR version of Resident Evil 4 will now be included with Meta Quest 2 headsets for the holiday season for a limited time.

Meta announced earlier this week that they were going to be including Resident Evil 4 VR, alongside Beat Saber for all new Meta Quest 2 owners. The new bundle also comes with a $50 discount.

The company is currently in somewhat of a crisis, laying off 11,000 people and seeing their stocks tank. Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitions for his ideal metaverse have cost the company billions, forcing the company to increase the price back in August.

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This deal now puts the Meta Quest 2 back at a more reasonable price and saves you cash by including two excellent games.

Beat Saber is a rhythm title, where you slash blocks coming towards you in time with the music. You can import your own songs, and has proven to be very popular online.

Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 venture isn’t the first time the horror series has adopted the VR space, as Resident Evil 7 featured it on PlayStation 4. However, it brings a whole new way to play the legendary title.

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Almost everything from the main game has been ported over to virtual reality, and now comes with the Meta Quest 2 also includes The Mercenaries mode. The two Ada Wong stories – Separate Ways and Assignment: Ada – aren’t included, however.

Resident Evil 4 VR was released in 2021 with positive reviews. It was followed up with an announcement the following year, that the full game was going to be getting a true remake in 2023.

Where to buy Meta Quest 2 Resident Evil bundle

You can get the Meta Quest 2 from Best Buy and Amazon, or from Meta directly. The deal runs for an undetermined amount of time. Meta does state the voucher included will expire in December of 2023.

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