Best Prime Magic: The Gathering deals in 2023: offers still available after the event

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Prime Day may be over but there are still a host of Magic: The Gathering deals to consider after the fact.

With Magic: the Gathering going from strength to strength in recent years, it’s only natural that Hasbro’s premier TCG will feature some significant discounts on Prime Day. Magic is reaching the masses now more than ever, and Wizards of the Coast will be keen to capitalize now even though Prime Day has concluded.

Magic: The Gathering deals for Prime Day: Standard, Modern, Limited & more

These are all the best Magic: The Gathering deals still available after Prime Day.

How to find good Magic: The Gathering deals


While Magic: the Gathering is reaching more players than ever as a hobby, there’s no denying that the price of many of its products has begun to increase recently. 2023 has seen the release of many extremely popular MTG sets, and this Prime Day could be your best chance to pick them up at a reasonable price.

Interest around MTG peaked this summer with the search for the One Ring. While that card was eventually found and sold to Post Malone, the Tales from Middle Earth set saw nearly unprecedented success.

Amazon offered discounts on the at-the-time recently released set last Prime Day, and it could well be worth looking out for deals on the set this Prime Day ahead of its November re-release.

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Wilds of Eldraine: Collector Boosters feature a number of powerful and sought-after Enchantment reprints. Universes Beyond: Doctor Who’s Commander Decks are also likely to spike in price after release, especially Timey Wimey, as it showcases the modern show’s most popular era.

In terms of accessories, Dragon Shield offers reliable, sturdy sleeves to keep your cards safe and clean. If you happen to run anything token-based, it could be worth looking out for a handful of dice too.

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